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Did someone call for some fixes?

EA_CadeEA_Cade Posts: 6,754 EA Community Manager
Update 1/16/2024
PC: / Mac:
Console: 1.86

Sul Sul Simmers!

The time has finally come to unveil our long-awaited Community Voted Kits! We can’t wait to see the many stories you’ll tell with them! In fact, we were so excited that we added some additional Legacy Bug Fixes for good measure!
    The Sims Team

Bug Fixes
Base Game
    The Base Game’s loading screen tip about making cupcakes has been updated to reflect our recently Freed Cupcakes! We all know how eager the Landgraabs are for a bit of dough, but after a productive conference with The Landgraab Power Company, we are pleased to share that power will no longer be shut off early if a bill is not paid within the first 48 hours. Artists and Authors fear not! Masterpiece Paintings and Best-Selling Books will no longer change to “Excellent Quality” after saving and reloading. Phew! To prevent confusion, we’ve updated some error text to mention EA app instead of Origin if you are playing
The Sims 4 through the EA app.

    We’ve fixed an issue where Sims could not gift honey to wild animals. Now, you may gift out honey to your heart’s content! Your Sims will no longer get Canning-related sentiments when Father Winter gives them a gift unrelated to canning. Don’t worry; you’ll always be jamtastic!

Island Living
    Body scars will now appear on your Sims' Mermaid Forms.

Discover University
    Juice Pong and Keg activities now count as Pub Games during Club Activities. The 'Start Fizzing' interaction will now be correctly displayed at the Fizzing Station.

Eco Lifestyle
    Sims will no longer have difficulty putting Dye Objects discovered from the dumpster into their inventory.

For Rent
    The Main Menu screenshots for this pack have been updated to the proper resolution.

Poolside Splash
    Our stunning Poolside Nails no longer leave a texture artifact on the open button-up shirt that comes with this Kit.
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