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What CAN be done to fix TS4?


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    CommanderleaCommanderlea Posts: 3 New Member
    @zombii3 Something you said completely sparked an idea....

    What if TS5 they made a world where if you were online you lived there with other players and could all interact with each other
    Or even if it’s like how Minecraft does it and you could have your own town/server which you could invite people on to since obviously it’s unlikely one town could support everyone who plays sims
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    Keith94Keith94 Posts: 11 New Member
    This is what your fans want real gradual aging especially with a Tween Life stage and between Young Adult and Adult Life Stages and between Adult and Elder Life Stages. And possible some extra Life Stages After the Elder Life Stage or even break up the Young Adult, Adult, and Elder Life Stages into smaller sub-Life Stages into categories of Early(Early Early, Mid Early, and Late Early), Mid( Early Mid, Mid Mid, and Late Mid), Late(Early Late, Mid Late, Late Late, and for the Elder Life Stage Extreme Late or even add another Life Stage after Elder with the connotations of 100-120+ years biologically/chronologically with Early Extreme, Mid Extreme, and Late Extreme.) Because people just don't jump from 30s-40s to they work their way up to their Early Elderly years, Middle Elderly years, Late Elderly years, and maybe even beyond.
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    Keith94Keith94 Posts: 11 New Member
    Don't say that it isn't possible because if you do your research with Mods for Sims you will find that their are fans who have started doing that sort of thing for Sims 3 through Modding and imagine what you could do with your superior technology/computers to what they had.
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    Keith94Keith94 Posts: 11 New Member
    You could also work on a better detailed gradual facial/body aging process for the hair(As the hair gradually greys and then turns white you could have it gradually shortens and thins until the Sims is either almost bald or is completely bald), and face(Wrinkles and Age spots with new wrinkles and age spots added overtime in adjacent to the increasing depth to the Wrinkles already there and then work your way to Age Warts). What about the gradual aging process of the physical facilities such as the losing of sight, hearing and even the gradual loss of mental facilities(Dementia and/or Alzheimer). Maybe even the gradual loss of the facilities of movement due to arthritis and Osteoporosis. You could even add Nursing homes and at home care in adjacent to the objects necessary for that sort of thing. I like the idea of the Parenting Expansion Pack for Sims 4 but I guess I was thinking of one about the Elder Sims because it would be nice to have the sims live to see more than just their grandchildren what about the great grandchildren, great great grandchildren or even beyond if you add Science Fiction Geriatric Lifestyle Biotech to the Mix.
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    Dellimaccas123Dellimaccas123 Posts: 94 Member
    Babies Babies Babies Babies :)
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    CynnaCynna Posts: 2,369 Member
    edited July 2018
    Now that I've been going through all the Sims in my game in order to create Hot/Cold weather outfits, I've been reminded again of something that frustrates me about the TS4 camera -- it is much too restrictive, especially in CAS.

    In TS3, the camera automatically zooms in on the relevant CAS part. In other words, if the player is choosing shoes, the camera would automatically zoom in on the Sim's feet. If the player wants to choose a bracelet, the camera automatically zooms in on the Sims's wrist. That function made things so much easier.

    Even so, the camera needn't work exactly like TS3. I would also be pleased if it worked like Sims 4 Studio, where the focus is not automatic, however, the player has precise control.

    An improvement like this would be very helpful, especially, since CAS seems to be more of a focal point of the game this time around.

    I would also love if there was more freedom in the Live mode camera. Freedom to move in closer/farther, lower/higher. TAB mode is okay, but it's slow and cumbersome to manipulate. Plus, when leaving TAB mode, the camera bounce is... it's not good.

    I would love it if TS4 got rid of the TAB mode altogether and finally integrated the ability to zoom in close/zoom out far into the regular Live mode camera, without the need to manipulate the camera with clunky keyboard input. For someone who loves taking screenshots, it would be a huge boon.
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    anonymous3kanonymous3k Posts: 23 Member
    ⦁ Ability to watch tv while in bed
    ⦁ more traits
    ⦁ more aspirations
    ⦁ eat and drink while watching tv
    ⦁ more jobs
    ⦁ screen shot options when uploading Lots (buildings)
    ⦁ Make restaurant reservations (DINE OUT free update)
    ⦁ Zodiac signs
    ⦁ Apply for college
    ⦁ Sectional couches
    ⦁ additional wall colors , and more flooring
    ⦁ portable laptops
    ⦁ more appliances
    ⦁ Auto roof (terrible at roofing)
    ⦁ more hairstyles (all ages and all genders)
    ⦁ more makeup
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    MoonSniperMoonSniper Posts: 1 New Member
    Not going to lie but it would be nice if you brang back terrain tools and allowed seperate foundations as it has become the bane of building without them. Thanks
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    KHarrisonJ29KHarrisonJ29 Posts: 8 New Member
    Got sooo bored with Sims 4, I started playing my Sims 3 again. I love them both, but I don't like the graphics in Sims 3, but it has cars and college,the 2 things I love about that game. Please let's get it together Sims you're losing me here.
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    Dogperson101Dogperson101 Posts: 2 New Member
    I think, as a Black person that we need more realistic Black people hairstyles.
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    Bellamy_PlaysBellamy_Plays Posts: 22 Member
    I think that they should add lots where you can click and drag a box over different parts of the lot (I.e. Spa and Shop on the street and then two residential apartments above etc.)
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    simmerLellasimmerLella Posts: 613 Member
    Short Term Relationship meter (the current one is clearly an LTR) that drops fast from mean interactions, so Sims will respond appropriately instead of feeling super happy when/after someone's yelling at the Sim, or worse. (And get an appropriate moodlet, instead of feeling very happy and then playful.)

