December 2nd- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!

September 30th - Friday Highlights

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Sul sul, and welcome one more week to the Friday Highlights! :smiley: what have your Sims been up to this week?

With no more rambling from me, let's go over the threads that made it to my list this week!

'Lizabeth Muddled', by @Rflong7 , shared here.

🔸The first question of the week is related to creating our Sims. Lets be honest, its always easier to just pick a random Sim and get into action, than spending hours trying to create the perfect one, but even so, I have never chosen a random Sim. It just feels they need my special touch before coming to 'life', haha . So today @LegoGirl is asking us: "Do you create or go premades?". Let us hear about your play styles! 😍

🔹To spice things up a bit, I'm going to ask you guys to check this poll started by @Bren91: 'Smartest Sim Poll'. Here, you must opine about which The Sims game (including them all), has the most intelligent Sims? It's been interesting reading the comments so far. 😊

🔸Continuing with in-game questions, @KikiSparks1209 is wondering about our 'Ideal life stages'. I may... or may not... almost completely ignore some of them 😂 *hides*. Share what you do with us!

🔹Eager to find a beach themed building for my Sims this week, I looked around the Lots section, and found the most marvellous 'Seaside Yurt', a tiny beach house in an island surrounded by nature. Perfect for two merfolk, that's a stunning creation by @SimTresa and you guys must check it out in 'Blueprint Builds'.🌴 🏝

🔸Last but not least... let's talk about flirting with a rival! In The Sims 4 General Discussion section, @BethSims4 wants to make their Sim to pursue a romantic interaction with an enemy with benefits -that sounds impossible! 🤨-, so they are asking for help in: 'How to make romantic interactions work with enemies with benefits?'. Any tips? Leave your comment in there, or check out the discussion to discover new methods!

And with that, I'm ready for your comments, make use of that blue button below 🔽! Pretty please? 🤭

Happy Simming,
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