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I'm Curious:



  • LivLifeLoveLivLifeLove Posts: 48 Member
    I normally don't use custom content but if I do I use small amounts.
  • ProjectSimalityProjectSimality Posts: 1 New Member
    > @That_Fat_Cat said:
    > Am I the only person who doesn't use any CC on their Sims? I think it stands out too much unless it is a retexture. All of those custom eyes and hair and stuff like that stands out too much unless you go through the whole town and change all of the Sims to have the CC.

    I use stuff from the sim store and edit it, but I don't use any user generated content. I am also of the opinion that it clashes most the time.
  • Danged_HuskyDanged_Husky Posts: 39 Member
    All these years playing sims and I still don't know what CC means. Customized Content?
  • That_Fat_CatThat_Fat_Cat Posts: 85 Member
    All these years playing sims and I still don't know what CC means. Customized Content?

    Custom Content.
  • siwewetsiwewet Posts: 3 New Member
    anybody help me ... how change cc to default maxis ... i won't use cc in my sims game anymore .. please ... any tool for it ?
  • AloreAlore Posts: 57 Member
    I only use recolors in game, so no CC for me. I'm interested in custom skins and hair, but I have no idea how to install them onto my computer. I'm nervous that I'll screw something up, so I just don't mess with it.
  • JazzypooJazzypoo Posts: 325 Member
    I started using CC because I wanted to make my simself and EA didn't bother with curly hair in the beginning. Then I started download a ton of hair and clothes because it was more detailed than what was in the store at the time. I've since slowed down with it, since it really does take a toll on the performance of your game
  • FrigidChickFrigidChick Posts: 52 Member
    I've modded all 4 of my Sims games. I think Sims 3 is the most heavily modded-- at 26.1 GB in the Mods Folder & 3.02 GB in the Downloads folder. CC Hair is my obsession, though. I try to stick with the CC from longtime creators that are still doing content or have remaining folders.

    With my new rig --and utilities to moderate/compress CC--the game is runs like vanilla, even with the HQ mod.
  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,155 Member
    I got CAS sims 3 CC (and not all) because I have more than a hundred of sims and they need variety.
  • aglitteringsimmeraglitteringsimmer Posts: 56 Member
    I have way too much CC although I don't use most of it. Everything is Maxis Match or recolours though because I love the variations but if it looks too different my sim looks like a model while the rest of the town look like potatos :/
    (Joking, I love a lot of the pre made characters)
    An average simmer wasting her life away
    --just kidding, will find a photo of my fave sim soon--
  • crunchies4mecrunchies4me Posts: 28 Member
    I have seen cc that makes objects like horse bridles etc more realistic. i want to learn how to do that.
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