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Imagine the sims are coming out with a massive update

ElisdreamElisdream Posts: 295 Member
edited September 2022 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
What are all those random basic things you would add to the base game?

For me? A hot chocolate machine.
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  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,893 Member
    Dragons, it's about time we got our fire-breathing friends.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,672 Member
    Ooh, a hot chocolate machine would be great. It’d be nice for children to have something warm to drink on a cold day (or whenever they wanted really).

    A toy oven would be nice. Kids could bake a variety of different things, like muffins or cupcakes or cookies.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 8,104 Member
    Randomized townies toggles and npc management :sweat_smile:

    all I be wanting
    alongside improvements to all occult,
    bug fixes

    and yes i second the dragons
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 4,989 Member
    edited August 2022
    Random basic thing: A soccer net for two teams of up to 8 players

    The full thing:
    - A way to group worlds to tell the game how far they are from each other and what climate they have. There was a thread about this sometime ago, basically sims, both played and unplayed, can only travel freely between worlds in the same group, everything else requires transportation. This comes with a plane and train update - click on the plane/train and choose between "fast travel" (everything works like it used to do, but costs 200 simoleons now) and "immersive travel" - sims enter a plane/train lot with special shop. If players do not define groups, all worlds are in the same group by default.

    - Neighborhood story phonecalls can get toggled off in the game options

    - The fears toggle will be fixed and it will not just hide the wants/fears for the current household, but completely remove them from the game

    - Several phonecalls and spawners that can now target played sims will only be allowed to target unplayed sims from now on (Case in point: Yesterday the game chose my played sim as competitor in a cow contest, despite that sim not owning a cow.)

    - Werewolves can get forced into human form in Moonwood Mill same as we can force them in the other worlds

    - TOOL gets integrated into the main game

    - The buymode gets collection folders for better management

    - When the game needs an npc or townie, it is now reuquired to ask. Options: "Use this sim (simpicker opens)", "Randomize a new sim, please" and "Don't generate a sim for this role, yes, I'm aware that might cause a LE"

    - When sims's motives drop red, the game forces interactions on them even though free will is off. That won't happen anymore, from now on free will off means exactly that

    - Sims no longer will choose random actions during loading screens, instead they will start at their spawn point (usually outside the house). The spawnpoint for the police station and Finchwick will get moved closer to the building resepctively stalls

    - Finchwick Vendor Stalls now work in all worlds and also off lot

    - All bodies of water are at least wadeable

    - Several unlockable Batuu interactions work in the main world now

    - The following objects always get loaded with a non-played sim's inventory: Voidcritter cards, lightsabers, wands and brooms others I don't remember on top of my mind
    (that prevents children with leveled cards from being forced to play with a random one and spellcasters using wands other than the ones they own)

    - An object will get added that lets teams of up to eight players play against another team. That could be a soccer goal or volleyball net, I'd perhaps let the players vote on what they want

    - The club system is now basegame. This might hurt longtime owners, but from what I understand this is the only way around the non.editable student societies and packs. Get Together owners will receive a voucher for a kit of their choice as compensation.

    - Much more to come!
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  • luciusstormluciusstorm Posts: 1,136 Member
    Fix the bugs, more ability to customize the generation of random townies, especially occults, npc management... Basically, take all the best features of the most popular (rated-T) mods and incorporate them into the base game.
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  • plumboy23plumboy23 Posts: 83 Member
    edited August 2022
    Here's mine.

    Lock your doors! There's a chance a burglar can appear in your lot and steal your possesions! Don't want that? No problem. There's a new lot trait that make your lot safe!

    Bye bye idle chat, from now on Sims will not use that useless idle chat and they will actually use interactions based on their current emotion and traits. Oh, we have adjusted the points you get from a interaction so it will be harder to make friends or date someone, unless you have certain traits.

    You can now click in that sim that has joined your private chatting and delete him from your conversation. You're welcome, couples

    We have fixed all the bugs, lag simulation is gone, 4ever.

    Babies are no longer objects, now sims can grab them from the crib and walk around the house with the baby in their arms, show them to sims and even give them to another sim.

    Now we have garages and cars! And of course, some brand new animations ala Sims 2.

    The end of terrific outfits in your sims' streets is here. Now townies will only use preset outfits and you can add new ones if you want! Yes, we updated all the premades so they have nice Cold/Hot weather outfits. Oh! One more thing. We added a toggle for piercings and hats, so if you want your townies to have them, just press the button!

