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~CLOSED~ D.N.A. Request Team Master Thread ~ Please Do Not Post ~ Information Only

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~CLOSED~ Hello! As we are no longer accepting requests for Sims 3, we've moved our Master Thread post to the Sims 4 side of things. Happy Simming!

This is the old Master Thread for DNA Request Team! Since we create a new thread once per month, we thought this would be an easy way for people to bookmark us without the link becoming obsolete!

Please note that this thread is intended as Information Only and No Reply.

Ready to Request a Creation from Us?

--> Requests posted in this thread will not be seen by the team. Please post your requests in the thread below:

To find more of our creations, visit the DNA Request Team blog:
Be sure to follow us, as more items are being added regularly!

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About Us

What does D.N.A. stand for? Designing Nature and Architecture Just for You! Our team is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life.

Our Services
• Residential Lots
• Community Lots
• Sims
• Pets
• Households

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Actively Creating

Lissykin - Status: Secretary, Available | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hi, I'm Lissykin and I love The Sims! I've played since the beginning and am totally addicted. I love to build unique, realistic, and game play-tested community and residential lots of every style; especially Victorians and Moderns. A little about me: I'm married and have two daughters. I'm an artist, pianist, and sometimes writer. Happy Simming!

BreeMiles - Status: Available | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hi, I'm Bree Miles, just call me Bree. I'm a late bloomer for The Sims, and I have found my favorite part is building; I love learning new ways to create builds. My studio has a lot of different styles, but I have always loved Colonial/Victorian style homes. I have done a few beach homes and modern homes and love them, also. It will be an honor to build for you and your Sim. (I am CC-free.)

AIRIS6962 - Status: Unavailable | Contact |Showcase | Studio
Hello! You can call me Airis or Inma (my real name). I've played Sims since TS2. I love challenges, so I dare almost always!! LOL I prefer building small or medium lots. I love making starter houses and recreating people or characters in Sims. I have not used CC or CAP for a long time. All my lots are play-tested and checked with Custard before being uploaded. I am a creator, but a player also, so everything I build is playable, unless you prefer otherwise! :disappointed:

illusie - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase | Blog | Studio
Hi! I'm Lusie. I really love to build and always try to make my builds feel like homes. My favourite style is cottage-like, but I love to try new styles too. Sadly, my laptop acts up when I build on large plots, so I prefer 40x40 or smaller. Another thing I love is making Sims. Especially making look-alikes is something I enjoy. I never use CC. I'm looking forward to your requests! {hugs}

masajo - Status: Available | Contact | Showcase| Gallery
Hello, I’m Christine aka masajo on the Forums and Cevans1962 (Origin ID). I started simming towards the end of S1 and was ‘hooked’ straightaway! The building bug started soon after and has grown to where we are now. I enjoy the challenge of any type or style of build and never use CC in any of my creations which are all thoroughly playtested. I feel very honoured and excited to be part of this incredibly talented team and look forward to carrying out requests.

Simming_Spoonie - Status: Available | Contact | | Gallery
Hello lovely ones, I am The Simming Spoonie aka Faith. I'm a UK Simmer about to head into my 40's who has been part of the franchise from the very beginning. I am primarily a TS4 builder, who doesn't use CC, but I do always ensure that my builds are thoroughly playtested. I am truly honoured to be become a part of this team, who I have admired from afar for a very long time!!

Hiccup - leochick123, Gallery ID: TTV_PBHiccup - Status: Available | Contact | Showcase | Gallery
Hey there! I go by Hiccup and my pronouns are She/They. I'm actually a late-comer to the Sims franchise, having only ever started a couple years into the release of The Sims 4. I started out just enjoying gameplay, then branched out into challenges, but really found my love for building about a year into owning the game. Since then, I've worked hard to learn new techniques, and keep honing my design skills. My favorite styles are definitely Victorian and Craftsmen, but I love branching out into Modern and other styles as well!

wecantpickaname - Status: Available | Contact | Showcase | Gallery
I am Alex, an experienced and diverse maker of fine homes in Sims 4 and Sims 3 games. I am also, one of the original 3-5 community technical troubleshooters on the EA website for the Sims games before the EA Heros program came about. My lots are NoCC. I do not use mods or CC during gameplay. I hope that you will enjoy them!

