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  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,447 Member
    SPARKY1922 wrote: »
    @Sandraelle I am not sure if I have commented on the right thread properly so have copied and paste my post from the other thread if that's okay :)

    OOOh squeals with delight it is awesome I adore every inch of it.. The way you have planned all the areas leading into one another is perfect. the bungalows are adorable. The buffet area is gorgeous and the way you have designed the spa area is so creative it looks wonderful so close to the public beach area. I love that steam room hut! I never knew an underground tower could look so appealing I thought they simply got stuck underground and there was nothing else there how wrong could I be lol My simmies are going to love their vacations from now on with so much to do in such an appealing resort.

    I just went to look at the imgur pics and I have to say I love the way the resort looks situated in game I think it suits the style of the world perfectly without jutting out into the sky I think it was the right choice for the resort to be more at ground level. I really like the shower area leading towards the public beach it makes it look like the beach is a part of the resort which is something I have wanted it to look like for a long time.

    I just saw the little cafe/ice cream area thank you so much that is so perfect as I love ice cream parlors.. The view at the fire-pit is fantastic and that will get used more now because of where it is placed. The pool is really well done the surf's up machine looks like it's meant to be there for a change -)

    All the bars/games/casino rooms are really well kitted out and love the little walkways to and from the various areas.

    The resort is beyond my expectations it looks so appealing I cannot thank you enough especially as I am almost sure it took you out of your comfort zone somewhat :)

    You need to change the 40x40 in your description on the thread as the resort is 64x64-) :)

    @SPARKY1922 , oh I'm so relieved that you like it! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I tried to give you everything you asked for, so I hope I succeeded. I was happy with how the layout progressed because I was worried I would run out of room to put things and turns out that the hot tubs, sauna and massage area fit well near the beach. It was a fun resort to build and totally different looking than the two other resorts I've done. And thank you very much for pointing out my error on the lot size on my creative thread, don't know what I was thinking! Lol
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,447 Member
    soocoolsim wrote: »
    Awesome work @Sandraelle . Rec'd, downloaded and commented on your showcase thread :smiley:

    @soocoolsim , thank you so much Paula! Appreciate it! :smile:
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,447 Member
    JULES1111 wrote: »
    @Sandraelle Wow that looks gorgeous! You did a wonderful job. I love all the detail, I want to vacation there! :D

    @JULES1111 , thank you very much, I'm glad you like it.....me too I'd love to go there myself, lol.

  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,447 Member
    romagi1 wrote: »
    @Sandraelle, Caribbean here I come!!! I'll be staying at the Tropical Dreams! Rec♥d and downloading!

    @romagi1 , lol....I'll join you there! Thank you for the rec and download! :smiley:

  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,447 Member
    @Sandraelle *downloads immediately* I needed something like this for my world... I'm beyond excited to go on vacation now!!! This is everything you could want in a resort!! Beautiful!

    @trashbinsouvenir , that's awesome, thank you for the nice comments and I'm glad you will be able to use this in your world. I think the only thing it doesn't have is a gym, and I left it out on purpose as my requester didn't care to have one, Lol
  • StorietimeStorietime Posts: 248 Member
    That resort is amazing @Sandraelle! All those bright colours really set the tropical theme, I'm definitely downloading that so my sims can enjoy a nice stay there
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 4,099 Member

    I defo got more than I asked for and as you can see from the following pic the resort nestles in well with the public beach area especially after you added the walkway facing towards the beach and I have added similar resort colors to the beach objects, perfect and my current sim is loving the experience :)

  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,179 Member
    Wow Sandraelle, Tropical Dreams is amazing. I love the vibrant colour scheme, what a fun resort, must get it in for a good look around, off to recommend now. <3 ;)
  • DNARequestTeamDNARequestTeam Posts: 4,122 Member
    edited July 2017
    @AuronoiChieftain Hi! I just realized that the lot you'd like us to create for you is an original creation by @CrystalAmbulance so we can't proceed without the original creator's permission. If you'd like us to make a wholly original lot like we usually do you won't need that permission. Please let me know what you'd like to do. Thank you!
  • DNARequestTeamDNARequestTeam Posts: 4,122 Member
    Our thread is up to date.
  • AuronoiChieftainAuronoiChieftain Posts: 268 Member
    Madame Secretary, Just to let you know I updated my request.
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,447 Member
    SPARKY1922 wrote: »