    *Insert hints for Bands game pack and Hotels game pack*

    Likes and Dislikes have sense now, we updated them for everything we have in the game, a sim that dislikes painting will NOT be performing that hobbie, EVER. Same for Wants and Fears, updated for every pack.

    A proper atracttion system is now a reality, it's based in likes/dislikes (we have added some for physical appareance too),traits and aspirations.

    Did you miss juices? Make them again with the brand new blender!

    These are my major concerns.
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  • Mr_MuffinTopMr_MuffinTop Posts: 131 Member
    Improvement to the Neighborhood stories that works more like MCCC so I can flag sim families as immortal, stop the aging of certain families while still allowing them to have babies and allow me to decide what world each family may appear in.
  • SimSoonSimSoon Posts: 55 Member
    Basic thing: food processor. Love to spend money to make meal prep go faster, y'know?
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 6,636 Member
    The major ones for me are

    They should give us “real babiea”, babies can be picked up and taken different places, can be fed while sitting on a couch, chair or bench. Babies can be taken to other lots with you, can be put in a stroller, baby back pack or front snuggly, babies ( and toddlers ) have a diaper changer which can be used to change a diaper or outfits, babies can be put in/on other objects like a swing, a crib, a sofa, on the floor on a rug, babies and toddlers can be placed in a crib rather than bassinet/toddler bed, babies have rattles and other little objects to play with. Some of the objects included here can come in other packs or kits.

    Children can play games together without objects such as tag, coos and robbers, and London bridge. Children can also play things like marbles jacks. Children and toddlers can carry around a stuffed animal or doll, said animal and dolls can also be put on a dresser, shelf, etc.

    We should get public transportation in the main game, planes, trains, metro, buses etc. and at least one car and home garages. Other cars can come In packs or kits, hopefully working on cars as a hobby and as a mechanic with other car types of lots should come in an expansion pack.

    Someone mention a soccer game or volley ball, I would love a volleyball game with 2-8 player,I have been asking for one for a long time, but I don’t really expect that to come in a basegame update, but would love to see one in a pack.

    Burglars would be great. They could add that as one of those lot traits ( like volcano, simple living, earthquakes, etc.

    I’d love hints for a generations pack, bands pack, horses pack, and hotels, casino’s, arcades, hobbies, and malls. Also a medieval pack, an amusement park pack……. I would like to think the hotel and pier with rides in high school years pack Are hints towards hotels and amusement parks.

  • BlackGirl73BlackGirl73 Posts: 65 Member
    Wishes beside of bug fixes?

    Base game careers are active careers with customize buildings
    More than one job at a time.
    More buyable venues / live in venues; poss. to buy more than one venue
    Lot trait factory with workers
    Lot traits filter per age / gender / occult
    NPC Management
    Customize uniforms
    More than one grade school/highschool and boarding schools
    Summer camp
    Possibility to opt out clothing
    Sims stay in their neighborhood + possibility to make "indoor" sims
    All Neighborhoods are residential
    Rename and copy Neighborhoods
    Burglars incl. a prison
    Firestation incl. cars
    "Real" Hospital not only a emergency room
    Buildable Appartements
    "Real" Bookcases with limited space
    Racks with more slots
    More breakfast meals
    More snacks
    Possibility to create time tables. Like "Working at easel from 9am - 12am"
  • SuceressSuceress Posts: 1,679 Member
    I think bug fixes are a priority. I also want:
    attic tool
    basements that can be partially above ground
    basement windows at either foundation height (for first level) or below with window wells
    cellar doors
    spiral stairs
    rope ladders
    Ladders that don't have a box over the top that can be placed similar to stairs from the outside- so they go to just the edge of the next floor
    Curved pool tool
    More kitchen appliances and items
    More bbq outdoor area items (bbqs with windows, griddles, side grills, searing grills, trash compactors, refreshment center)
    Horses (including horse-drawn carriages/wagons)
    Diggable clams & oysters
    Harvestable seaweed & kelp (not just mermaid kelp)
    Bowden Spacelander bike
    Ceilings that can be designed

