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List your ideas for car gameplay here one of the SimGurus wants to know


    It would be cool to enter your vehicle into a car show!
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,553 Member
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    Drive to sights:

    Driving to a sight can only be accessed by car
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,553 Member
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    I would also like to see the fix-up car returning that one could repair and drive with high enough handiness skill.
  • Simsfan99111Simsfan99111 Posts: 1,260 Member
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    1. Sims 2 style driveways and garages that you can drive the car on and off of instead of teleportation like in the sims 3.
    2. Cars that can be fixed up or upgraded
    3. A driving skill that sims can start to learn at the teen life stage
    4. Teens can be taught to drive by adults (like from the sims 3 generations or if there is a driving skill the adult has to have a certain level of that skill to be able to teach)
    5. Animations for sims getting in and out of the car like the sims 2
    6. Car woohoo
    7. take car for a spin, drive to work, take kids to school, if a teen owns a car then drive to school/work, get alarm installed.
    8. Car pools for sims who dont own a car! (really want car pools back!)
    9. Cars for services like the maid and gardener, they turn up and park in front of the house in a special vehicle like they sis in sims 2!
    10. A taxi service
  • diego2memphisdiego2memphis Posts: 339 Member
    I'd like to see all that the Sims 2 had. They get in the car, drive to the end of the block and then the loading screen shows the town that they're traveling to. Then show up at the new location in the car. I'd love to see the work on car option, listen to music and woohoo in car return. I'd also like to see sims being able to teach their teen to drive. Much like jogging works in the game...they get in the car and drive up and down the block. Also...a school bus and carpool (or something like Uber) to work would also be great!
  • geminiagregeminiagre Posts: 6,915 Member
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    Oooooh nice @catloverplayer I was about to make a thread about this too, as i have plenty of ideas that twitter can't handle lol. You got there first i guess :tongue: thanks! lol So...

    Pretty sure if ALL what I have in mind were to be implemented , i suppose they'd only fit in an EP or SP "The sims 4 on the Road" yes i have a title in mind too lol

    1. Cars (of course) from the mini used that needs TLC to the massive powerful SUVs or Sports cars and maybe a small rechargable one for the eco friendly sims( animations and interactions similar to the TS2 ones)But you can drive them around like in TS3 in the small sections/neighborhoods.
    2. motorcycles/quad bike (hope this is the right english name)
    3. bicycles for children to adults , and tricycles for toddlers
    4. RVs. From the ones that get pulled from a car, to the huge bus looking ones with expansions. Sims can live in them or go on vacation in them (awesome for outdoor retreat owners and for future vacation worlds) . You can get ready ones , or you can build your own (shell is non editable, just the insides and maybe windows maybe something similar to apartments for example) And here space saving furniture could be implemented too
    5. New careers Car mechanic, and gas station employee for teens ( i don't remember if we already have that option), Maybe car mechanic could be an active career(run a car repair shop or smth) and of course the retail shop where you can sell cars? Or a combo of a normal car mechanic career and a new skill where you can repair or upgrade your own car at home?
    6. Gas station community lot with pumps to fill your car up, and a small store with snacks, coffee on the go , vending machines and car supplies/upgrade stuff. You can also check your tires and add air to them
    7. Car wash community lot, or/and the ability to wash your vehicle at home
    8. Bring back Taxis, school buses, and car pulls
    9. public transportation (busses) There could be a bus stop in each section, maybe near the park? Instead of bringing up your phone to travel, you just click on the bus stop, "wait for the bus" socialise for a bit with the other sims waiting then the bus arrives bringing up the map, and the loading screen just drops you in the chosen areas bus stop. It could also have an option to "go to school/work/home"
    10. remember helicopters in TS2?? <3<3
    11. of course garages and driveways

    IMO though the basic vehicles should be implemented with a patch and then be added up with a pack

    Food for thought pictures

  • AndieVAndieV Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to have carpools again and at least have cars to park in my house.
  • NiveazNiveaz Posts: 3 New Member
    Yes please! Cars are such a important part of modern life, they are something you work towards (a goal). I mean you SEE them driving around IN GAME right now, but your sims can never have one or use one its just silly to have them in world but not accessible to a player. Even if they are just like the sims 2 (which is fine!) it would be amazing.

    I would love to see the Restorable junk cars back, it would be great to have a sim working on one of those like restoring classical cars and then selling them.
  • NeonHighwaysNeonHighways Posts: 1,506 Member
    Ideally I'd like cars, but I don't know how they'll work since some streets in TS4 are blocked both sides by iron posts, and some places like windenburg, specially the island and waterside lots in the commercial district don't even have streets!

