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The Sims 5 **Ideas**

I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but now is the perfect time to start sharing ideas for The Sims 5. EA are, hopefully, going to use feedback from this week's release to gauge the potential for future games, and that includes an eventual fifth installment. Never has a Sims game been criticised more heavily than The Sims 4, certainly not by me, so I think 5 could be the game that reunites Simmers young and old (if of course it gets made).

Forgetting expansion features such as weather and pets for a moment, I think that, at the very least, The Sims 5 should include these elements in its base game:

The humour and randomness of The Sims 1
The charm, expression and fun of The Sims 2
The open world and endless customisation of The Sims 3 (improved and optimised)
The emotions, CAS and Build Mode of The Sims 4 (improved and optimised)

Every time I play Sims 2, I'm forever thinking about the features present in 3, and when I'm playing 3 I'm always thinking about the features present in 2. I think it's time to finally bring the best features from each game together to create the most immersive and charming Sims game yet. At this stage, with so much cut out of The Sims 4, I'd be happy to see a merge of everything we already have, though obviously new features would be nice.

Feel free to post your own ideas, and if you spot anything in your games this week that you'd like added/removed in The Sims 5 then feel free to share that too!


  • Stdlr9Stdlr9 Posts: 2,743 Member
    The humour and randomness of The Sims 1
    The charm, expression and fun of The Sims 2
    The open world and endless customisation of The Sims 3 (improved and optimised)

    I agree with these parts!

  • Nik24X7Nik24X7 Posts: 7,865 Member
    Must be a 64-bit executable. All life stages (baby thru elder). And the worlds need to be larger than Sims 4. I haven't figured out yet whether it should be fully open or Sims 4 style. Time will tell on that one.
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  • xBob18xBob18 Posts: 7,896 Member
    Too bad emotions don't work.
  • OceanBlue10OceanBlue10 Posts: 361 Member
    Oh please, let them release Sims 4 first. Sims have to finish at some time. Hopefully they will end with 4. Enough is enough.
  • AtomicusAtomicus Posts: 2,438 Member
    Nice thread Alex! I will share my ideas in a bit, this post will take a long time to write. :smile:
  • RinilexRinilex Posts: 3,048 Member
    I really miss the random phonecalls from TS1.

    "Do you canoe?"
  • AtomicusAtomicus Posts: 2,438 Member
    This is my perfect base game, and how I expected TS4 to be something alike.

    Sims - Include the baby, toddler, child, teen, YA, adult and elder stage. Teens are shorter than adults. Babies are not tied to a crib. The style of the Sims is a mix between 3 and 4, slightly more realistic than 4.

    Worlds - A semi-open world. The world works like TS4, being comprised of different neighbourhoods. However, the neighbourhoods are much larger than TS4. I expect mini TS3-style open worlds, about 15-20 lots. Entering community lots has a short loading screen to generate Sims in them, but entering a different residential lot doesn't.

    Managing Worlds/Families - You can place lots/move them like in TS3, but you are set to how many lots per hood you can have. You have a library like in TS3, including your families and lots, and doesn't require you to enter the library like in TS4.

    Community Lots - Grocery Stores, Clothing Stores and Gyms.

    Rabbit Holes - No rabbit holes. Sims disappear like in TS2 and 4 when going to work, however they don't just evaporate. They have to drive/walk to edge of lot. Kids get school buses and adults get car pools/drive their own cars.

    Objects - Cars (with real animations), strollers, pools, hot tubs, etc.
  • natashifiednatashified Posts: 3,314 Member
    No open worlds, I really don't like them!
  • dmama1314dmama1314 Posts: 261 Member
    I would like story progression back for sure! Or maybe the person who made the better story progression mod for sims 3 can just be hired to write most of their coding???
  • Meg1_B2Meg1_B2 Posts: 519 Member
    Oh please, let them release Sims 4 first. Sims have to finish at some time. Hopefully they will end with 4. Enough is enough.

    I agree with this but I kind of want a Sims 5 so that they can redeem themselves and not make a non-rush base game.

    TS1- I do remember and would like the random calls in 1 like my physic would call and say I'd have a bad day or one time my Sim fell in love with Mortimer and Cass called and said "we know you love Mortimer but we'd love him back" then there was an option to move him back in, I said NO! lol The other funny random things that were in the game like tragic clown, one time a woman ran into my house to pee in her bathing suit then left. Mrs. Crumplebottom

    TS2- Family life, the memories, sneaking out, zits, Happy Bunny, babysitters for baby-child, I can go on and on this was my favorite Sims.

    TS3- The color wheel, different styles, you could work at home with certain careers, the HEIGHT differences.

    I had a while list on the old board but don't know if I can find it anymore.
  • RoorenSamaRoorenSama Posts: 82 Member
    I actually really like the semi-open world of the Sims 4, but I would love to get the customization of the Sims 3. Not using the CASt, of course. I'm sure they could find another method. If these four games could be mashed together in a harmonious way, that would be fantastic sequel!
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  • SadieD123SadieD123 Posts: 1,317 Member
    I never think it's too early for planning. I'm sure the development team has already started thinking about it in the early stages. So why not give them some help into what players ACTUALLY want?

