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Please stop forgetting things...

I feel like every GP/EP/SP so far has placed too much emphasis on introducing things we don't really want (climbing wall anyone?) and ignoring things that would actually make a difference. There are hundreds of threads all demanding the same things, but it feels like the requests are either being ignored or misinterpreted? Please add to this if you like but so far I feel like some of the long-forgotten bits are:

- More hair options
- More tattoos
- More teen-like teens, rather than skinny adults... acne and braces does not make a teen!
- More customization options for CAS in general
- Roof options in build mode (round roof/octagonal)
- More depth and variety to Sims' emotions/reactions; your wife cheated on you? Better cry at random intervals for 3 days then forget about it. Can't we have something a little more... individual?
- More 'surprises' or uncontrolled gameplay outcomes; the random sad clown, the burglars, getting electrocuted when trying to fix stuff (does that still happen?), the chemistry set that turned you into a zombie... I dunno, there's so much stuff which happened to our sims without us controlling it in previous versions and that seems to be something that people really want to see again.

I'm sure this is just a repeat of what everyone else is saying but I just wish we could start seeing some stuff that we actually asked for... I mean we've had toddlers now, let's deal with the rest!
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    @ExxCee The Tragic Clown was patched into the game a good while ago. Try buying the Tragic Clown picture and using it, or hang out in a restaurant (if you have Dine Out) for a while. You can also put your own Sims in the Tragic Clown outfit to have an effect on others.
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    OP, electrocution is rare, however, I built a firehouse and set the lot trait for stuff to break. That is the firemen's emergencies since I can't go put out anyones fires. lol The first time the TV broke an unskilled repair girl came by and got killed. :D I felt bad since they are firemen and couldn't save, actually I was laughing since it is so rare. >:)
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