On Hiatus

ZooProfessor3 - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hi! I'm Zoo, and my very favorite thing to do in Sims is build. I prefer residential lots, and my style is definitely traditional. Victorian painted ladies are my favorite houses, but I like other traditional styles as well. I enjoy doing elaborate landscaping. I like the challenge of matching an existing picture but also the freedom of creating a home from my own imagination. I would love to build a home for your Sims!

calmorezoo - Status: Available | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hello Simmers, I'm calmorezoo. I've been simming since the beginning, but only fully got into it with The Sims 2. I am what you would call an "all-rounder," creative-wise. I enjoy making Sims and pets, and I build anything from Tudor to ultra modern. I'm a CC-free Simmer who has all the current EPs and SPs and a ton of Store content. If anyone wants a The Sims 2 house re-creation, I'm your girl as I still play. (My time zone is GMT.)

WibbleLikeAJelly - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
I'm Wibble, you may have seen me around the Creative Corner and Mac forums. I'm an experienced Sims builder/landscaper/decorator with six years of building under my belt. I like to make modern homes, but am interested in expanding my repertoire, so feel free to request me for other types of builds. I never use CC in my builds, but I do have some Store content. Each one of my requests will be completed to the highest standard possible.

mwjessica723 - Status: Inactive | Contact | Studio
Hi, I'm Jessica! I have been playing The Sims since the beginning and still going strong! I own all EPs, SPs, and Store content, and my uploads are 100% free of third-party CC, checked with Custard. I like to make Sims and recolor clothing, and occasionally build. I am the team's retired secretary, but I may take requests now and again. I love being part of this talented group! Happy Simming! :)

Sarademoor - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hello! My name is Sara. I love building in a variety of styles: modern, Victorian, Asian; I'm willing to give it all a whirl! I'm not terribly good at making intricate Sims or pets. I have all EPs, SPs and a wide variety of builder's Store items at my disposal. I love landscaping most as I feel it can really bring out the beauty of a build. If you have questions, feel free to send me a friend request and post on my wall. Thanks so much for reading!

EMPRESSPAMELA - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Howdy! I'm Pam. I've tried most styles, but don't specialize. I have used floor plans, but mostly design my own. I tend to do a lot of fantasy/themed builds. My studio is 100% third party CC free. I own most EA build and buy items, many CAS; all Dr. Pepper items and T-Mobile items. I'll do my best to visualize your dream.

KLorelei - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hi all, I'm Elle and I've been simming since the beginning. I love all aspects of the game but have only been building since last June, though I've obviously already become addicted to that as well. I appreciate the beauty in all styles of design and architecture. The best part of being on a request team is the opportunity to constantly challenge myself by taking on new projects that I might not have tackled otherwise.

YOTEAMO - Status: Inactive | Contact | Blog | Studio
Hey I'm Yote. I'm not a veteran player yet but I plan to be as I love creating for Sims. In fact, far too many hours of my day go into this. I can create a variety of building styles, but I really love creating small to medium sized contemporary and retro homes that are somewhat realistic. I am hoping to expand my building knowledge and style whilst here on the team. I have all EPs and SPs and plenty of Store content.

orisisrose - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Howdy, I'm Rose. I love to build, especially from plans or pictures. I am always up for a challenge and love expanding my knowledge of different architectures. I own all build and buy items in The Store. I have all EPs and SPs installed. All my uploads are Custard-checked.