    I defo got more than I asked for and as you can see from the following pic the resort nestles in well with the public beach area especially after you added the walkway facing towards the beach and I have added similar resort colors to the beach objects, perfect and my current sim is loving the experience :)


    @SPARKY1922 , thanks for sharing a picture of it in game. And oh good, that you changed the items on the beach to match, that was bugging me when I was building, lol. I remembered that you wanted the resort to look like the beach was almost part of it, so I thought that little opening with the shower was a perfect way to do that. Glad your sim is enjoying it. :)
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,447 Member
    Glenkarri wrote: »
    Wow Sandraelle, Tropical Dreams is amazing. I love the vibrant colour scheme, what a fun resort, must get it in for a good look around, off to recommend now. <3 ;)

    @Glenkarri , thank you dear Vicki! Thanks for the rec and have fun exploring it. :)
  • AuronoiChieftainAuronoiChieftain Posts: 268 Member
    Just to let you know Madame Secratary, I've updated my request again.
  • ElijahsBabyGurl9ElijahsBabyGurl9 Posts: 1,313 Member
    edited July 2017
    Pet Request Form
    Username: ElijahsBabyGurl9
    Preferred creator*: Those who SPECIALIZE in creating horses or pets please. This request is a very special one.
    Gender: Mare
    Age: Adult
    Species: Horse
    Breed: Gypsy Vanner
    Primary coat color: White or frost dusted grey
    Markings desired: Sabino also See provided pictures
    Traits: Obedient, Friendly, Quiet
    Name desired (optional): Sadie Rose
    Link to reference pics (optional):

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

    Image 4

    Is communication required before the creator begins work? No, but if they have any questions feel free to contact me.
    Additional instructions?
    Please try to make this horse look EXACTLY like its image counterpart. This horse is very special and holds alot of meaning for me. I will be very grateful. I look forward to how she turns out.
    My YT: greengablesglen9
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin/Hufflepuff=Slytherpuff
    Ilvermorny School: The Horned Serpent
    Patronus: Snowy Owl

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    Holy cow those colors!
    Patron Goddess of Newbs and Ninnyhammers.
    TS2 Graphics Fix Tutorial]
  • StorietimeStorietime Posts: 248 Member
    Please may I cancel my request? I made it last month on the old thread, but I no longer need it building so I don't want to waste a builder's time y making it.
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 6,441 Member
    I would like to claim this one next please

    Date: June 5, 2017
    Username: ActuallySammy
    Page: here
    Type: Residential Lot
    Description: Family Home for Willow Creek, Sims 4
    Preferred Creator:
    Claimed By:
    Status: Not Claimed

    Please feel free to check into my thread here:
  • AuronoiChieftainAuronoiChieftain Posts: 268 Member
    edited July 2017
    Madame Secretary, I've updated my request again.
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,207 Member
    @trashbinsouvenir, Xanadu is Ready!

    This elegant modern beach home boasts four generous bedrooms, plus a nursery, 7 bathrooms, spacious living room and dining room, library/den, billiard, bowling, games, home theater, gym, spa, science and art skill rooms. Enjoy multiple balconies with breathtaking views and cozy seating overlooking the beach and spectacular pool and yard. DNA request for trashbinsouvenir ~ by romagi ~ Enjoy!

    Download: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9113389

    More Pics: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/comment/15898927/#Comment_15898927

  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 6,441 Member
    Rox dear that looks amazing sweetie! Love the design and detail.
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,447 Member
    @romagi1, Oh my gosh, this house is ah-maaazzing!!!! Got it rec'd, fav'ed and will DL soon for a better look. Love it!
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,000 Member

    Xanadu is stunning @romagi1 and as Sandy says what a perfect name. I love the architecture and all the special touches I see... MOO, use of underwater items in the pool (how creative) and of course your special feature windows. Rec'd, downloaded and will circle back on your thread once I take a closer look as this beauty. Well done :smiley:
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,871 Member
    Absolutely stunning @romagi1 <3

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