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Queen Hatshepsut's Temple crashes?

EllieOopEllieOop Posts: 1 New Member
Hi, I have a recurring problem with a completing the Queen Hatshepsut questline in Egypt which sends you to the temple. Every time I enter the lot, the game will crash to desktop within just a minute or two of playing. I have not had similar problems with other lots or worlds, even large-scale tombs with elaborate decorations and so on. What might be causing this, and what could I do about it?


  • KatAnubisKatAnubis Posts: 2,994 Member
    It could be that this tomb is still more memory intensive than other tombs you've played. It often helps to make sure that all possible programs other than TS3 itself are not only not running, but are not active processes when you are playing the game. Go into your Task Manager and "end process" on anything that is not a system related process. Things like Origin, browsers, photoshop-like programs and the like use memory even when they are not in use. But don't end things that are system processes like taskhost.exe even though they are memory hogs too. If you have further technical questions, you might want to ask the folks in technical discussion. They would be able to give you more specific information about your computer system that might help (since, even though this happens in a WA related tomb, it's probably more of a technical issue than a WA issue.)
  • PrebegPrebeg Posts: 2 New Member
    I have the exact same problem. I have played this game countless times before and never encountered it happening before, but now with my latest game, it's happening. I can't even click on the temple, from the ground view or even from the map view, without the game crashing instantaneously, right in the middle of the quest. I've tried going back to earlier saves, deleting my caches, quitting the quest and restarting it, removing all of my mods - nothing is fixing it. I can do any other quests in Egypt just fine, but any time I even try to click on the temple, it crashes. It has nothing to do with my memory or running other processes on my computer. I'm very frustrated, because it's the last quest I need to complete in Egypt, and I've never seen this happen before ever in any of my other games. I wish someone would offer some explanation or fix, instead of just chalking it up to slow performance of my computer, when it's very obviously some kind of bug.
  • MoinesseMoinesse Posts: 143 Member

    I have the problem also, but mine is not limited to just tombs, its buried rabbitholes, and most basements, but only if I try to send my active sims into them. The townies don't have a problem. Its a bug with programing similar to the moo bug. I have that bug. As soon as I use the cheat the computer slow to a crawl, the mouse arrow will jump around like crazy, and the game will sometimes crash.
    I checked my search exe, in windows and its huge and keeps climbing, which make the game crash. Its almost like a memory leak, or programing error trying to find the information it need to continue. I have no solution. And can't find any information on it. Some people don't have these problems at all. Good luck with your search. If you find a solution, please post here.

    BTW from home city, I went to the edit for Egypt and reset the tombs by picking them up and setting them back down in same place. I got through 2 of them before it bombed out again. Then gave up. To much trouble to do that for each visit.
  • PrebegPrebeg Posts: 2 New Member
    Okay, after about 50 restarts, resets, deletions and a whole lot of cursing, I think I FINALLY figured out the problem with the Temple. It seems that the mighty Queen Hatshepsut doesn't like snow. I turned off all the seasons except summer, waited a couple of days for the snow to go away, and presto, suddenly the tomb was perfectly accessible again. Freaking bugs.
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