imoger - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Blog | Studio
Hi, my name is Ildi! I like building residential lots and creating Sims for the game in my limited free time. I like many styles--mainly Modern, Contemporary, Asian and Mediterranean. My favourite part is the interior decorating; I always take extra care of it, which can take longer time. I own all EPs/SPs and a good amount of Store items, but don't use custom content anymore. My creations with 'NO-CC' in the title are all checked with Custard.

originalsim - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
I've been playing Sims since the original series launched. I've always loved building both residential and commercial lots in a variety of styles and sizes. My favorites are contemporary residential lots but often challenge myself to "think out of the box". I do not use any CC or patterns but I do own quite a bit of Store content. I actively play the game as well so I know the importance of both form and function in any build.

gngrsnp - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hi, I am gngrsnp. I've been simming since Sims 1 and building since Sims 2. I like building homes and structures for families and community use. I like to add lots of detail, including fading wallpaper in older structures, or purposeful non-matched furniture and nuances of "real life." Kind of like Norman Rockwell, known for his painting and depicting people in everyday life and situations. Let me make your "everyday."

DataHead - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hello there! I'm DataHead, and I love building lots for The Sims 3! I seem to have a thing Modern and Victorian style lots, however, I do have some experience with other styles as well. Ever since I was introduced to The Sims 3, I have loved how well I could express my architectural creativity through the game. In real life, I am an amateur photographer, and music lover.

Rawr2019 - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hello Lambs! I'm Rawr2019 but you can call me Nik :] I've been playing The Sims since TS2 but I didn't really start building until TS3. I have a soft spot for Moderns but I love Victorians and Mix Matching Styles. I'm a CC free builder as well so no worries there. When I'm not building, I'm fast at work on my magazine SIMplified Living Magazine. I'm happy to be back on the team. Can't wait to see what you all have in store for us!

Idontrcall - Status: Inactive | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hello! You may call me Lala. I am a long-time simmer who enjoys building homes and creating Sims as much as playing the game. I love to challenge myself with all types of architectural styles, small or large, and take great care in creating environments that can immerse the simmer in the theme of the build. I playtest all lots thoroughly and make every effort to see that the build works as intended. I also enjoy creating detailed Sims with vibrant personalities. I do not use CC. I look forward to working with you!

Kementari - Status: Inactive | Contact | Blog | Studio
Hi there! I'm Kem. I have always loved Interior Design and that is how I became addicted to the Sims. I don't really have a favorite architectural style, I like to build them all! I have a soft spot for community lots and landscaping, but my biggest love is decorating. I like to make my homes look as realistic as possible. All my builds are play-tested and checked with Custard. I do not use CC or CAP when creating.

Hestia - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase| Gallery
Nice to meet you. My name is Hestia, but you can also call me Tia. I come from the island of Bali, located in Indonesia. I’ve been simming since The Sims 1 and a player of the game ever since. Create-A-Sim is my current specialty for The Sims 4. In real life, I am an owner/chef of my own restaurant, a registered dog owner/kennel and enjoy cooking or experimenting with new foods in the kitchen. I am honored to be a part of this team and I look forward to working with you on your request.

sashraf - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hi! I'm sashraf or She (Sheila). I love to build homes from starters to mansions. My favorite types of houses are Contemporary, Victorian, Cottages, and Beach Houses. I have all EPs and SPs and most of the Store, but still enjoy building base game houses. My game is free of custom content and mods. Check out my studio and the pictures in the download links!

itguyinsc - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Known to simming friends as "itguyinsc," you may be surprised to know I am not a "guy." My husband gifted me The Sims 3 for Valentine's Day 2010 (reason for name). Since then, I have been busy building and decorating homes. Occasionally I play but I mostly build. I am probably older than most of the team and have 3 sons, 1 husband and a cat! My degree is in Commercial Art, but I am currently a SAHM. It's great to be a part of this amazing team.

romagi1 - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Studio
Hi all! I'm romagi, I'll answer to Rox too! I started with TS2 and found I really liked to build. Still love to build in TS3 but I also enjoy making simmies. I do play the game occasionally so I like to keep playability in mind. I prefer residential builds but I can't say I have a favorite style. I don't use build CC anymore but I do/can use simmie CC if I feel it is safe, package style only.

