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Zumi and the Winchester brothers

This won't be a long term save. I just installed Ambitions and I want to see if it affects the stability of my game before I start playing my other families. I am mostly posting here for @Charlottesmom <3

Day 1
I installed Ambitions and what better way to check out new content (not that I did any of that on the first day) than to play. I placed an even younger version of my SS and Sam and Dean Winchester into a house in Twinbrook. I may change houses before too long.
I forgot to check gender preferences when starting the save but from the reactions my SS got I would say everything is on track ;)
Zumi went to talk to Sam but Dean interrupted.
Zumi got her chance to talk to Sam when Dean cried over the purchase of the food processor ;)
I'm going to have to watch these two closely! They were flirting up a storm and with my mods anything is possible ;)
The welcome wagon arrived and I didn't bother taking names. I could see at a glance they were not my cup of tea ;)
After everyone had met the welcoming party, I had them leave. I saw Dean and Zumi heading upstairs for a pillow fight :)
They both laughed it off :)
I took away Zumi's Family Oriented trait for this save and gave her eccentric. I have never seen this idle so it must be from that :)
Sam made his way upstairs for a flirt fest!
Once they got it out of their systems they sat down to read ;)
Zumi prepared perfect spaghetti (I only have tomatoes until the community garden starts producing).
After dinner, Dean and Sam played tag team flirting with Zumi ;)
Sam almost instigated woohoo (I saw it in his queue) but it got cancelled somehow and they went to the living room instead.

Who will be the first to get into Zumi's pants? ;):p>:)


  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 2 - Part 1
    Apart from controlling them for the essentials (well, what I consider essential) I am leaving Zumi and the boys to their own devices. Breakfast together is essential!
    Boring! After breakfast Zumi and Sam pulled books out of their inventories and starting reading.
    Dean got out his guitar.
    When Zumi finished her book she went to Dean and he blew her a kiss! <3
    Not to be left out, Sam came over to chat about books.
    Dean then made his move!
    But Sam managed to sneak an amorous hug in before Zumi headed upstairs :p
    Zumi went along with it! :o
    Sam was left to watch TV alone :(
    Zumi and Dean had "Disappointing Experience" moodlets. Zumi autonomously massaged Dean. Maybe she thinks it was disappointing because he needs to loosen up a little ;)
    I looked around the map and this place has a shortage of parks! I settled on the pool.
    I saw a stranger in Dean's queue. She was coming over to slap him! :o
    I had Dean berate her ignorance.
    And slap her back for good measure!
    She tried to talk with him as if nothing had happened. He wasn't having it! LOL
    Earlier on I had seen Zumi splashing Sam. When they got out of the pool and Sam tried to flirt with her things were not good between them! I hate how the splash interaction can cause friction :#
    Fortunately it was soon forgotten :)
    Because other sims were skinny dipping, Dean decided to join in! I nearly died when I saw him in all his glory on the diving board :o I waited until his bits were discretely hidden before taking a pic ;)

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 2 - Part 2
    I had another look around the map and saw the junkyard. In case they ever decide to try their hand at inventing, I had them go collect some scrap. The real reason I wanted them to leave the pool is because of all the skinny dippers! Don't they know how ugly they are!? I don't mind my sims skinny dipping but they are easy on the eyes ;)
    Because they got dirty at the junkyard I sent them home for a bath.
    They made their way downstairs after their baths and Dean jumped Zumi again! Get your nose out of that book, Sam! You are missing out! LOL
    They went to a nearby bathroom.
    Rather than eat leftover spaghetti, I sent them to the Bistro.
    Zumi had a wish to meet someone new and this girl was there when they got out.
    I didn't like this guy checking Zumi out a little later :#
    When they got home the boys both went to Zumi - Sam for a chat and Dean for a flirt.
    There must not have been enough room in the corner because Dean and Zumi made their way to the middle of the room.
    Dean then went off to play his guitar and Sam took advantage of Zumi being on her own to ask her to watch the stars :)
    They chose a spot behind a shrub. Perhaps Sam was hiding from his brother ;)