    Sims 2 has Daily and Lifetime meters, but perhaps Sims 4 needs something even shorter/stronger than daily. (It needs a lot of help.)

    Better fight reactions, especially with children, including not getting happy if your son (called a "friend" in game) beats up ... his father or BROTHER. Yikes, game, yikes! Some Sims getting upset at fights, instead of entertained. Parents, at least, being able to try to break up fights that involve children.


    The top issue just dawned on me and I am once again sick of the game just because Sims can't react to other Sims properly.
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    Iguess66Iguess66 Posts: 115 Member
    An overhaul of their limited engine for starters.. Other than that an option for true story progression. I hate rotational play. I like to see people get jobs on their own, find love, find hate, have kids, ect. I shouldn't need to be at the helm of families I don't play for these events to happen, it's stupid to be blunt.
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    WillKDavidWillKDavid Posts: 136 Member
    We need quicker reaction time for interactions. When I want to talk to someone who is walking, my Sim will run ahead of them, and keep going instead of stopping. Basically running to where the neighborhood ends. It's really annoying.
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    NikolaiBanksNikolaiBanks Posts: 149 Member
    Iguess66 wrote: »
    An overhaul of their limited engine for starters.. Other than that an option for true story progression. I hate rotational play. I like to see people get jobs on their own, find love, find hate, have kids, ect. I shouldn't need to be at the helm of families I don't play for these events to happen, it's stupid to be blunt.

    Honestly they just need to fix it all, having to make the Sims do stuff because they can't do it themselves is tedious and stupid, in Sims 3 they did it all by themselves, had babies, got married, broke up, made enemies and had rivalries and so on, Sims 3 had actual Story Progression, we see none of that in Sims 4, if a family has to have children, we are the ones who have to make them, which takes away the point of how it's supposed to work, Story Progression needs to be returned to the Sims.
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    Adventure4U1Adventure4U1 Posts: 239 Member
    Most important to me.
    1: Story Progression.
    2: Fix pregnant women bladder.
    3: Color Wheel/Colored Sims. (I want to do a Rainbowcy)
    4: Console First Person Option.

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    MissMoonieMissMoonie Posts: 3 New Member
    Can we please add some features to differentiate between teens/young adults/adults?
    I found myself trying to cheat and skip the Teen age because it's just so boring.

    - Pre-teen age???
    - Boarding schools????
    - a height modification?
    - In general more things for kids, please (I mentioned slumber party below).

    - College/University (YES PLS) With a new world! and crazy university activities! aptitude tests! Awesome additional features for sims with degrees! Greek life! Ivy Leagues!

    - Sims 3 Ambitions had great features for sims that were growing up. Slumber party's/Prom/Afterschool Activity/Clothing/Traits, etc. ... Acne, mood swings, rebellion, curfews, teaching them to drive, highschool cliques...

    Also: Farming and Ranching would be *AWESOME*!

    Also: Likes/Dislikes.

    Also: Interactive babysitting/daycares.

