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  • dorcsyfuldorcsyful Posts: 828 Member
    Only maxis match. If you start using alpha you probably have give every sim in your game a makeover. Otherwise it's going to look like you sim(s) teleported here from another world. Not to mention that alpha hair sort of requires higher settings.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 3,619 Member
    I haven't used any CC or mods til now but am getting tired of how few of the wallpapers I like in Sims 4 -so if anyone can tell me about good sites for some more I would be very grateful.

    I went back to Sims 3 yesterday and marvelled at the choice of them.
  • MsJoyMsJoy Posts: 59 Member
    No CC for me, I've had too many bad experiences with them messing my game up. However, I admit, I'd love to find a mod that makes my vampires look normal in S3.
    My S3 Studio (mostly houses), no CC.

  • DeviSimmerDeviSimmer Posts: 232 Member
    i use a lot of CC in my game. its make the sims mre real and i love CC

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  • Marilyn_TaylorMarilyn_Taylor Posts: 26 Member
    I don't use CC or mods. Some mods are pretty cool, but I think that most of them are not very important. I mean, a Sim eating a baby may be fun to see, but it's not very helpful. Who wants to eat babies all the time O.o? However, there is some nice custom stuff, but I think it would be better to add something like the The Sims 3 Store to TS4. Some CC is okay, but I always get annoyed when I'm searching for Sims and I can only find Sims with so much CC that you can't see whether it's a Sim or a creature from another game...
  • FemaleTroubleFemaleTrouble Posts: 38 Member
    I use lots of CC, maxis match and non, for sims 4 and 3. I definitely understand others complaints and do think some sims with CC get out of hand... but I like it to add variety to my Sims, and don't really care if my played Sims tend to look better than townies. I tend to get really repetitive when limited to the maxis only stuff, and want to use the same hairs and clothes too often that without CC, my sims start looking repetitive. Since I don't play many families who have kids with multiple generations, genetics isn't too much of an issue for me. Game mods I'm a little more particular about and hesitate to try new ones.
  • PerislaPerisla Posts: 24 Member
    I've always been a maxis-match simmer. I love the cartoony-look of the sims franchise and always have. In Sims 2 I was big into cc, all maxis match of course. In Sims 3 I didn't use any at all. And now in Sims 4 I use pretty much only recolors of maxis items/clothes and hairs that look like they could have been maxis. I also love posing sims, so I'm big on find cc poses and creating my own.

    It is very neat to hear everyone's views and preferences on CC.
  • tmcevoy1121tmcevoy1121 Posts: 203 Member
    I just recently added some cc but mainly some clothing, especially some of the lingerie. I open a lingerie shop and frankly some of the lingerie they have is not the greatest. I also download a few objects, perfume and jewelry. Sometimes I wish EA would use some of those in their game as a lot of times it looks better.
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  • SunnyyesjamsSunnyyesjams Posts: 480 Member
    I use cc. I think it looks good, since S3 sims are more realistic. For S4 though it stands out more.
  • undressyourbonesundressyourbones Posts: 307 Member
    I like some of the CCs, but also don't really download any that alter the appearance too much. I just have 1 type of eyebrow downloaded (wanted a more realistic one that had individual hairs) and make up. That's enough for me, but also this is the first Sims I've played on the computer. (Also last Sims I played was Sims 2) so the things you can customize is pretty crazy in terms on features for me already! lol. I also heard custom content can lag and my computer barely reaches the requirements to play this game lol.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 1,384 Member
    I don't have, let alone use, CC in Sims 4. EA/Maxis has made it too much of a hassle with all the hoops you need to jump through. On the other hand, I do use it a lot in Sims2 where use is smooth and seamless.
  • SimmeringBreeSimmeringBree Posts: 266 Member
    It's like I'm a vampire And this forum is complete garlic, it's my bad metaphor lol.

    I'm Pretty much CC for everything I love sim modelling and mods, From where I see but pretty much my game is stabled with mods, which I love my favourite mod is MCCC and pretty much I love the realistic human look with cc I think you have more options so, you do you I guess but if you're new to CC/Mods I'm always here.

