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    My Carribean Island build being featured Build of the Month for The Sims on Facebook
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,597 Member
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    A Male Llama Superhero Actor Dressing/Bathroom with a dressing table to do their makeup a secured jewellery case to keep jewellery in
    QC Room challenge no:85
    Gallery Link: Llama Super Hero
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    This Mansion House is for a rich and famous career Stylist Celebrity Star with an outdoor fancy entertaining area by a pool
    QC challenge no: 71
    Original Lot used (lot name and town): Arid Ridge/Oasis Springs
    Notes about entry:This mansion house for a famous Stylist to work at home in their office is equipped with the Style board with the sketchpad and a few other things for a Career Stylist to use for their client getting a makeover
    Gallery Link: Rich And Famous
    Tw5DeAX.png1FWNMkj.png0f83ycL.pngxWi3EJ6.pngtzoNc73.pngsomething strange seeing the pool in night view it looks like its in 3DOLIe73P.png
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    Really nice builds, @chips46

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    I just got favourited by Maxis
    A front porch/patio decorated in frosty blue Christmas decor for the festive season
    oneroomoneweekonetheme room challenge 189
    Theme for the week: A Christmas themed front patio or courtyard.
    Gallery Link: Blue Christmas
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    Merry Christmas Everyone May your day be filled with family, friends, much love and many blessings <3<3<3 and Beware Of The Yeti :DB)
    QC challenge no: 72
    Original Lot used (lot name and town): The Summer Home/Windenburg
    Notes about entry:Build on a 40x30 lot with one bedroom for Father Winter and Mrs Winter but wanted to try out the new terrain tools I've used #roseymow and #withlovejulien Art Pictures have given credit in the upload gallery <3 and one is painted by my sims
    Gallery Link: Magical Of Christmas
    v4vfrEg.png5PsyBCL.pngdCiIgI2.pngmXw1Mp4.pnglRYZIBh.pngWtRAfww.pngcouldn't resist not having the YetiPvF1gRz.png with out snow
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    I use one of your picture with the Colorful Birds #roseymow and #jlewi38 for her picture paintings Merry Christmas
    oneroomoneweekonetheme room challenge 191
    The theme for the week : A Dining room for a small family celebrating Christmas in a particular country
    I went with the National Colours of Australia are green and gold
    Gallery Link: Christmas In Australia
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    Happy New Year every one <3
    Pictures by #roseymow love the pancake pictures <3:)
    oneroomoneweekonetheme room challenge 192
    The theme for the week : A bright kitchen to start the New Year.
    Hope has renovate her kitchen to have a bright start to the New Year so that all the colours used for the furnishings are bright
    Gallery Link: Bright New Year
  • HIstoricgalHIstoricgal Posts: 567 Member
    Two very beautiful rooms!
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,597 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    Edit : I am sorry. I posted on the wrong thread :(

    Its ok rose I've done this many times before on my two threads thats why I have stars on this one so I don't get both of the threads mix up
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,597 Member
    Two very beautiful rooms!

    Thank you very much @HIstoricgal :)
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    In support of #creators4fairplay for a good cause

    We all love this game and spend many hours on it to share for others to download and enjoy in there game but not to re uploading it back to the gallery as their own unless we have permission though re uploading is allowed there's an honor code that comes with respect & common sense
    Gallery Link to see more#creators4fairplay

    I've entered a Fair Play Challenge in Gnome themed lots the Letters by #leahlaz hashtag must be displayed and clearly visible on the lot
    Its a small park to have some fun fishing swimming or games that we all love but fair play
    Gallery Link FairPlay Challenge

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    This morning I went to check on my ID hashtag in the game I saw another re-upload on my Christmas house its making me see Red every time I check always another re-upload again its very frustrating when we cant do nothing about it so to get my frustration out I ended up doing a second entry in supporting for #fairplaychallenge #creators4fairplay for a good cause letters by #leahlaz
    There's no peace in gnomes graveyard
    Gallery Link : FairPlay Challenge

