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Favourite Screenshot (or Tell Your Tales) - TSM Edition



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    @Johnsomething Your stories are wonderful! Nicely done and thank you for sharing!!!

    Hey, thanks a lot :)
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    Reichsler Family: The Emperor.

    In the previous episode we saw how Otto Reichsler murdered his half-sister and Queen of Reichenau, Zelda, and claimed the throne for himself. This action caused a lot of unrest in the kingdom, as parts of the Peteran priesthood and the nobility objected to the violent way with which Otto used to claim the Kingship.

    The first thing he did, was to take a significant amount of money from the royal treasury to re-design the entire Castle. It made it look pompous, however, that did not earn him any respect from the peasantry.
    The first signs of disobedience came from abroad, from Reichenau allies who adopted a passive-aggressive stance by recognizing the validity of the kingship of the new King but in the same time stopped paying taxes, sending military aid and supporting the edicts of the King. Their excuses were numerous, but the King Otto knew very well that his allies dissaproved of him.
    Otto tried to gather an assembly of advisors and diplomats to discuss what he can do to establish strong control over his allies and earn the alliance of the nobility and the church. The Peteran priesthood was somewhat important in the society of Reichenau, the priests there were viewed as very wise and intelligent and the masses followed every word of them. The Peteran clergy demanded that the King repent for his sins ( that is, the murder of the former Queen) and abandon the throne. The advisors came to the conclusion that an action against the clergy would further diminish the popularity of King Otto.
    King Otto stood alone, without much help. The military was weakened by the refusal of some nobles to contribute to the royal army, and the troops belonging to the King, although formiddable, was not strong enough to defeat the various rebelions that had been ravaging the borders of Reichenau since Queen Zelda's rule. The income of Reichenau was also low thanks to the taxes that the allies stopped paying and the internal crisis that the rebels -especially the M'hina tribe and the pirates in the south- caused by slaying many farmers and merchants and forcing many of them to abandon their businesses and flee elsewhere.
    King Otto was in desperation. He knew that without allies, without simoles and a strong army he is doomed to lose the power, and worse, he could be sentenced to death by the next King. And then, a mysterious man approached.
    His name was Aldred Sollt, and was the the head of the Jacoban establishment in Reichenau and a Jacoban priest. His humility and the modest way with which he presented himself impressed the King. Aldred Sollt told the King that he has a way to make him as powerful as his father, Oslocht, was.
    The priest told him that a King must not be respected but feared, and that the Peteran establishment is partially to be blamed for the bad luck of the King, since they brainwash the people to dislike Otto.
    The King visited one of the sermons, and was highly praised by the priest. Of course that did not impress the King, as it was customary for a priest to praise the King when he joined one of the sermons in Reichenau. This priest, however, went beyond this custom. He started preaching a new method of governing, a way that relies on strict discipline of subjects, decisiveness and aggressive foreign policy. The few followers of the Jacoban faith agreed and cheered for the King. For the first time ever, Otto felt welcomed, loved, a sense of belongingness to a community. The sermon of Aldred Sollt ceased to be a sermon, and resembled a lesson of governance. It was obvious that Aldred wanted to impose a specific way of ruling to the King, and the King did not mind because he found wisdom in his words.
    Soon, the relationship between the King and the Jacoban priesthood grew stronger. The King would feel the need to attend more and more sermons, and hear the words of wisdom by Aldred. Soon, Aldred made an offer that King Otto could not refuse: An alliance between the Jacoban priesthood and the King. The Jacoban would propagandize in favor of the King, preaching in favor of the King and praising his kingship. In return, King Otto would favor the Jacobans in matters of religion, he would reduce the taxes paid by the Jacobans and appoint Jacobans in the higher echelons of Reichenau government. Priest Aldred promised Otto that as long as he follows his advises, King Otto will become very powerful and unstoppable. The first advice Aldred gave to Otto was to hunt down the criminals and the weak bandits that infested the country.
    After Aldred advice, King Otto assembled his small army and went after the smaller bandits that had rebelled against the former Queen, Queen Zelda. Otto himself participated in the campaigns, earning the respect of his fellow soldiers. After he defeated the small bandits, Otto did something innovative: Instead of sentencing the captured bandits to death, he enlisted them to his army. With that move, he did not depend on the military of the nobles and created a strong independent army. Displeased with that, the nobles accused him of creating a bandit-army full of criminals.