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 3 - Part 1
    While the household slept, I had a look around the town for a house more to my liking. I let Zumi and the boys eat breakfast first because I didn't want Zumi to have to cook a fresh meal on arrival at the new house.
    They didn't even glance back as they were leaving the old house ;)
    This is the new house. It is much smaller than the old house but it is on one floor which I like best because I like to play zoomed out until I see something worth zooming in for.
    Zumi started flirting with Dean as soon as they arrived. She doesn't have the flirty trait although I do suspect that I might have had it in my younger days ;)
    The flirting led to woohoo. It was a good thing that Sam found the computer and started playing chess :p
    I got sick of Zumi reading all the time so I changed her bookworm trait for artistic. While she was woohooing I bought her an easel. As soon as she was done with Dean she went outside and started painting. Hmmmm I wonder if the elephant trunk was symbolic? ;):p
    Sam was still playing chess on the computer and Dean was playing guitar so I sent Zumi to the community garden as some of the plants were ready for harvest.
    When Sam leveled up in logic he rolled a wish to make a potion. I had packed the chemistry table I bought for the old house so I let him have his wish. When he was done, Dean came out and complimented his cleverness :) You can see Zumi making burgers with the produce she had harvested :)
    When she was done cooking, Zumi came out and gave Dean a friendly hug. He followed with a blown kiss :)
    While Zumi was at the community garden, Dean leveled up on the guitar and rolled a wish to play at the park. As soon as I sent him to the park, Sam stepped in for a flirt :)
    Zumi surprised me by instigating woohoo! :o
    Zumi rolled a wish to learn the guitar skill. It was probably because I had given her the artistic trait. I bought her a guitar and had her start a jam session. That triggered a wish to jam with someone so I had Dean join her :)
    Sims can do the most amazing things with their eyebrows! LOL

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 3 - Part 2
    I bought some toys for the yard and Dean was the first to find the basketball hoop.
    Sam had been playing computer games and I had a good laugh when he interrupted Dean's basketball practice to complain about video games :D
    When the boys had finished talking, Dean was the first to find the trampoline! :D
    They all enjoyed the burgers Zumi had prepared earlier :)
    Yes, Dean, a man who does the dishes is very sexy but get over yourself already! ;)
    Dean interrupted Sam and Zumi's flirting to tell a funny story but they went right back to flirting when Dean was done.
    I imagine if I had headline effects on there would be lots of red negatives over Dean's head! Even with jealousy turned off, there is always a reaction.
    Not to be deterred, Dean followed up with another story.
    The next action in Sam's queue was to watch the stars with Zumi. He had a wish to do that and also a wish to kiss her. Zumi rolled a wish to go on a date with Sam :)
    I nearly fell off my chair when Sam's next move was to ask Zumi to go steady! :o
    Dean didn't get the memo and came out and blew Zumi a kiss :p Zumi tried to woohoo with Sam but Sam and Dean both had sleep in their queues. I let them go and sent Zumi to bed as well. They could do with a little cool down time ;)

  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    @Mikezumi , Will do offical comments in a bit..but now do you see why I love plopping my SS in with Jared and Connor...brothers are awesome! ;)
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    @Mikezumi , Bad food Processer making Dean cry!
    **Tag team flirting!!
    **Yup that is a whole buncha flirting/smooching going on!
    **Poor Sam, stuck watching TV...alone!
    **Disappointing Experience" LOL!!! :o
    **What the hay with the strange chippy slapping Dean!
    **I *HATE* the splash cr*ap too!!
    **Nice "bits" hiding!!
    **It appears Dean is doing much better with Zumi!
    **Nice new house!
    **So wait Zumi is now woohooing with Sam?? I though my SS was bad... :o:D
    **Broken tail bone!!
    **Finally some jealousy! Dean should be raging...

  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,186 Member
    Loving this story line so far. It looks like Zumi is going to have the 2 brothers getting her attention... ;)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    @Charlottesmom Thanks for the lovely comments :) Zumi is soooo bad she's good! She's nothing like me in that respect. Scratch that - my youth might have been slightly misspent ;)

    @lisasc360 Thank you for your lovely comment :) This save is totally self-indulgent and absolutely a hoot! :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 4 - Part 1
    Zumi and the boys had leftover pancakes for breakfast. Zumi has the best seat in the house! ;)
    Sam cleared away the dishes while Zumi prepared a fresh batch of pancakes for the following morning.
    The boys' relationship hasn't taken a hit even though both are after the same girl ;)
    After the boys finished joking with each other, Sam went to the computer to play chess. Dean took the opportunity to joke with Zumi.
    That led to some flirting! Sam was in the same room and totally oblivious!
    The flirting led to a pillow fight. I saw no harm in it so let them be.
    No feelings were hurt :)
    Dean just won't give up and Zumi doesn't stop him!
    Uh oh!
    After woohoo, Zumi went out to paint. She didn't bother getting dressed! Sam must have had his fill of computer chess and came out to kiss her :)
    Then this happened! :o