    Babies with limbs, clothes, and hair that can move and can be carried around anywhere.
    Toddlers in base game
    Greater respect for generational players in base game
    Include family tree again
    Greater variety among the life stages
    Gradual height among lifestages (it gets rid of the need to have added life stages)
    Better implementation of an open world
    More versatile and better textured hair
    Open venues
    Return of OPTIONS (I don't want the game to tell me how to play)
    Return of shopping (but the option to not have to go shopping for those who don't want it)
    Better and more streamlined graphics with better textures
    At least basic rain in the base game
    More family friendly environments, not just things for YA's to do (keep all the YA stuff, just add more family things)
    Pools would be nice in base game as well
    At least let players be able to test the system before release in order address the issues and bugs that may be in it

    There's more but I can't think of any. I'll probably edit to add them.

  • Dreamie209Dreamie209 Posts: 3,165 Member
    I like this idea. Let them know what were looking for before they even get started :D . So far I think you hit the nail on the head for most points but i'd also like to say that there's always room for improvement/better options ( just as long as they don't go overboard lol). All life stages goes without saying, and much more options for all of them. Give them a equal amount of emotion in their appropriate age. I could probably go on all day, but I think my post will soon look like a summary (sorry, i'm a big writer lol ). Lastly, I just think they should closely listen to their fans...and yes I know that this is an extremely hard for a dev of this sort of game simply because, we all play for different reasons and we play in different ways. I can honestly imagine how hair-pulling it must be for them actually. But I have hope that for one day they'll find a balance for all fans as they did with the sims 2 but maybe better (you never know lol).
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  • Gawdfather1Gawdfather1 Posts: 601 Member
    edited August 2014
    Gradual aging (Day by Day growth and changes to your sim)
    Childhood emotional development (The environment your sim kids grow up in set which emotions are more prevalent or not available)
    Hair Growth (Beard, Heads of hair grow, or go bald depending on Genetics, ladies, shave their legs)
    Dynamic life expectancy (Pound Vodka and cheeseburgers into your gullet never exercise, you can live up to 35 days!) lol
    The return and upgrading of
    Open Worlds (Expansions add Lots to the existing gameworld ala TS1, also doesn't cause the game to run like crud)
    Story Progression (NRAAS Story progression? Yeah That)
    Empire Building (Able to buy businesses, invest in the Sim Market, Take your Hobby/Business Public)
    Jobs that you actually have to do (Walk a beat as a cop,Mini games to increase your gains in the performance of your job eg. shoot asteroid type things as a astronaut to save Simkind)

    Stuff like that.
  • Sk8rblazeSk8rblaze Posts: 7,349 Member
    I think what you're looking for can be added in TS4. Really, the only major thing that TS4 cannot add is CASt/Color wheel in-game and open world.

    However, we are not even past the day of release, and modders have already created external programs to allow us to easily add our own designs and colors to TS4 clothing, even easier than CASt. As for open world, it's honestly arguable whether or not an open world belongs in The Sims. Some people prefer it, some people prefer lot based gameplay. I think TS4 did choose the best route to go, having implemented a mix of the two. If TS5 comes out, I'd like to see it done like TS4 but improved to require less loading screens and bigger areas maybe.

    What will make or break The Sims 4 will be the expansions. If they add the features that we request, such as pools and toddlers, while adding a plethora of other features and features done RIGHT, implemented with much needed DETAIL, the game will end up fantastic. I hope EA realizes this, and they won't screw it up by halfassing expansion content and shoving store content down our throats. I honestly feel, once TS4 starts pumping out patches and expansions, it can definitely beat TS2 from its throne at being arguably the best Sims game.
  • arpster25arpster25 Posts: 12 New Member
    For TS5 I would like to see open world, without the problems of TS3. Being told by support to go to a third party to download a mod to fix the issue is not my idea of support. I loved the open for business for TS2 and would like to see that back and improved. The world of TS4 is to small would like it to be better. Also some things take to long to get done so I end up doing nothing in the game, for example TS4 jobs take to long and some interaction seem to never stop. TS4 was not able to start a new game without making a character or family to start with. Some times I just want to play one of the ready made families that are already in the world. The Sims Stories was a good at the story telling if they can bring that into TS5 that would be great. I would like the chat that TS3 came out with to be in the base game of TS5.

    And the one thing I was hoping for TS4 but now wishing for in TS5, multi-player mode so I can play the same world with my friends and no not the TSO version either that got boring fast.
  • simsfans143simsfans143 Posts: 3 New Member
    Graphics can be improved like we have in GTA
  • DeDe2196DeDe2196 Posts: 1 New Member
    I think for sims 5 there should be a farm living expansion pack. Be able to have different farm animals and/or crop fields.
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