    Otto then took on the larger bandits that had infested the area, and the pirates, and brought peace back to Reichenau.
    Just like his father, Otto was sexually very active. He had three women who acted as his consorts, something like sexual companions, instead of wives, and fathered children with them.
    And yet Otto did not marry any of those women. He ended up marrying a woman he didn't love but did so for politics and diplomacy. She married the daughter of a very wealthy noble of the kingdom of Advorton, and one of the heirs of large estates in Advorton, securing an ever-lasting alliance with them, securing his access to the greatly superior military technology of Advorton army. Otto was devoted to his Kingdom and forcing himself into a marriage based on diplomacy rather than true love was a justifiable sacrifice for him.

    He fathered a total of 18 children (!!) with four women. His children were: Golda, Helga, Tamilda, Zelda (honoring his step-sister whom he killed himself), Oslocht, Marcella, Barbera, Elsslin, Giselbrecht, Agnesota, Henry, Gerlach, Sibylle, Gisela, Rixa, Benedicta, Heidenrich (who was appointed as heir) and Ismeltrud.
    He sent many of his step-sisters to marry nobles in far-away lands he would never set foot to. It seems he cared more about the kingdom than his own family. It didnt matter if a noble had a repuation of being a wife-beating 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 or a casanova, or even a 90 years old man. If the marriage served the interests of Reichenau, then it had to happen.
    After advice by Aldred, Otto arranged a lot of magnificent parties and gatherings with Jogglers, music and tournaments. Aldred knew that such events impressed the people and made them less hostile toward the new king.
    Otto's numerous feasts were special because, for the first time, they included simple peasants and were not open only for nobles. Otto slowly created the image of a people's King, by conversing with peasants and farmers and the working class and would invite the elders of remote villages and provide them with food supplies and gold.
    He built a system of espionage network of informants including guards, ladies-in-waiting, allied nobles and even beggars. He gathered important information about his enemies and allies through that network which enabled him to act accordingly.
    Soon, his army grew strong. He centralised the kingdom to such an extent, that his army was called "the army of Otto" and not the army of the Reichenau kingdom. He standardized the equipment of the army, introduced military drill and proper maintenance of the weapons.
    He conquered many villages, towns, cities and kingdoms, leaving a trail of blood everywhere. The conquests made the kingdom richer and stronger, and Otto earned the obedience of all nobles.
    He wrote a militaristic code of law called "Reichespeyghel" which introduced the compulsory military recruitment of all second sons (and beyond that) of all citizens, reorganized the hierarchy of the army, colonised key areas of the vast Reichenau empire with Reichenau citizens, forced the nobles to provide military assistance but dismissed themselves and their families from direct military duty
    Soon, the Reichenau Kingdom...
    ...became an empire.
    Soon, Otto became the wealthiest emperor in the history of Reichenau. His private rooms were full of artifacts, ornaments, jewellry, precious metal, clothing, armor all loots from the kingdoms he had conquered. And food. A lot of food! He was nicknamed "the devourer of the cosmos" by his enemies, after his love for excessive consumption of food and conquest.
    Aldred's plan had worked. Thanks to his advices and support, King Otto became a magnificent Emperor. Soon, he used his King's favor to declare a religious inquisition on the empire. He brought inquisitors to hunt down supporters of other religions and atheists and converted people to Jacoban faith.
    It was a cruel and harsh moment for the people of Reichenau, people were hunted down and executed for their faith, but the emperor Otto did not really care because he was very strong with an unstoppable army. His army would often patrol around the Kingdom and the various cities "imposing" the Jacoban faith on anyone that resisted.

    That was Aldred's plan all along: To convert the Kingdom to his faith, by gaining the favor and support of the King.
    Otto wrote history as the greatest Emperor in the history of Reichenau. He reigned for 38 years, systematically eliminating every opponent while establishing a government based on strict control of the people's faith, militarism and conquest. During that time, he carefully raised his son Heidenrich by employing the best tutors the kingdom had to offer hoping that he will continue the tradition of conquest and authroritative hegemony that he had established.

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    Yes! another update from your Kingdom! These are great. Thanks for sharing!
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    Sindocat wrote: »
    Yes! another update from your Kingdom! These are great. Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you :) Next installment will be the last for the medieval Reichsler, as I would like to start writing about their descendants.
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    Fantastic story. Please continue!

    I love the palace overhaul, so fitting for the changes to come. Great story illustration and technique. Lots of work and talent. It shows. Bravo!
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    great pics!!

    this one isn't really my fav screenshot but the only one i found.
    somehow i managed to turn Blood Scholar Vladimir into the spy of the kingdom!

    man i have to reinstall this game, it was a lot of fun! would love if it had a remake.
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    these pictures so amazing!
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    Hi. Not sure if this is the best thread for this but I am going to be starting a game in Sims Medieval. I know pictures is the theme of this thread but I am not sure how to post pictures here. I will try to learn though so that I can do game updates.
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    I played as a blood thirsty palace knight and a kind friendly queen recently:
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