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 4 - Part 2
    The proposal was followed by some flirting and shower woohoo.
    Zumi, totally shameless, went straight from the bathroom to joke flirtatiously with Dean! :o
    Sam followed up with a flirt of his own.
    Dean's face! LMAO
    Zumi left the boys to stew in their juices and played on the trampoline.
    When she came in she started a pillow fight with Sam.
    Once again, no feelings were hurt and they followed up with a flirt session :)
    And woohoo ;)
    When Zumi and Dean started flirting again, I decided to turn headline effects on.
    Dean made a flirtatious joke .... about vegetables! .... I don't even want to know! LMAO
    Then Sam flirted with Zumi. Perhaps he was comparing her to someone he had read about ;)
    Not sure who that big heart thought bubble is for but Dean is obviously thinking about Zumi :)
    While all the flirting was going on, I got this popup!

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 4 - Part 3
    After exchanging last glances at each other they went off to do their own thing.
    While the boys played outside, Zumi returned to her painting.
    After a while, she called them in for dinner.
    After dinner, Zumi went back to her painting but Sam followed her out for a flirt :)
    They watched the stars as well :)
    They were heading to the bedroom anyway, so I decided to take control of them for the last part of the night so that I could make it up to Sam ;)
    Now I am not the cleanest person in the world but I would never wear shoes in bed! :o