    The way I think it could work is, you have garages that don't connect to the street, you place a car there and you can wash it, enter it with an animation, your sims can listen to music, pretend to drive (with the car stopped), make noise with the engine to feel energized, make out and woohoo, and kids can pretend to drive too.

    To go places with your car, you click it and choose "drive to", then you can pick other sims, you enter the car with an animation, turn it on, and get a loading screen and appear on the desired lot, without the car moving. Maybe if the desired lot has a parking spot, the car appears there so you can do the same to go home. It would be a good way to have cars and interact with them while working around TS4's lack of real streets in front of the lots!
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 19,361 Member
    I do like the idea of a trailer park too. Like it would be interesting if cars could eventually carry things on trailers like ATVs, boats, trailers, and tiny homes. Teardrop trailers are cute:

    Hobbit house with a truck:

    Tiny house:
    “Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” –Helen Keller
  • buckybarnesbuckybarnes Posts: 7 New Member
    I'd love to see cars back in Sims! I agree with a lot of the other comments that how they were set up in Sims 2 was best. It'd be nice to park them in garages/driveways and just watch our characters kinda disappear in and out of them.

    In terms of the cars themselves, I'd love for them to have a lot of different color options instead of standard like, red/white/black. Some flashy colors like pinks, sky blues, greens, purples, etc. would be amazing! It'd be awesome if there was a way to choose to have decals put on your cars too, maybe have them taken to a shop and pay Simoleons, and then get them back with them on. Also fixing up your car if it's broken, or have it taken to a garage to be fixed. Maybe that could be a new job added into the game too, someone who works on cars.

    It'd be cool too if there was a way to order a used car over the internet, and Sims come back with a random clunker they could work to restore and make it look new again.

    I'd love for kids to be able to play in cars too. Pretend to drive them while they're parked, or maybe even have cars for toddlers and children (you know the ones I mean, like the Barbie Jeep's and things you can buy in stores for a lot of money.) I'd love to see adults teach teenagers how to drive, or have them taken to a driving school.

    Not sure if this really counts as "cars" but the addition of dragsters would be amazing too! And let children/teens/adults race them. It'd be neat to be able to build one and enter it into competitions. Maybe with the addition of dirt bikes and four-wheelers, too?
  • kwanzaabotkwanzaabot Posts: 2,220 Member
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    First, I'd like to know what is and isn't feasable. Otherwise this is all just so much hot air.

    Obviously I want cars that your Sims physically climb into, play a short animation on the road, and then hit the load screen. But beyond that... I need details from the Gurus.

    Can they re-do roads so that they're routable? Can they cheat it by having the cars interact with driveways and have the cars just clip across the roads to give the illusion of driving? And what about parking spaces on community lots? I mean, we can drive our cars back home again, can't we?

    And if they give us cars, are they going to give us alternatives for worlds without roads at all?

    Private jets, perhaps, for Uptown and Windenburg Island, or bikes for rural Windenburg?
  • TheSpotted_CTheSpotted_C Posts: 160 Member
    Stormsview wrote: »
    a lot of different car colors. not just shades.
    toddler cars & kids size too. to ride in the yard or house of course lol.

    Adding onto the idea of different car customization - the ability to add different decals, Simlish bumper stickers, fuzzy dice, air fresheners and even those cute reindeer/bunny etc accessories.
    It would be cool to enter your vehicle into a car show!

    Car show with trophies AND cash prizes for best in show.
    I don't know if this has been mentioned, but maybe they could add that Sims would need to pay car insurance.
    laura95 wrote: »
    teens could rebel and drag race in carparks and get brought back by the police. then having to pay a fee for the car to be released.
    Birdy wrote: »
    tricycles for toddlers. I also feel like my sims are in desperate need of a new vacation destination, so maybe some kind of Road Trip game pack would be awesome. I would also like to see sims being able to be mechanics and they can work on their own car, and maybe help the neighbors as a sort of random event.

    Yes and absolutely YES. Can we get at least 3-4 must-have-a-car-to-get-there destinations?
  • ConfusedSubConfusedSub Posts: 8 New Member
    I have an idea for a EP pack that would be interesting if they could make it

    The Sims 4 Wild Ride EP

    Bring your sims to a brand new Tropical 60's themed island world with all new lots and interactions and maybe careers.


