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Mr. Twigs builds...

Twiggers849Twiggers849 Posts: 100 Member
Greetings Simmers,

So I'm yet to discover the world of TS4 for various reasons, but rather than go on about that I've been playing a lot of The Sims 2 again recently and have decided to start building a few houses. So here in this thread I'm aiming to showcase whatever it may be that I come up with. So let's start the ball rolling with my first build of 2015!

Click the names to go to the download page!

3 Wenly Close
A cosy, somewhat modern family home with 3 Bedrooms (with room for a fourth) and 3 Bathrooms, open living/dining/kitchen areas, a private study, a hobbies/crafting room in the attic, and a private nightclub in the basement!

Let me know what you all think and I'll keep you posted!

Happy Simming,

Mr. Twigs

OriginID: MrTwigs
Come and follow the next chapter of the Twiggers849 legacy!


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,581 Member
    3 Wenly Close is a very nice home! :) It is great that you have a night club in the basement! The light effects look great there! Sims will enjoy dancing there and eating food from the buffet table. Very nice exterior design of the home! The roofing looks great! Nice texture of the exterior of the home. The wraparound porch looks very nice. It looks very nice the type of and how you have placed the windows in the build. Very nice sunflowers garden area. The yellow flowers there look nice and sunny. Very nice master bedroom! The pattern on the bedhead wall looks nice. Nice sofa window sittting area for sims to enjoy resting on the sofa whilst the sunlight comes in. Very nice living room. It looks nice how you have placed the sofas there. Sims will enjoy sitting resting there watching tv and reading a book from the bookcase.The pictures on the wall there are a nice background for tv watching. The patterned floor rug there looks nice. The design of the kitchen is very nice. Nice island l shaped bar stool counter. Very nice light filled dining table area. Sims will enjoy looking outdoors at the views through the windows whilst enjoying eating their meals at the table. The flowers on the table are a nice touch there. The blue colour scheme of one of the bathrooms looks nice. The purple and the blue colour schemes of the other bedrooms is nice.
    It is a very nice home :)
  • jnelsontxjnelsontx Posts: 24 New Member
    I really like this! Thanks very much for posting :smile:
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