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Need help with S4 Studio / Blender (want to remove relief)

SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 10,244 Member
In the past I only used S4 Studio for adding swatches or adjusting tags. So, I am totally green with Blender etc.

Now I wanted to make a recolor of one wall plaque (retail business) and created a stand alone object for my use. I set it to be available from catalog, and all is fine. Until I see it in game, and notice the original motif can still be seen as a 3D relief.

In Studio I see there are 3 meshes, Dropshadow 2/4, Phong 106/172 and PhongAlpha 18/36.
I understand I will need Blender to export/open those meshes, but after installing Blender and open those 3 files, I really don't see which one is creating the 3D relief, and how I can adjust it. I assume the effect can be turned off or the 3D mesh can be flattened, but I need some assistance in order to do this. I'm sure it's a quick task for anyone familiar with it, I'm just not seeing what I need to do :)

Here's a picture of the object I'm trying to fix (want to get rid of the shopping basket and stars that can still be seen as a 3D relief.

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  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 1,982 Member
    edited August 5
    That is the bump map (or normal map) causing that overlay effect.

    You don't need blender to open the file up, it's a texture.

    If you go to the warehouse tab, look for the DST files on the left, there should be 6
    • 3 are for the diffuse image (one for your image, one for the Normal Map, one for the Specular Map)
    • 3 are for the glass (one for the glass texture, one for the Normal Map and one is for the Specular Map)
    • Diffuse Map is the "texture" you're replacing
    • Normal map gives objects that are flat a 3D appearance
    • Specular map gives items a shine or matte appearance

    The easiest way to get rid of that overlayed "bump" is to replace that DST image with a blank one.

    (You can download them from S4S, at the top of this link)

    If you click one of the DST files in the Warehouse tab of S4S you will get a preview of it, so you can tell what is what
    • Download the Blank Normal Map
    • Make sure you have the correct DST file highlighted on the left (in this example, it would be the 2nd one)
    • At the bottom right, click the IMPORT BUTTON
    • Find the location you saved the Blank Normal Map on your PC to Import it like you do with textures
    • Save Package

  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 10,244 Member
    Wow and thanks @Chicklet453681 ! This was very helpful, and thanks for taking the time to write all this in detail! I managed to replace those two files needed, and the relief details are gone, yay!

    You just made my day - thanks a lot! :)
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  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 1,982 Member
    Awesome! So glad you fixed it! And no problem at all, I spend a big portion of my RL work days writing instructions (including pics) every week so I'm used to "showing" how to do something. LOL
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