    Also: Auto roofs.
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    MissMoonieMissMoonie Posts: 3 New Member
    > @Sigzy05 said:
    > FusionFang7 wrote: »
    > Hey guys, (lurker here), I think it's obvious by now that the community is not entirely happy with the game as it stands now; and those who say they are still could have better feelings about the game.
    > I've read the majority of the "disappointment thread" and the general consensus is that we want TS2 sims in a TS3 world with the improvments TS4 has made like CAS. Obviously a lot of that is no longer possible to implement like Create-A-Style or a fully open world without a complete overhaul of the game engine which we know EA is not willing to make.
    > So here's my question to you all: what changes CAN be made to make TS4 a game you would like to play?
    > (Try to keep your answers restricted to what you think is necessary for a "base game")
    > Let's make a concise list that the Devs can use as a guide for direction in the future.
    > CAS
    > * Body hair category
    > * Way to hide undesired CAS assets
    > * Way to disable CAS assets for random townie generating
    > * Random Trait generator
    > * More trait slots
    > * Turn ons/offs
    > * Favorites and Astrological signs
    > * Way to set relationship as Boy/Girlfirend or fiancee
    > * Piercings
    > * Scroll bar for traits
    > * More variety of natural hair colors
    > * More ethnic hairstyles
    > * Basements
    > * Hip-roofs with overhangs
    > * Smaller Telescopes
    > * Auto-roofs
    > * Vehicles (with animations)
    > * More color option (especially ones that match)
    > * Dishwashers, trash compactors, landline phones
    > * Slides and diving boards for pools
    > * Hot Tubs
    > * Terrain elevation tools
    > * Option to display map in color instead of white as it is now.
    > * Town Editor (especially way to add lots)
    > * Lots bigger than 50x50
    > * Larger neighborhoods (more than 5 lots)
    > * Way to split funds when merging/splitting households
    > * Way to manage townie generation amounts by lifestage
    > * More venue types (grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, clothing stores, hospital, cemetery, arcade)
    > * Option to control culling of townies when limit is reached
    > * Option to pause townie generation
    > * Family Tree
    > * Way to lock doors
    > * Way to paint custom pictures (TS2 style)
    > * Memories
    > * Alert for multiple births (for better naming)
    > * Urns/Graves and ghosts for sims that die off-lot
    > * Service Sims (firefighters/police/burglar/newsie/nanny)
    > * Reactions to events (cheating/death/divorce)
    > * Better tuning for time-consuming multitasking (like eating and talking)
    > * Medical career
    > * Allow babies to be removed from bassinets
    > * Option to change last name after marriage
    > * Option to change babies' clothes
    > * NPC's generated for bartenders, maids, and mailmen. (explicitly shown in townie listing for editing)
    > * Game consoles
    > * Option to enable the display of CC in "my library" by default.
    > OTHER
    > * Fully adjustable lifespans
    > * Toddler lifestage
    > * Pre-teen lifestage
    > * Story Progression
    > * Remove load screens between lots (if possible)
    > * Increase population cap
    > * Increase 20 sim load limit
    > Memories are in the game already.
    > I agree with pretty much everything and I think many of those should actually be implemented in future patches :p

    I agree with all of this omg. I completely forgot about the cool painting feature that TS2 had!
    I've recently purchased TS4 and I'm really surprised with the lack of features that made TS3 so enjoyable. TS4 is lacking *so* many awesome things that TS3 had.
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    JulianTheBadJulianTheBad Posts: 3 New Member
    i would love it if sims that died by lightning could always have the Hypercharged moodlet so they can always bring the lightning!
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    JulianTheBadJulianTheBad Posts: 3 New Member
    Also i think the death by flies in TS2 was pretty hilarious and would love for that to return aswell!
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    RMBLACKRMBLACK Posts: 14 New Member
    I love the new seasons expansion! However, one of the first things I noticed was the addition of the thermostat. I think this is an awesome feature but for people who are having their sims live off grid I was hoping they would have other options i.e the fireplace warms a sim up but what about being able to open windows to let the breeze in to cool the house down. I think elders should also have other walking options like having a cane or walker. This makes sense particularly in the winter to help prevent them falling down. Just makes sense for the elder age anyway.
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    EnderBonnieEnderBonnie Posts: 4 New Member
    I think it would be really interesting and cool if TS4 could go more detailed in a sims family tree history, like showing cousins and great grand parents. Along with a Sim that get married to another sim that already has siblings, will show the siblings of the married sim as brother or sister in law. Same for sims that have parents (mother in law, father in law, etc).

    Example: Your sim John Abson and his brother Peter Abson, live in the Abson household. John then marries Abby Welmore and changings her last name to Abson. She lived with her sister Dakota Welmore in the Welmore household but they both then move to the Abson household. Now Abby Abson and Dakota Welmore will be shown as Peter's sisters in law in the household and family tree. And Dakota Welmore now sees John and Peter Abson as her brothers in law on the family tree and household.

    I don't know how far you can go with relationships for in laws, cousins, grandparents, and such, but I think having this feature would really show how detailed TS4 can be with the family tree.

    * Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to make sure its understandable for thoses who read it *
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    LiinaLiina Posts: 1 New Member
    I would REALLY like round rooms and round walls
    Bigger lots would be nice too
    More stair case options (spiral, ladder, L shaped, maybe even elevators)
    More options to customize items (furniture, wallpaper, floor) like in TS3
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    totallycrayonstotallycrayons Posts: 1 New Member
    It would be so awesome to have a sliding height bar, or even a short, standard, and tall height option for Sims. Another suggestion is instead of two prepositioned mole options, have moles or freckle patches you can place yourself. I also think adding piercings and more tattoos (specifically leg tattoos) would be very fun!

    *apologies if my comment is a duplicate of someone else’s. There were very many to read. :smile:

    Thanks for listening!
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    JulianneALeeJulianneALee Posts: 109 Member
    More reasonable colors for clothing, furniture, etc., please. Too many items are unusable because they only come in raw, clown-colors and annoying color combinations. Also, some clothing that isn't skin tight. Bulky jackets, flowing sleeves, baggy pants that aren't all pockets. Enough with the cropped jeans and structured athletic pants. Maybe some hats that cover the head instead of just perch on top.
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