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Fairy Tale Modelling Contest - Open for Applications

Phoenix_RainxPhoenix_Rainx Posts: 677 Member
Hello, and welcome to Fairy Tale, the modelling contest where your creativity can shine through your magical photos! In this contest, fairy tales from far and wide will battle it out through a series of fun tasks, photoshoots and rollercoaster twists! Each application will submit a different fairy tale character, be creative!
Rules and Information:
*Each person can submit a maximum of two models, as long as they are both different fairy tale characters
*Only female models. Sorry Prince Charmings
*Although your model can have any style you like, make sure their appearance is similar to that of their original character
*Disney Villians allowed
*Sims 3 and Sims 4 are both allowed
*Please no negativity, this is a friendly community :)
*If you need any help or if you have a question, please dm me
*No putting you sims face on a model's body, instead you can use CC, CAS or edit Google clothes onto the sim's body
*The challenges will last for 4 days, not too long or short
*With every challenge, my co host will post a demo photo
*The winner shall win a fancy and beautiful signature, bragging rights and a place as a host for the next season!
Post a body and facial shot of your fairy tale model on a white background, and write their name on the applicant - although it should be obvious who your model is meant to be!
Taken Fairy Tales:
Red Riding Hood

Welcome your host, Alice Kingsleigh! She will be judging, alongside other judges, your photos. We will judge on different factors:
Creativity, editing skills, the outfit, and just the overall feel and connection it has with the corresponding challenge.
Welcome the stunning co host Tinkerbell, aka @kittymeow ! She will be making the photo demos for each contest and judging with me.

Welcome our judge, @strawberrigurl as Cinderella! She will be judging your photos alongside Tink
Information About Future Challenges:
I, I mean Alice, has carefully planned each and every challenge. They will require creativity and determination, and will be super fun! But don't feel too comfortable, for the magical mystery carpet ride that you shall go on will include some bumpy situations and exciting twists. Overall, it shall be an enjoyable experience!
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