    1. Cars: Your sims can go off the lot or go online to purchase there brand vehicle to travel around the brand new world ???????? ( not good with coming up with names) and go to car specific lots. They can be a 60's theme or a modern car

    2. New Lots: You can take you sims to these brand new lots the drive in, the lookout spot, and the beach. The drive in and look out spot are new places that are car specific but not car only you can bring your sims here by foot or by car and relax and watch a movie (drive in) or get steamy (lookout). The beach is also a new location where you can bring your sims to sit and watch the wave, tan, or just go swimming. And while the adults are talking the kids can look for shells and build sand castles.

    3. Careers: Lifeguard and daycare. Save the beach patrons from dangers from the deep of just plain stupidity with new lifeguard career. Do you love toddlers then you will love the new daycare career. If you just want to stay home for the day then join the new Daycare career and feed, play, get tired of, and take care of toddlers as long as you are told to.

    4. New Lifestyle: Beach Bum. live off the land, or in other words in your van, with the new beach bum lifestyle ( what else do i call it). dig through trash steal peoples food from cookouts on the beach and siphon gas from other cars to get around.

    I hope you like this i was just thinking and this is what i thought of if you have any ideas just add on and the daycare might not match the EP but since the new toddler pack and i saw people wanted it. And about the 60's i feel like its an island they are just like stuck in the sixties but again maybe not. Hope you like and sorry abut any typos there is probably a lot. :)
  • bumblebeer0sebumblebeer0se Posts: 205 Member
    I had a thought recently that Cars should be added as a free pack. I thought it would be kind of cool if they gave us one or two basic cars for having the game, and then had a special car for each pack you own. IE. a minivan for parenthood, a hearse for Vampires, maybe an electric car or scooter for City living.

    Of course some other simmers have great ideas for an actual stuff or game pack. Which would be great. But I do feel that Cars should be added for free. Whether that is free at launch of a new game or stuff pack or absolutely free doesn't matter to me. At least something basic should be free. Like how we got free toddlers, and then later got the Parenthood pack that really fleshed out the new age.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 87,405 Member
    I don't care one way or another, but if they do offer them they should be FREE. I'm tired of being nickeled and dimed to death for such miniscule add ons.

    Yeah I'd rather get them in a Patch but I'll take them in a Gamepack or Expansion.

  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 87,405 Member
    jus1nickie wrote: »
    Thought about this for an hour now. For garages and driveways to work in the sims 4 there would have to be some sort garage or driveway tool implemented for homes with foundations that are rised for players who wants a indoor garage with a driveway to drive in and out of. It would have to be a tool that would make a room automatically a split level room. Any thoughts?

    I'm sure SimGuruHouts could make it work. He's the Top Build Developer for TS4.

  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 87,405 Member
    Here is an idea SimGuruKimmi if we get motorcycles back please add the option for up to two sims to ride on one. This would be good for couple sims and sim parents and children.

  • nolurknolurk Posts: 239 Member
    I'd love the idea of cars that our sims could not only restore/rebuild (and the idea of building up skills in the process), but also would like to see the ability to perhaps customize cars going beyond just the color of the body of the car (such as interior options, car features, or type, etc.). Additionally, maybe allow our sims to be able to upgrade their cars in some way (better sound system or speakers, engine options, etc.) like they currently can with plumbing and appliances?

    Also, I'd like to see (in addition to common types of cars we see everyday or sports cars) maybe the inclusion of some classic or historic cars of various types as well (not just "hot rods" or "muscle cars"). I could see the potential for sims to pass them down through the generations as well as adding value.

    Also, as they've become more commonplace these days, what about adding an option for sims to buy hybrids or electric cars?

    Perhaps maybe even have sims have a new way to earn some extra money by driving for a ride sharing service (or be able to car pool to/from work with other sims which they could potentially build up relationship points with)?

    In addition, we could have sims build up their driving skills (and perhaps studying to get their license before being allowed to formally drive?) and maybe have it as an activity between parent sims and their teenagers (as with Sims3, where teens have to spend so much time learning how to drive before being allowed to do so solo) and both be a skill-building act as well as a bonding activity between parents (or possibly grandparents) and teens?

    While not entirely related to this, I'd also love to see sims be able to maybe own (and customize) food trucks they could drive all over town to also earn some extra money and perhaps build up relationships with--however, for something like that, I could foresee it as perhaps being maybe something pack-related?
  • simmer_jaysimmer_jay Posts: 2,300 Member
    disclaimer: I skimmed this thread and didn't read the majority of it.. :#

    Simmer's have likely already mentioned these ideas but in case they haven't:
    I would love to see an electric car option and all the gameplay that could come from that.
    - recharger for the house to charge your car at home.
    - Moodlets for being green and eco friendly
    - if you don't charge your car you can't drive it, making the maintenance and care crucial.

