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Store Mega List 2.0 - Entire Purchase History in 1 File

Valgon57Valgon57 Posts: 2,040 Member
Hi all, I'm really glad that finally I could compile another list which is far more comprehensive (this time more like Store web sitemap, which we don't have any). I hope you can find it useful! ^^

Categories in this Excel file:
Full Sets - Sets, venues and worlds. Note: Origin/retail version of set & world (that you redeem with a code) usually have different product id.
Xtraordinary Stuff - Rare & limited things.
Non-Set Items - Individual non-set items.
CAS-Set items - A chance to handpick Store costumes from CAS-only sets. If you still want to install the entire set then just use Full Sets page.
World Items - You can download individual items of every world as long they are showed on the world description in Store page. Some are still missing forever like some bridge, decor items, rabbit holes, etc or maybe never put up separately after all. Not everything listed is available too, some won't be downloaded for unknown reasons, ex: Barnacle Bay stuff. If you have retail/Origin version of the world you can't download the stuff too because these are tied to Store version.
Venue Items - Individual items of every venue.

Link: TS3 Store MEGA LIST 2 (Last updated Sep 2016)

@BlazeMasterwort I think this list could be useful for you :wink: Thank you for everything!
Thanks @Bily_jednorozec, @Aunza, @Curs10, @ciane, @Mmdrgntobldrgn, @KarinL for helping and @2Mahawk for non-set CAS items list

I certainly hope that no one would be lost between these thousands of links (about 2000 download links and 1000+ store page links). I would never promise to make a list of individual items from all Store sets :smiley: If you find any mistakes - name/id or other things - please leave a reply. I will always around but usually not logged in.

FYI TS3 Launcher has 200Mb (204,800Kb) limit for each installation batch (or ideal compartment size), if it finds out your current ebc file already exceeds 200Mb then a new ebc file will be created, but if it still less than 200Mb and you install items in bulk Launcher will combine them anyway and this will bloat your ebc file way bigger than 200Mb (if this bulk is 200Mb+ Launcher will create another file, skipping the current ebc). Warning: sticking to perfect size is really hard and will cause severe headache :blush:
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  • Valgon57Valgon57 Posts: 2,040 Member
    edited September 2016
    Mega List 1 (esp to re-download all Store content in less files)

    Mediafire Link

    If you want to post this anywhere, please give proper credits and link to this forum.
    I'm thinking about a web version with pics but it would take a lot more effort :*

    Ciane, you can use and tinker this all you want!
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  • cianeciane Posts: 16,571 Member
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    I love your lists and will look at this in depth as soon as I finish my current apocalyse challenge. (I am an extremely slow player, pausing often, especially when I have a houseful of eight sims!)

    Thank you so much for permission to tinker with this.

    I took a quick glance at it and LOVE it so far. Thank you so much for the effort you put into this!
  • DelanaraDelanara Posts: 44 New Member
    Hi, I'm having a big problem and was hoping you could try to help. My Sims 3 Launcher keeps asking me to log in. When I type all my information in and press "OK," it reappears the same as before I pressed "OK" and never logs me in, no matter how many times I press enter. Due to this, I'm unable to download any store content, including everything you have worked so hard to do here. I uninstalled Sims 3 totally and reinstalled it and am still having the same problem, without any custom content downloaded. I am able to download custom content from The Exchange by saving it to the Downloads folder within The Sims 3 folder. Do you know of a way to save store content to my The Sims 3/Downloads folder? Or better yet, how to fix my launcher? I have searched the entire web and have only found many more people with this problem and no solution. Please try to help, and thank you in advance. :s
  • Bily_jednorozecBily_jednorozec Posts: 1,574 Member
    Hi, @Delanara ! Have you cleaned yours internet cache? I have ocassionally the same problem and if this isn't caused by store.Sims3.com (site has recently issues), cleaning PC helps. I'm using for that free version of CCleaner (Piriform).
    "My Studio" on thesims3.com "My Blog" on thesims3.com
    Sorry for editing my comments frequently, in most cases I'm doing this due language issues (english isn't my native language, but I'm using english, because most used by people, with who I want to communicate).
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,571 Member
    @Delanara - Yes, Bily/Bobi is correct. You need to clear your Internet Explorer caches/history/cookies as that is the browser that the launcher uses. You might have to reset IE to its default setting (as a last resort), but that should clear up the issue. Another of my friends reported yesterday that EA told them to try different browsers if one isn't working, so a switch from Chrome to Firefox worked.

    Also, ccleaner is free and works well. Whenever I have launcher problems, I use ccleaner and then my launcher behaves. Cleaning up computer residue is a great idea.
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,571 Member
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    @Valgon57 - When I was comparing our files, I did not see the Man Cave or Oh My Goth Compiliation on your list. Also, Bily had a long mardarin coat that I didn't see on your list 17207 :) I hope you are doing well.
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  • Trixiebelle1Trixiebelle1 Posts: 1 New Member
    I wish I'd had this when I had to reinstall everything repeatedly to make the game work. Now I have it for next time I need to reinstall. Thank you @Valgon57
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