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What's the weather like where you are?


  • glitterylorenglitteryloren Posts: 185 Member
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  • ArkaneArkane Posts: 20,134 Member
    edited July 2016
    Too hot. Gotta run for shelter, gotta run for shade....
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  • JimedJimed Posts: 691 Member
    Severe thunderstorms and flooding!
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    Jimed wrote: »
    Severe thunderstorms and flooding!
    Do you come from a land downunder? :o

    That was last nights weather. Pretty wild, with stobie poles being ripped up and sent flying, and horizontal hail.
    The forecast was so severe that the city council opened up the main bus terminal for anyone who needed shelter overnight.

    Today, its expected to be a balmy 12C... or maybe 14, depending on the forecast source.
    Melbourne is expecting 10. The lucky sods. And there's a chance they will get snow (in the outer suburbs, not the cbd).
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    Within the last hour or so, there has been sleet, and maybe snow in the hills, within about 30 min drive from where I am.

    But it's just raining here, endless icy cold rain
  • JimedJimed Posts: 691 Member
    Raining right now.
  • AngelEb95AngelEb95 Posts: 1,522 Member
    edited July 2016
    Calm before the storm... it is 79 degrees right now but it feels cooler because of the breeze. The weather has been surprisingly pleasant over the weekend but it is going to be in the mid 90s this week
  • TheoriesOfHappinessTheoriesOfHappiness Posts: 1,126 Member
    pretty sunny out, worried it'll get hot today cause i need to head to wyoming for fireworks :D
  • Callous_LilyCallous_Lily Posts: 198 Member
    Hot with scattered thunderstorms. Wish it would completely clear, but not likely. The neighbors are hosting a party later today and it would be nice if it didn't rain.
  • glitterylorenglitteryloren Posts: 185 Member
    v hot and sunny. I think it's 80 degrees or something
    Joseph Morgan is perfection.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    It's a fridge here, at the but crack o dawn.
  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,380 Member
    We've got decent weather all week because it's cool and wet.
  • KeyenpeydeeKeyenpeydee Posts: 9,279 Member
    Hot like me
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  • cmbaker16cmbaker16 Posts: 9,172 Member
    it's hot, 90F today (32C) it's to get even hotter in the next couple days than drop to 86F (30C) later in the week.
  • mcminer2011mcminer2011 Posts: 14 New Member
    Let's see... It's warm, humid and cloudy. That answer your question?(Gained the "Smalltalked" Moodlet)
  • Hippie_SimmerHippie_Simmer Posts: 1,078 Member
    It's about 76 degrees, humid, and there were storms earlier today. I woke up and the light in the apartment shifted instantly. It went from bright to dark in a matter of seconds.
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  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    A bit chilly.
    I may end up wearing all of my clothes at once later today.
  • iriefthiiriefthi Posts: 1,073 Member
    Awfully hot! :s
  • BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,869 Member
    Hot. Too hot. It's about 23oC and I've had a headache from the heat for the last 6 days. Why oh why does my bedroom have to be south-facing?!
    If I open the curtains it gets hotter than it already is (and it's already like an oven), if I close the curtains the plants don't get enough light.
    I can win!
    Someone please pass me an ice bucket! :(
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  • BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,869 Member
    Hot like me

    Are you running a temperature? put a thermometer under your arm for a few minutes.
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  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,593 Member
    It's July in the south. Not even noon and it's 90...add in the humidity and it feels like 98.
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  • CiarassimsCiarassims Posts: 3,546 Member
    Hot and sunny
  • marshaline6marshaline6 Posts: 576 Member
    cloudy but humid which is so annoying
  • xDiamond_PrincessxxDiamond_Princessx Posts: 1,776 Member
    It's fairly hot but the clouds are rolling in, we have funnel cloud warnings today.
  • z0mg_z0mbiez0mg_z0mbie Posts: 84 Member
    edited July 2016
    Mordor, pretty sure i just saw two hobbits running by.
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