    I'd also love to see the opposite.
    - gas guzzlers with black smoke coming out the tail pipe.
    - it constantly breaks down and makes lots of noise
    - I haven't worked out exactly how it would function but I would love to see gassing up your car a gameplay option.
    - Car breaks down if you run out of gas
  • BearwomanBearwoman Posts: 3 New Member
    I really miss how the transport worked ib ts3 how you could drive around in your car in different neighbourhoods without a loading screen.
    I dont know if it will be possible to change.

    Another idea is to have it as a career mechanic put like the police aso. So you can interact and follow them. Or if you could open your own garage. And would love some high tech ala need for speed content. That could be awesome.
  • SimalleyaileSimalleyaile Posts: 775 Member
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    Hi. I wrote this post way back in June 2015, and thought I'd copy it over to this thread.


    There's been a bit of talk about cars, and whether or not they're needed in Sims 4.

    I wouldn't want them if they're just decorative, or if we just see sims hop in, drive out of the driveway and then disappear. I would want them, if they were useful to our sims - an interactive object that tied in with a new skill: Mechanical Skill.

    This new skill (new to Sims 4), could allow you to tinker with a car, make repairs when it breaks down, change the oil, clean it, do upgrades including spray painting, detailing. Then when they reach a certain level in the skill, the sim would gain the ability to turn a shell of a car into a drivable one (like Freetime's car). They could either keep the car, or sell it for a profit. Or if they have GTW, could open a car dealership as a retail business.

    Motorbikes could be included in the mechanical skill too.

    A new collection could be added: motor parts, which you use for upgrades on a car, or building your own motorised vehicles. Maybe you could only build a car from scratch once you collect all the needed parts. Then you could start making upgrades to your newly built car etc.

    New skill books could be introduced about car maintenance which gives you the new mechanical skill if you don't want to work on cars to gain the skill.

    A new TV channel could be added about cars, that could also give you the new mechanical skill, (which could also increase your fun and leave you energised).

    With multi-tasking, you could listen to music from your car as you work on it. Have a group activity of asking others to help you work on the car, so you can talk, listen to music and gain mechanical skill at the same time.

    When two age appropriate sims sit in a car together, they could talk, make out, and woohoo!

    cleaning the car as a group activity, with buckets of sudsy water. That of course, is just crying out fora water fight, so they'd have to introduce that in the same pack.

    Kids could sit behind the wheel and pretend to drive. This could increase their creativity as well as their fun.

    If we ever get toddlers, we could put them in the car with the option: 'drive around the block' which results in putting toddler to sleep, alleviates tension moodlets, and/or gives happy moodlets for parents, as well as increasing their fun a litte. As we have blocks in Sims 4, we could actually go with our sims as they do this.

    "Driving home" from work could give lots of different moodlets: tense or angry from 'bad traffic'. Embarrassed from getting a 'speeding ticket'. Happy from 'new car smell', or 'smooth ride'. Angry moodlets from 'listening to talk back radio.' Even though we couldn't see our sims driving home, we could see the result in their moodlet once they got home. (We could see their car pull up in the drive).

    A new trait of "car lover' could be introduced that makes getting the mechanical skill quicker and easier. The sim with the new trait could have whims to 'buy car', 'wash car', 'take car for a spin', 'talk about car', 'make upgrade to car', 'build car'.

    Sims who do not have the 'car lover' trait, but have a partner with one, could get jealous, and have the 'kick car tyres' option. Mishevious sims could 'deflate car tyres'. Mean sims could 'scrape car with key'. (Which could then be 'repaired' as part of the mechanical skill).

    Included in the Mechanical Skill is crafting TRAIN sets, upgrading the non-animated CLocks, tuning pianos and guitars.

    a new aspiration - I feel the game is now in desperation mode for new aspirations!

    Mechanic Manic: upon completion, all things mechanical would never break down.
    Some of the goals could be:
    Level one
    • talk about cars with 3 different sims
    • buy a mechanical skill book
    • watch mechanical channel for three hours
    • reach level 3 of the mechanical skill
    Level Two
    • Find 5 motor parts
    • buy car shell
    • renovate car to driveable
    • drive car for one hour
    Level Three
    • Clean car
    • Upgrade car
    • Woohoo in car
    • Complete motor collection
    Detail 3 cars
    Level Four
    • Reach level 10 of motor skill
    • Build car from motor parts
    • Build 3 cars


    And now understanding how 'hoods work a bit better, a dedicated world for cars and adventure.
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  • Davina1987Davina1987 Posts: 4 New Member
    Cars in Sims 4 are unnecessary that there is no open world is little at Sims 3. I would rather have finally a billiard table for Sims 4.
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