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How to Decorate/remove Decorations on Neighborhood maps?

o0Sazie0oo0Sazie0o Posts: 27 Member
I've been searching how to do this but never found a answer yet. How do you remove decorations? Is it possible to fix mistakes without reinstalling? And no I'm not talking about deleting, I mean like remove off a map. Just in case you are wondering about that.


  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,159 Member
    I'm trying to understand the question... My first thought is that I'd suggest this:
    1. Open neighborhood decoration mode.
    2. Pick up a decoration you want to remove.
    3. Press delete key.

    If I see the words neighborhood decoration, I'll imagine these are trees, effects, rocks, etc (water towers, crashed UFO's), everything that's not on any lot.
    I really don't get the difference between removing and deleting here...
  • o0Sazie0oo0Sazie0o Posts: 27 Member
    edited September 26
    Oh um well when I meant not deleting something, I meant like not thrown in the trash can icon at the bottom. Sorry for the confusion. :(

    Thank you though, your suggestion helped a lot! :)
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  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 4,159 Member
    Ah, I see. Custom content can be deleted with that trash can icon. Thanks for explaining.

    So yes, delete key. That's also a quick way to sell objects in buy mode.

    Glad I could help!
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