  • ToreshinboToreshinbo Posts: 561 Member
    I use CC, but mainly made by me.
    Tattoo's, eyecolors, hair. Accessoiries etc.
    I don't use skins, as most CC skintones are so glossy it's like they're given an oil bath...
  • Maho-GamerMaho-Gamer Posts: 76 Member
    I'm the same way. In the sims 3, I used a lot of custom content because the custom content looked like the sims 3. With the new game, however, it feels as if a lot of people are trying to get that sims 3 look back. I enjoy both styles of both games, but this mixture with the sims 4 custom content is something I can't get behind.
  • JoovanaJoovana Posts: 60 Member
    You're not the only one, I dont use it either!
  • tiramisu6tiramisu6 Posts: 43 Member
    I see where you're coming from! Like some others said earlier, using Maxis Match CC is a lot better cause then it won't look as if your Sim stands out too much compared to pre-made Sims. I only use Alpha hair CC for my main Sim, and it get's so annoying when I spot a pre-made with alpha hair that doesn't look good on them at all.
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  • JunoSimsJunoSims Posts: 74 Member
    Personally, I'm okay with custom content, just don't bother with it! Feels like doing online shopping, ugh....
  • sebz242sebz242 Posts: 15 Member
    I most likely would've have stopped playing sims if it weren't for sims 4. These creators spend a great deal time creating beautiful content that surpass what EA is capable of and its free. You just gotta know the right places to look. The things I've seen people create with CC makes it seems as if they're playing Sims 5 because the graphics are so good.
  • krabby_pattiesskrabby_pattiess Posts: 351 Member
    edited March 2017
    I use some CC but not too much. I think it really depends on what the player likes in their sims. I make my sims stand out all the time o.o
    I play both sims 3 and 4.
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  • sebz242sebz242 Posts: 15 Member
    If it weren't for CC*
  • LeaPixieLeaPixie Posts: 2 New Member
    I love CC mostly because I like making my sims more realistic and CC has such a huge variety for pretty much everything, it brings out my creative side more. I can't stand being limited to certain clothing, hairstyles, skins, etc. I would get bored with the game easily if it wasn't for CC.
  • AdelineRobbinsAdelineRobbins Posts: 130 Member
    My Sims' social life is much the same as my own: I tend to stay on my lot unless I'm working or have to leave for something. I'm more interested in my own family. I don't go looking for premade Sims unless I need potential spouses. So my Sims standing out is fine. I also have a mod that will go around and randomize the non-active Sims so sometimes they end up with CC, too. After a while, they seemed to keep growing up into the same one of two hairstyles, so I downloaded it for variety. My skin, eyes, and feet are default, so everyone uses it. If I remember right, it's a skin that's supposed to be very similar to the original. Just more polished and realistic. Animals are mostly left alone. Some more tack for the horses and default eyes for them when I noticed the eyes looked like they were half turn inside the eye socket.

    This is with 3, that is. If I had 4, I don't think I'd use any. From what I've seen of the way the hair and clothing looks, I love it. Not a big fan of 3's hair. Most of it, anyway. Few here and there that I use. Clothing and accessories I downloaded for more variety.
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  • BlueJeans04989BlueJeans04989 Posts: 75 Member
    I love clutter. Lots and lots and lots of clutter. I have several Maxis match hairs and some clothes and shoes, but most of my cc is just random stuff to set around, hang on the walls, or sit in the yard to make my sims houses look "lived in". I like things like open books and newspapers on the floor, cans and bottles on shelves in the kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom, that sort of stuff. With all the great placement tools in Sims 4, I can even have food in a basket, dishes in the sink, etc. That's the sort of stuff I love.
  • MagicPiggyPiggMagicPiggyPigg Posts: 62 Member
    I used to...but I lost all of my mods. :'(
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  • MagdaleenaMagdaleena Posts: 649 Member
    edited April 2017
    I mostly use maxis match CC as well; I feel like the selection EA provides isn't quite enough, yet I also don't want to break away from the game's overall style. (i make exceptions for clothing though)

    it also keeps me from downloading literally everything nice that i see hahahhaha

    When it comes to The Sims 3 though, I'm a lot more lax with what I decide to download. I have almost no CC clothes there (CASt works great on its own), but hair?? oh my god
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