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 5 - Part 1
    Zumi and her boys started the day with pancakes. While Dean was looking at Zumi he rolled a wish to woohoo with her. I locked it in on the off-chance that it might happen :p
    While Sam cleared way the dishes, Zumi joked flirtatiously with Dean.
    When Sam had stacked the dishwasher he came over to talk with his brother.
    Zumi then flirted with Sam.
    Sam took that as an invitation and grabbed Zumi for woohoo while Dean looked on helplessly ;)
    While Zumi and Sam were woohooing, Dean rolled a wish to learn MA and Zumi one to learn inventing. I went into buy mode and bought MA equipment and an invention crafting bench. Dean, being disciplined, went straight to the training dummy. He probably had some frustation to work through ;)
    After Zumi and Sam had had their fill of lovin' I got a laugh when Sam went out to Dean to announce the engagement! Talk about rubbing salt into the wound! :p
    Dean went back to practising MA and Sam went to the trampoline. Since the boys were busy, I sent Zumi to the bench to learn inventing.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 5 - Part 2
    When Zumi invented a toy dog (or something like that) she stopped working on the bench and came around to flirt with Dean. He flirted back of course :p
    I was so engrossed in their flirt session I didn't manage to get any good shots of Sam falling off the trampoline!
    As soon as Sam picked himself up he went straight to Zumi for woohoo! He probably fell in reaction to the nearby flirting and then had to assert his ownership ;)
    After woohoo, Zumi went back to her painting. Since she was busy, I sent Sam to the training dummy because Dean wanted someone to spar with. When he got his first belt the brothers sparred and Zumi prepared something for dinner.
    After cooking, she went straight to Sam.
    They flirted for a bit but didn't woohoo. Zumi went back to her painting and Sam went to criticize a lousy book with Dean.
    They ate the grilled cheese Zumi had prepared earlier. Who doesn't like grilled cheese? ;)
    Dean took advantage of Sam clearing the dishes by blowing Zumi a kiss.
    After a couple of flirts they separated and Zumi went off to read while Dean went to the board breaker and Sam to the trampoline.
    When Zumi finished her book she went to Dean for an amorous hug.
    She and Dean flirted for a while but when she wanted woohoo she chose her fiance! She's not as naughty as I thought ;)
    Dean went back to breaking boards.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 6 - Part 1
    Dean wouldn't take his eyes of Zumi while they were seating themselves for breakfast. He immediately rolled a wish to kiss her as well. Poor Dean :( While eating, he rolled a wish to woohoo with her. I locked that one in.
    Sam watched Zumi like a hawk while she did the dishes. Probably worried that Dean would make a move if he took his eyes off her ;) Nah, he's totally oblivious :p He was actually waiting to flirt with her :)
    While they were flirting, Dean interrupted for a chat.
    Then Zumi surprised me by getting frisky with Sam :) She wasn't quite positioned right and when she reached out to tickle him her hands were nowhere near him! LOL
    He was either looking at me asking with his eyes how I could allow this to happen to him or he was watching Zumi and Sam disappearing into the bathroom for woohoo ;)
    When she was done woohooing, she went straight outside to Dean for a flirtatious joke ... shameless!
    The flirting didn't go anywhere and she went back to her painting.
    When she left, Dean played his guitar.
    Zumi and Sam both went down to talk with Dean.
    Then Sam went for woohoo when Dean went back to breaking boards.
    Zumi and Dean played on the toys. Sam was trying to read a book but I stopped him to work on the inventing bench because he had a wish to learn the skill.
    Sam ran out of scrap and had a wish to collect more. Zumi must have used it all when she got her skill. Before I could send him off to get more, they had a quick flirt.
    I missed who was responsible because I was setting Sam up at the junkyard but Dean and Zumi woohooed in the outdoor shower :o From their position in the shower, I think that Dean instigated it.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 6 - Part 2
    When Sam got home, he went straight to Zumi.
    Little did he know that Zumi and Dean had already christened the outdoor shower :p
    Dean had a wish to attend a concert locked in. I sent them all to the Sports Stadium to see the 10 minute concert but Dean's wish was not fulfilled. Before I installed Ambitions this wish was always fulfilled so I am hoping that it's just a one off and not the norm now :#
    Since they were already out, I sent them to the Diner for dinner. I have noticed that whenever they catch a cab together that Zumi takes the front seat.
    The Diner is adorable! :)
    When they came out, Sam asked Zumi to watch the stars. Dean was trying to debate politics with the blonde.
    Dean winked at her! LOL
    He's as shameless as my SS ;)
    When they got home, Zumi and Sam were flirting in the bedroom.
    It wasn't long before Dean came in and jumped Zumi! :o
    I can't tell you how hard I laughed when Sam pulled a book out of his inventory and left them to it! :D
    Zumi must know it's wrong because she immediately rolled a wish to chat with Dean.
    When she had chatted with Dean, she went out to Sam.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 7 - Part 1
    Zumi had a wish to eat a perfect meal - easy!
    They all tried to clear the dishes but I got Dean to do it since he was last to finish. Sam and Zumi flirted while Dean did the dishes.
    The flirting led to woohoo but before Zumi could get to the bed, Dean finished the dishes and came in to flirt.
    Sam had already started the action so, short of me cancelling it, it was going to go ahead :p Dean did the right thing and went off to play guitar.
    He chose to play alone. I would have found it more amusing if he were playing the blues ;)
    When they were done flirting, Sam exercised to the TV. I took the opportunity to have Zumi prepare another meal.
    When she was done cooking, she went straight to Dean for a friendly hug.
    He followed up with a blown kiss.
    Zumi was trying to be strong and followed up with another friendly hug but he persisted and eventually it led to the bedroom :o:p
    When they were done, Zumi went to the computer to chat with someone and Dean went to the board breaker. Sam had been exercising the whole time and continued to do so until he was fatigued.
    Since Zumi is constantly rolling wishes to make drinks, I put a bar in her bedroom and had her make romantic drinks ... not that they need any help ;)

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 7 - Part 2
    When Zumi was done making the romantic drinks and some skill gain ones for good measure, she went straight out to amorously hug Dean.
    After a little flirting Zumi and Dean headed for the trampoline. Sam, who was now fatigued and could no longer exercise, intercepted Dean before he could get on to boast about his gaming skills and to enthuse about the wedding.
    When I saw Zumi like this I was sure she was going to fall but she didn't. ;)
    Zumi had prepared falafel earlier. Dean was a little slow coming to the table since he had been shooting hoops. His smile was too cute not to take a pic :)
    Sam cleaned up this time. Zumi went straight to the computer and Dean just stood there doing nothing.
    But before Sam could go to Zumi for a flirt, Dean decided to try a flirt of his own but something went wrong when Zumi got out of the chair :p
    Once they got untangled, Dean got his flirt in ;)
    Not to be outdone, Sam came in for a kiss!
    It didn't stop Dean from getting in another flirt ;)
    Things settled down when Dean decided to make a funny face.
    When Sam went off to have a drink, Zumi and Dean chatted innocently. When they were done chatting, Zumi went off to bed and so did Sam. Dean played on the computer for a bit before sleeping.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    edited October 2017
    Day 8 - Part 1
    While they were sleeping I changed my settings so that all woohoo is now risky. I looked at the default settings and it was at 10% and decided to leave it at that for now. Zumi needs the risk of consequences for her naughty behaviour ;)
    Zumi cleared the dishes while the boys talked. Zumi's expression had me all kinds of cracked up! :D
    Zumi woke with a wish to serve a perfect meal and since she is the primary cook for the household, I had her prepare a meal for later. Sam got out a book and I think that Dean went to the bar for a drink.
    After Zumi had cooked the meal, Dean appeared and they chatted. Sam put away his book and came over for a flirt.
    Not to be outdone, Dean winked at Zumi :p
    Sam came back with another flirt.
    Dean moved away and Sam went in for the woohoo!
    Sam looks pleased with himself ;)
    While they were in the bedroom, Dean went out to the board breaker. Without anyone to interrupt, Sam kept up the flirting and kissing for a while :)
    When they finally broke apart, Zumi watched some TV and Sam went to the trampoline.
    Dean has come a long way with his MA in just a week!