    Not to have brain freeze... LOL.
  • Gamer_34567544Gamer_34567544 Posts: 1,300 Member
    Open world concept
    Option to own multiple houses, like vacation homes
    Zero deaths from Murphy beds
    Animals that might attack them
    Toggle for wants and fears that works
    Real skills for children
    Option to completely turn off phone calls
    Make it optional for how much money jobs offer, sick of playing with wealthy Sims all the time
    Absolutely no more visits from the eco master's family, or the entrepreneur's family
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 6,881 Member
    I would really love a yacht shell house and a small functional airplane. And hula dancing skill.
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,948 Member
    I would like a full half wall makeover. Half walls with or without trim, ROOFS SNAPPING to half walls creating an enclosed space, and curved half walls. Also the same colour swatch update to doors and windows added to columns. Oh and basements that can be visible (terrain doesn’t stick to top of basement) rather than foundation and proper basement windows. We do some crazy things to build raised bungalows. Proper adjacent split levels.
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 6,881 Member
    I would like a full half wall makeover. Half walls with or without trim, ROOFS SNAPPING to half walls creating an enclosed space, and curved half walls. Also the same colour swatch update to doors and windows added to columns. Oh and basements that can be visible (terrain doesn’t stick to top of basement) rather than foundation and proper basement windows. We do some crazy things to build raised bungalows. Proper adjacent split levels.

    They could make foundations into a livable space. We could place windows or doors on the part that is above ground, and if we lower the platform level inside, we could turn them into a livable space. Would be good to have all wallpapers function with foundations walls as well.
  • GoddessBylineGoddessByline Posts: 278 Member
    A working game with game packs that once again work as intended. I know, it's a bold wish, but there you have it.
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  • SuceressSuceress Posts: 1,679 Member
    Oh, and I'd love to be able to have split level builds where you can link walls with no foundation to walls with foundation. That way we can have garages. and if we want garages on foundation there should be ramps to get up to the garage. I'd actually like to have ramps added in general.
  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 3,249 Member
    Undo everything they nerfed.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 7,441 Member
    for me it needs to be more washers and dryers retro and modern dishwashers cars kitchen appliances stove cooktops built in oven ect clothes for all ages female sims and male sims furniture wall olors flowers for nice flower beds rose bushe of diffrent colors to name a few
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  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 5,005 Member
    Any massive update at this point should be bug fixes the game is a total mess besides that cars or real babies free of the bassinet.
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  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 3,273 Member
    An over haul of bug fixes would but the wants and fears need to be tweaked for sure.
    ChadSims2 wrote: »
    Any massive update at this point should be bug fixes the game is a total mess besides that cars or real babies free of the bassinet.

    Totally agree
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  • EleriEleri Posts: 366 Member
    Improvement to the Neighborhood stories that works more like MCCC so I can flag sim families as immortal, stop the aging of certain families while still allowing them to have babies.

    We already have this. If you have the baby toggle on in the EA story progression, they will have babies whether or not aging is on. Also we can decide which households age and which don't:

    Suppose you want aging on to be the default but you want to select specific families to not age. In the game play options, having aging turned on for unplayed households. For played households, set aging to active household only. This means that played households other than the one you are currently playing will not age. If you want a household that you've never played with to stop ageing, you load into the household briefly so that it becomes classified as a played household. If you want a household you've previously played with to start aging, just switch them to unplayed in the manage household feature.

    -No, my almost-elderly mother, I don't think it's a good time for you to try for a baby.
    -Yes, person I barely know, you have my blessing to hang out with Johnny Zest.
    -No person with the mean, hot-headed and self-absorbed traits, I don't think you should get married.
  • Gamer_34567544Gamer_34567544 Posts: 1,300 Member
    I'm testing something with the wants and fears, as this worked with fame on my end. If anyone is interested, to turn off fame, I had to enter the spotlight, and then step out. Perhaps turning fears and wants on then off again works? I'll give results here for those who asked for the fears and wants toggle to be fixed.

    Still annoying I have to use that little workaround even for the fame, though. I hope they don't try to add anything else that needs a toggle.

    Also, plz give us traits that make the Sims seem more real? The only two traits that really seem to make any difference at all is the evil and mean traits and I don't want all my Sims to be bad.
  • CarmineCarmine Posts: 75 Member
    What I think I'd like most of all is a big update that goes and adds cross compatibility to everything. Why are there like 3 separate ways to be a social media influencer and none of them overlap at all? Its weird, man.
  • brizgalbrizgal Posts: 121 Member
    Composting workbench area that produces average to excellent fertilizer for plants (depending what you add to composting bin or tumbler) and can produce gas for off-the-grid power.

    Some of the earlier suggestions sound great as well. Love the idea of a hot chocolate machine that could make different drinks (hot chocolate, chili chocolate, white chocolate, mocha...) would be great for kids, teens and those adults who prefer chocolate.
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