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33 Day Create-A-Sim Challenge!

Do you like CAS? Do you want to practice CAS? Well then this is the right challenge for you!
The rules are simple- just make a sim everyday for 33 days corresponding to the themes given down below.
I choose 33 days because I used a random number generator and that's the number that came up :D

DAY 1: Color (make a sim that has one color for everything, eyes, hair, clothes, etc)
DAY 2: Animal (make a sim that looks like an animal, you may need CC for this one. Ex: bunny)
DAY 3: Doll (make a sim that looks like a Barbie doll)
DAY 4: Element (make a sim that represents an element. Ex: fire)
DAY 5: Gothic (make a sim that has a gothic/rock star look)
DAY 6: Alien (make an alien sim)
DAY 7: Hybrid (make a hybrid sim)
DAY 8: Female Child (make a child girl sim, not using the "play with genetics" option)
DAY 9: Model (make a sim that looks like a model)
DAY 10: Male Child (make a child boy sim, not using the "play with genetics" option)
DAY 11: Girly-Girl
DAY 12: Tomboy
DAY 13: Favorite Singer
DAY 14: Favorite Celebrity
DAY 15: Same Style (make a sim with a style similar to yours)
DAY 16: Dessert (make a sim based on a dessert)
DAY 17: School Girl
DAY 18: Fruit (make a sim based on a fruit)
DAY 19: Pastel
DAY 20: Kawaii
DAY 21: Fall/Autumn
DAY 22: Flower (make a sim based on a flower, Ex: Rose)
DAY 23: Love
DAY 24: Book Character (make a sim based on your favorite character in a book)
DAY 25: Spring
DAY 26:Diveristy (make a sim with a race you usually don't use)
DAY 27: Gamer
DAY 28: Disney Princess
DAY 29: YouTuber
DAY 30: Ugliest Sim You Can Make
DAY 31: Teacher
DAY 32: Summer
DAY 33: Princess (not a Disney princess, a regular princess)

Good luck and happy simming! :p
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