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The Pronteran Builder - Happy 2018! (UPDATED)

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Hey guys, I'm closing my original showcase thread because I can't post links and other stuff in the original post, and I made it when I was in New Member status. In this thread, I'll be organizing all of my favorite builds and rooms. :) There will also be links and other great stuff!

Anyway, I am the very handsome Pronterus, a simmer from the Philippines. I created a builder's profile that can help you know more about me.

Building Since: December 2014
Describe Your Very First Build: It was this simple modern house I made right after I bought the game. It was functional but looked really plain.
Number of Builds: 250+
Main Build Themes: Modern/Asian/Tropical
Favorite Architectural Styles: Minimalist, Brutalist, American Midcentury, Traditional Japanese, Traditional Filipino Colonial
What I look for in builds: Proper landscaping and use of terrain paint, functionality/playability of lot, curb appeal, symmetry, interiors have clutter
What peeves me: If a build has no landscaping or terrain paint, if the garbage can is just placed on the yard without thought, gaudy use of colors, if the whole lot is not fully used, build has no clear architectural style
I am good at building/designing: Small houses/Starter homes/Themed builds/Unusual builds/Gardens and landscaping
I am poor at building/designing: Traditional European cottages/American homes/Tudor homes/Big mansions/Western architecture in general
Room I always design first in a build: Kitchen
Room I always design last: Bedroom
My Favorite Build: I really don't have a single favorite build, but I think that it would be Boeing in Tokyo because it really took a lot of work.
My Least Favorite Build: I have this build called Desert Domicile. It's a blocky-looking house that left a bad impression on me in the end.
What inspires me: Frank Lloyd Wright, architectural/interior design magazines, the houses in my neighborhood, other builders whom I think have great buildings

I also write a story called Undead With Benefits. I hope you read it because it's funny. :)

My Favorite Builds From 2015:

Sims 4 Expansion/Game/Stuff Packs Owned: Get to Work, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Perfect Patio, Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden, and Spooky Stuff

My Sims Gazette Interview:
Page 1
Page 2

Awards Received:

Steskens' Interior Design Challenge 1 - Artisan's Loft

Steskens' Interior Design Challenge 2 - Himawari Estate





YouTube Features:

Pixia Gaame Let's Play
Life is a Beach Review
Gaming with Ria
Anfideya's Design Challenge 8
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