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The Highlander Crest: A legacy-ish game play challenge


Your sim lives through 10 generations.

This should work for Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims 4   B)

This is simple. Your founder sim has been blessed....or cursed...with his/her family's secret. Once every 100 generations a sim is destined to live for 10 generations.

On the sim's young adult birthday, he/she mysteriously receives an antique vial, along with a sealed note. This note states that your sim has been born under the "Highlander Crest" and that destiny has chosen him/her to live through the next 10 family generations.

A single drop of liquid from the antique vial must be added to a drink and consumed the day before the day of his/her birth.  

Option One:

Begin a save with a young adult single sim...male or female. Normal lifespan.

Move that sim into a house or empty lot he/she can afford.

Option Two:

You may begin with a child/teen in a current save as long as no money or needs cheats have been used since the beginning of the save. On the teen's young adult birthday the "Highlander Crest" begins. Normal lifespan.

*Live life as normal. Work. Marry. Conceive children or adopt. Your "Highlander" Sim living through 10 generations is the goal of this challenge. Have your "Highlander" produce at least one child. If your "Highlander" has more than one offspring you can choose which ever child you want as heir. This child will then have the next generation and then so on. The Highlander must stay in the household the entire challenge.

The Highlander can continue to marry and produce offspring throughout the challenge.

*On the day before your sims adult birthday drink a youth potion. Use any object to mark the consumption of the potion and place it somewhere on your lot (this will be your reminder).

*Youth potion points may be earned by anyone in the current household and the drink purchased and transferred to the inventory of the "Highlander". You may switch between aspirations at anytime to earn as many points as possible.

*If you miss drinking the potion before the adult birthday:

1.You must move your household to an empty lot (when moving tick the button to sell furniture).

2.Sell all of your personal inventory items for each household member.

3.Then use money cheats to reduce the household funds to zero simoleons.  This is the penalty for forgetting to drink your concoction.

Cheat codes:
“Money ###”–Set’s funds to exact number
“Sims.modify_funds +/-###” –Adds or subtracts value from current funds

*Continue to rebuild your family's life.

*If you miss drinking the concoction before your elder birthday, repeat the previous penalty.

*If your "Highlander" dies for any reason the challenge is over and your sim is branded "Hopeless Highlander". The family's legacy will be shamed for eternity.

You may:

Have a spouse: You must marry before moving them into the household.

Move members of the household out or keep them. Only 8 household members are allowed at one time. To be clear, you may not move out your founder.

Move to a different lot (without enforcing the above penalty).

You may not:

Use any Money or Needs Cheats

Have Roommates. Only family members are allowed, who of course are sworn to secrecy about the "Highlander Crest".

Use any Mods that would give your Highlander an advantage.

Now for the points:

There are none. I do not like point keeping.

If you make a founder or story please share. Use the hashtag #thehighlandercrestchallenge

Inspired by the Highlander Franchise
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