  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,940 Member
    @chips46 that is a very detailed scene. You definitely conveyed the seeing red emotion. It is so important for creators to be comfortable posting to the gallery and we just not there yet. I still have to make mine. #creatorsforFairPlay
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,597 Member
    Hey nice to see you here @JojoMOMSTER I guess I need to relieve some stress that day and this was the out come of it and I hope it can be change for the good of the gallery
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    I tried by using purple Amethyst crystal colours for Melody's bedroom
    Pictures by #roseymow Cute Knitted Toys and they are very cute <3
    oneroomoneweekonetheme room challenge 194
    The theme for the week : A one colour bedroom
    Gallery Link: Amethyst Toddler Room
  • HIstoricgalHIstoricgal Posts: 567 Member
    Beautiful young girls room, the purple color is great! I like the gnome garden, but not sure it will help any.

    I know one person who copies our houses with just changing the inside is a little girl of about 10 or 11. She can't build herself yet so she takes the houses she likes and and redecorates them.
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,940 Member
    Beautiful toddler room
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,597 Member
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    I entered #thegnomechallenge by #Schnuck01 and #KSsDesign Rules: We make 1 sim male or female a gnome without the gnome suit from the game and be creative and have fun I couldn't give this a miss and at the same time its supporting #creators4fairplay
    This is Chef Gnome Jakob Grubbs and I was inspired by the Chef Gnome picture on the left is what I went by for my Young Adult Master Gnome Chef his traits are Creative, Slob, Glutton and of course his walk style Bouncy Walk to go with his personality he is so funny I miss making sims like this when I done the QC Sims Challenge no 22 on my Good And Evil Witches here the other entries The Gnome Challenge

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    I entered the #cartoonchall by #SibillaMorphin and to have fun with it and I think this character was difficult to do but I tried
    The cartoon character is Horace Nebbercracker from Monster House Movie
    He's an Elder Public Enemy his traits are Hot Headed, Hates Children, Clumsy with a normal walk style here the other entries Cartoonchall
    Gallery Link: Monster House
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    I've re-decorate my Magical Of Christmas house into a cottage home change the interior and exterior add a waterfall to the pond with wildlife colourful flowers around the place Beware Bigfoot comes looking for food its still a one bedroom one bathroom house Build at The Summer Home / Windenburg 40x30
    Art Pictures by #roseymow and the fireplace photos, painting, pictures taken by my sims for the Faux Fireplace Facades
    Gallery Link: Whispering Pines

    The front patio and inside of the house
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    I've entered A Tiny Pool Challenge 1x1 hosted by #SurfChicCreation & #GLovely1 Inspired By Sims Whim "buy a pool at least 1x1" Have fun watching your sims getting into the 1x1
    A Natural Icy hot springs in Oasis Springs and make sure to light the fireplace up for effects of steam this was a very fun & funny challenge to see sims in the tiny pool 1x1
    Gallery Link: Hot Pools

  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,597 Member
    An Asian inspired dining room to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year of the pig
    oneroomoneweekonetheme room challenge 197
    The theme for the week: an Asian themed dining room.
    Gallery Link: Lunar New Year
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    I've entered A Gnome Vacation Challenge hosted by #schnuck01 The Gnomes have cabin fever and are ready to hit the road! - where will they go? Someplace tropical? Granite Falls? Skiing? Sixam? Use your imagination & create a vacation themed gnome lot using the picture on the billboard in our entry, sign by #jlewi38 light letters by #leahlaz supporting #creators4fairplay
    Gallery Link: for the other entries #gnomevacation
    Gnomes are out to explore the abandoned ghost town in the wild wild west of Oasis Springs
    Gallery Link: Abandoned Ghost Town

    qE8MlZy.pngjGrDfVR.pngZaz8nwh.pngolOueds.pngy8C1GCv.pngK9RDsEx.pngI'm amazed the bathtub is usable SlkmlmY.pngPnAahMY.pngab615WN.pngas91bhf.png
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