WrathofCath - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hi, I'm Cath! I'm a long time Sims player, but fairly new to building. It has completely taken over my desire to play! I mostly build residential homes, and do not use any CC. I love fairytale and Craftsman styles best, but have also fallen in love with some moderns. I have not tried a lot of other styles but am in no way opposed to building one, as long as I have at least one picture to go by. If I can see it, I can probably build it, within reason, lol! I'm excited to be part of this very talented group of builders!

aricarai - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Howdy do! I'm Arica, but you can also call me Ari. I have been Simming since the beginning, but didn't begin to build until Sims 2; interior design/layout is my favorite part. I love many styles of building, especially modern, beachy, cottage, and traditional that are small-to-medium size in order to bring realism and functionality to the game. I also enjoy creating Sims and I'm a bit of a storyteller. I look forward to working with such an inspiring bunch of people and creating something special for YOU!

suepea - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase | Studio
I’m Sue Pea. I was bitten by the Sims 3 bug about 3 years ago when I discovered that Sims was not only a fun game but a truly creative outlet. Since then I have been completely hooked. While I love spending time creating and guiding my Sim families, my real love is building intricate and realistic places for them to live and play. I am looking forward to pushing my creative edge and creating environments for other players and their Sims to enjoy.

Sandraelle - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hello, call me Sandra or Sandy. My favorite part of this game has always been creating. My love for it really kicked in when Sims 3 came out, as I am obsessed with that color wheel and spend way too much time in CAS! I aim for realistic looking builds and I’m a stickler for details, therefore I’m not the fastest builder. I build a lot of different styles (except futuristic/fantasy) and discovered I have a fascination for modern architecture (contrary to RL!). And I am CC free!

soocoolsim - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase | Studio
Hi, I'm Paula otherwise known as Soocoolsim. I'm Canadian and caught the building bug with the Sims 2. I easily made the transition to Sims 3 but am not yet into Sims 4. My creations range from traditional to semi-modern homes to themed community lots and CFE sculpted builds. I own all the standard store items, Sims 3 EPs and SPs and my builds are CC free. I'm honoured to be part of the DNA team helping to bring your ideas from inspiration to pixel reality :-)

ScarletPipper - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase | Gallery
Hi, I'm ScarletPipper (or Scarlet-Simm on the Gallery) and I specialize in making builds for the Sims 4. I love making suburban family homes, though I'm open to creating all styles. From modern to victorian, I'm up to any challenge. I'm a relatively fast builder (depending on your definition of fast) usually getting things done in under a week, as long as it's not too large. I don't use any CC in my builds, but bb.moveobjects is my best friend. I hope I'll be able to make something just for you!

TheDismalSimmer - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Showcase| Gallery
Sul sul! I am TheDismalSimmer, but you can just call me TDS. I enjoy building all sorts of houses, and try my best to include a large variety of architectural styles. Generally I have a function over form philosophy, but aesthetics are certainly important and I love the landscaping aspect of building. I am honored to be among talented creators of the D.N.A. team, and am always ready to help you build the perfect home for your sims.

Taoron - Status: Unavailable | Contact | Build Showcase| Art Showcase| Gallery
Hello! I'm Ron or Taoron (Dowron), or just plain Tao. I've been building in serious for just over 5 months, but I have a few thousand hours under my belt. My passion is building. Any size, any Style of home, although, I love the classics. I am 100% CC Free and I playtest all of my builds. (I'm not fond of reuploaders) I strive for realism and I tend to not be a clutter maniac or a hoarder. I also love to create CC Free Art, for your homes. I'd love to design and build your new home!
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