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  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 8 - Part 2
    When Sam came off the trampoline he headed in to hold Zumi's hands :)
    Unfortunately Dean had just stopped breaking boards because he had been at it for a while and was now fatigued.
    Because the Blow a Kiss interaction takes a bigger footprint than ordinary flirting, Sam was still in a group conversation with Dean and Zumi. He flirted with Zumi from across the room :p
    Then Dean went in for the woohoo!
    Because Sam was already in Zumi's queue to make out, he snuck that in while Dean headed to the bed.
    Dean didn't seem to mind the wait ;)
    They attended a mid afternoon party thrown by Phoenix Prudence. The first thing Dean did when they arrived was try to confess his attraction for Zumi. I nipped that one right in the bud! I already had to spend LTR points to give Zumi a clean slate and didn't need more complications by having Dean listed as a romantic interest!
    I didn't stop him, however, when he blew her another kiss :p
    Because they haven't met many sims and their charisma skill cannot progress without knowing more people, I stepped in and had them socialize. Zumi introduced herself to Phoenix's son and Dean introduced himself to Anna-Liza Riddle while Sam introduced himself to Shamus Drudge. I got a good laugh when Dean rolled a wish to kiss Anna-Liza for the first time! Over my dead body! LMAO
    After they had done some chatting, I had them swap around and make new introductions.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    edited October 2017
    Day 8 - Part 3
    Although the host had prepared some mac and cheese it was a little too early for dinner and when I saw Zumi heading over to grab a bowl I sent them all home. I had bought a surprise for their return because Dean had a wish to skinny dip ;)
    When their fun bars were full from skinny dipping I sent them in for dinner.
    Dean got to do the dishes this time.
    Sam took the opportunity to go for another woohoo.
    Poor Dean went straight to the bar for a romantic drink. He probably cried into it ;)
    The drink must have fired up his passions and he came in for another go at Zumi.
    Then Zumi got in the act by massaging Dean.
    The massage only lasted a moment because Sam stepped in for a flirt. When he was done, Dean blew another kiss.
    Because Dean is not a romantic interest he and Zumi can't kiss so Sam rubbed it in by giving Zumi a heat of the moment kiss.
    I sent them off to bed as it was getting quite late.

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  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    @Mikezumi , I have to keep reminding myself that you are not controlling them, which makes the story even funnier!
    **It's good that the boys are still friends even with all the flirting going on!
    **Go Dean go!! (hmmmm, who am I rooting for?? ;) )
    **I saw the engagement a few days back looks like Zumi wants an open marriage though.. ;)
    **Dean does look pretty peeved..
    **He was probably joking about Zucchini or something with the veggie flirty joke... :o
    **Yeah, I hate the shoes in bed thing too, they should get into their jammies before they woohoo..
    **Sam to Dean..."Zumi and I are engaged!!" Dean..."Oh...goody..." :D
    **Sam falling off the trampoline!! LOL!!!
    **I love grilled cheese! YUM!!
    **She may go to Sam for woohoo, but Dean was the one who got her all "warmed up" I'm starting to feel bad for Dean!
    **Dean is totally asking how you could let this happen!
    **I love how Dean and Zumi christened the outdoor shower!
    **The diner is cute!
    **Poor Dean...he is a major flirt though.
    **LOL!! Sam..."Sure Zumi, you and my brother go at it, I'll be in the other room reading my book no problemo!" :D Those brothers sure do share everything!
    **Girl just can't make up her mind! Maybe if Sam would fight harder for her...
    **Romantic drinks...seriously Zumi!! If anything they need nice calming tea!
    **Dean and Zumi...merged! Literally... :o
    **Of course poor Dean has upped his MA skill so much, repressed se*Xu*al tension is probably being the main motivator to break all those boards. ;)
    **OMG!! She stopped to makeout with Sam before meeting Dean to woohoo!! I can see why you are loving this save! :D
    **They are going to break the he*ck out of that hot tub!!

