What are some of your essentional gameplay mods?

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Hello there! Im new to modding, and Im looking for some mods to enchance my gameplay. But what are some mods that are essentional for your gameplay? Maybe it can help me find something as well, Im looking for mods that adds more drama and randomness to my gameplay. I prefer to play after what happens in the game rather than making those things happen by myself.

Cheers yall!


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    MC Command Center
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    MCCC; Road to Fame: cool-down between song licensing; SNB; SNB-Bills; and a few random custom content stuff. I'm also exploring a mod that allows for more students, that your active Sim can choose. We'll see if my other family in the game will attend high school. I don't mind if I can't control them at that time, but I wanted my up and coming Rock star to meet his forever mate in high school.
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    The biggest ones are MCCC and UI Cheats Extension. I'm not sure I would make MCCC my first mod though as it definitely had a learning curve for me. It has many options to allow you to control your game as to story progression, autonomy, and CAS.

    As for enhancing gameplay, my favorites include Adeepindigo's Education Overhaul which allows virtual education at home, field trips, summer vacations, and private rabbit hole schools. The same modder also has Healthcare Redux which allows Sims to develop illnesses that can be fatal if untreated as well as other milder conditions. The serious stuff is rare enough that it may take you some time in gameplay to encounter it.

    Meaningful Storiesby RoBurky makes the emotional system in game make more sense. Chemistry System by the pancake1and MizoreYukii is an "attraction system" not for romance but for any relationship which makes it easier or more difficult to gain relationships based on traits and personality. I started using it as a simpler system than Wonderful Whims which has some unwanted things for me. Lumpinou's First Impressions is a fun little mod that gives a sentiment based on a Sims first impression when they meet the first time.

    Also check out mods by Bienchen and LittleMsSam. They have tons of mods that add gameplay often in very simple ways. If you are looking for Build and Buy objects that enhance gameplay, check out Ravasheen and Pandasama. If you want new aspirations, events, or careers, check out Ilkavelle and KiaraSims.
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    My mod list has got longer after every recent patch and I consider them all essential.

    BossMod- No Toilet Pranks. (To fix the fact your sim will prank their own toilet if you own Discover University)
    lazurusinashes- No Constant Phone Autonomy. (HSY patch compelled me to use this)
    LittleMsSam- Automatic Thermostat, Movies Be Quiet, No Auto Food Grab After Cooking, Stop Change Phone Colour Obsession
    Maars- No More Blocky TV's & Projectors.
    Zero- All Plan Outfits Cost Money, Jealousy Tweak, No Shy First Kiss, Pay To Travel From Phone, Laundry Day Dry Faster, Automonous Socials, Selective Autochat, Paranormal React To Seances, No Meteor Death
    TheKalino- Farm Animals, Hay Shed, Goose, Goat, Horses (These add more variety to Cottage Living)
    Scrumbumbo- Unlisted Phone Numbers
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    Right now, I'm playing with only one mod: Zerbu's mod to allow Sims to live in Granite Falls and Selvadorada.
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    So many of them! MCC, Healthcare redux, dental and eyecare from same modder, UI cheats, meaningful stories, Insimnia's food mods to add different foods to the game.
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    The past few weeks I've been playing vanilla (except for MCCC, I use the heck out of MCCC) because the HSY patch broke a bunch of things. But that said...

    I mostly play with occult sims, so my favorite mods are occult related. I really like mods that create more occult gameplay, Here's some of the most essential when I'm playing a modded save:

    Zero - Vampires can kill, Werewolves can kill, Untamed Magic is Untamed, Vampire Magic, Black Magic
    SpinningPlumbobs - Whitlighters, Fairies vs Witches, Expanded Mermaids
    There's also an occult-hybrids mod. I forget who makes it, but it allows you to shift-click on a sim and change their occult type or use various occult cheats. From the same menu, if you have a hybrid, you can access the UI of either occult type. It's very nice. The vanilla game gave me some vamp/spellcaster hybrids natively without mods (Grace Anasi was their mother for the record) and this mod has been essential for managing them because otherwise the only way to get to their vamp skill tree was by disabling the spellcaster trait with cheats.
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    This has changed a LOT for me since the High School Years pre-patch threw a wrecking ball into the entire social / whims / moods system.