    This is so much fun to read!! I really wonder what kids are going to do to the dynamics...

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 9 - Part 1
    Dean is intently studying the competition over breakfast ;)
    Zumi finished eating last so got to clear the dishes. Dean immediately pulled out his guitar but Sam waited patiently for her to finish.
    I assume that is what he was doing anyway because he immediately kissed her when she was done :)
    I don't know why Dean stopped playing his guitar but he did and both Sam and Zumi stepped out from behind the counter to have a group conversation so Dean could flirt with Zumi! LOL
    Then Sam took his turn ;)
    Zumi took the lead this time and grabbed Sam for woohoo!
    Dean went off to break some boards but when Sam and Zumi were done he appeared out of nowhere to wink at Zumi! Perhaps he hurt his hand on a space rock. I know this will make sims stop breaking boards until the pain moodlet goes.
    Sam then leapt into Zumi's arms. I think he managed to kick his brother while he was at it ;)
    He wasn't quite done with the flirting :)
    He's smart! He had strategically placed himself in Zumi's way when she was trying to get to Dean so he could blow a kiss. The interaction got cancelled ;)
    Sam leapt at the break and went in for another woohoo!

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 9 - Part 2
    When Sam and Zumi were done, Zumi went to recycle the newspaper. Sam was reading. I watched Zumi closely because I thought she might to go Dean since he was outside.
    Instead she went straight back inside to flirt with Sam.
    Sam took her into the bedroom after a bit of flirting.
    When they were done, Sam started working out and Zumi played computer games.
    I think Dean waits for opportunities like this! LOL
    They only flirted for a bit and Zumi went back to the computer and Dean pulled out his guitar.
    They ate burgers for dinner. Zumi didn't bother to dress for the occasion ;)
    Dean finished last so cleared the dishes. Zumi and Sam chatted for a bit.
    Then she asked Sam to watch the stars.
    I'm not sure where Dean was but he didn't bother them while they watched the stars and then flirted a little after.
    Then Dean appeared and asked Zumi to watch the stars.
    They never did because Sam immediately broke in to talk about the new house with Dean.
    Then Sam made the mistake of sitting down at the chess table and Dean jumped straight in for some woohoo! After woohooing they tried to go to sleep but I sent Zumi back to her own bed. Sam had already gone to bed.

  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    @Charlottesmom Thanks for the awesome comments :)
    This save is an absolute hoot! My SS being so naughty (which is something I am not) is really fun!
    I feel so sorry for Dean sometimes (he would be my choice) but he does seem to be getting his share as well ;)
    I used to micromanage my sims when I first started playing but mods have totally changed that. I let my sims have a lot of free will and will only direct them to meet wishes or when things need to be done, especially in families where toddlers need to be skilled and families fed. In this game I am controlling them so little that it is a little scary not knowing what they will do next but they seem to be doing okay :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,619 Member
    Day 10 - Part 1
    As usual, Dean rolled wishes to kiss and woohoo with Zumi over breakfast. I always lock in the woohoo wish because he fulfills that one on his own. I cancel the kiss wish because they can't kiss unless they are romantic interests. The woohoo animation starts out like a make out session but it doesn't count as a kiss. Zumi always rolls a wish to chat with Dean over breakfast. I think it's her guilty conscience ;)
    Sam finished last so got to clear away the dishes. Although Dean tried to play his guitar, Zumi interrupted to give him a massage.
    When Sam had finished the dishes, he came right over and gave Zumi a shy kiss.
    Dean got one more flirt in before heading outside to train on the MA dummy.
    When Dean left the house, Sam grabbed Zumi for some woohoo.
    When they were done, Sam went to the table to read. Zumi was trying to go to the computer to play games but Sam got in her way in the doorway and it cancelled the action. Instead, she went outside to flirt with Dean.
    A few flirts later and they were heading to the bedroom!
    After their naughty little romp, I had Zumi prepare some food for later. Sam finished his book and went out to boast about his gamer skillz with Dean.
    Dean did some boasting of his own. Neither plays many computer games at all! LOL

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