    While a lot of that has sorted itself out, during the 'what is going on in my game' phase I started to discover a lot of mood, whim, and gameplay mods.

    I'm still sorting all that out because they often conflict with each other. But I'd say that now something in that area if vital to my game.

    I'm leaning towards 'Better Sims' but it's a but messy right now - like it works with a better preferences mod and that lets you like / dislike towns, occults, and more - with lists that are often missing things...

    bienchen's mod that prevents body hair; norandomhatsaccessoriesandmakeup, is vital for me now. Because yeah... ;)
    Dwarven women may have beards and body hair, but this ain't Sims Fantasy...

    TOOL is vital to me if for no other reason than it let me add two fishing spots in Tartosa in places where I was baffled by their lack...

    PlantSim Lives by srslySims because why is this not a regular occult? We need a gamepack that revamps them into a permanent occult with features.

    The usual stuff from littlemssims


    A certain NSFW mod or two... But these have gotten weird and full of drama of late.
    - One of these I need is nothing more than a body reshaper to make the shape of a sim look better. It's ancient, abandoned, and every patch I load the game up with a slight bit of dread.

    ShowSimInfo - so glad someone took this one over. For me this is more vital than even MCCC. Just being able to 'know what's going on' in my save... Have the townies all become Aliens... again... did my PlantSims all get reverted to humans because a patch broke their permancy mod... again... is there some hidden trait on that sim over there, or is the game just glitching... etc...
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    This one; https://modthesims.info/d/670172/sims-get-no-fears.html

    and the norandomhatsaccessoriesandmakeup mod by @83bienchen https://bienchen.sems-own-world.de/

    ...are now essential to me and btw thanks to our thriving community of coders, id be lost without you all.

    The only maintenance i do is i use mod manager to pick out the mods that dont work in my game, but im not savvy enough w apps etc and i learned you had to update mods after having downloaded like a whole bunch so i never update them. I take care of conflict when i notice one lol. First time i really had to resolve issues is with the body modifyers, 'sliders' i sorted out and now use just a few that dont conflict but again thanks to the community, whatever your level of knowledge you can find help !

    Careers, i got like 2 dozens but i could do without...

    Traits idem they are not essential to my gameplay !

    And the 800 or so articles of CAS stuff is just my own personal taste and style, thats how i got into mods, and after like a month or two i read they needed updating, and i should have downloaded them 10-20 at a time, not 100-200 ! lol id be hard to give it up id have to startover alot of sims but i could do without!

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    > @Rouensims said:
    > Right now, I'm playing with only one mod: Zerbu's mod to allow Sims to live in Granite Falls and Selvadorada.

    Oh man, that sounds like something I need to get. Does it let you set the lots to residential, or do you still need to use the Haunted House trick?
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    Simsonian Library's Archaeology Kit 2
    Amazing mod if you are into lore and history type game. I stongly recommend, very polished and fun gameplay.

    Zer0's Vampires Can Kill Mod

    Zer0's ROM - Vampire Magic
    You can find werewolf "mooncasters" mod here too.
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    I am new to the forums and do not know if this is the right thread, however, I am looking to see if there is a mod that builds friendships when the sim autonomously talks to someone. Not someone I have told them to talk to.
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    Probably MCCC. It's essential, I'm not sure I could play without it.
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    MCCC and roughly 3 dozen from Zer0
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    I love ALL that Ruby Red does! So classy and amazing IMHO!
  • GG1954GG1954 Posts: 13 New Member
    Oh also Felixandre, littledica, & Harrie
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    *takes notes*
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    MCCC is a must, especially with the autonomous mean glitch
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