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Why i liked the sims 1 so much, and miss it so much

Dimon6579Dimon6579 Posts: 501 Member
For me, the sims 1 was more than just a game. It helped me socially in life too. Some games can be used for medical applications too, and believe it or not the sims 1 helped me open up socially. You see, in life, i am very introvert and im autistic too. I did not even start talking to people until i was 11 years old. Before this, i never talked to anyone except my family. When i played the sims 1, i learned social queues i copied in real life to "act" like a normal person and conform to the normal person's persona. That is what i called it. You see, when i was born, there was no autistic learning classed back in the 1970's like there is now. I had to self teach myself everything. Sometimes i did this by copying how people acted on tv shows, but most of the time, i copied books, and yes, video games. Thanks to sims 1, i used it as a way to open up social interactions in real life. If you read my other post about preserving video games, this is one reason why i am so passionate about saving the sims 1. It made me more social and talking to others in real life. Now people can use smartphones to do the same thing, and i imagine if a study is done with autisitc people who use smartphones, it would probably show they learn more socially this way. Well, there was no smartphones when sims 1 came out. I suggest you also read my preservation post on here on why the sims 1 should be preserved for cultural and historical digital history.

Plus the game is really a masterpiece. I have yet to play anything i really liked it before. I still remember how my brother made his ex-girlfriend on it and drowned her in the swimming pool to help with his breakup with her. He also used it as a way of coping with real life. This is one reason why i think will wright made this game was to cope with things in his life that bothered him too. He may of never said it in a interview, but to me, that is how the game felt to me. But because EA/MAXIS refuses to release it to a digital preservation society or as a free game on the internet, they are holding a beautiful and historical piece of digital history. This makes me very sad. If you are sympathetic with what i said here, please consider posting on the link below here your opinion about historically and culturally preserving old games, like the sims 1:


Thanks for reading.

NOTE: I wanted to include this link to a article about using video games to treat mental health issues to show even old games can be used to treat disorders too and it has it's application:


Also, ironically, my brother now works in the medical field.
A sims 4 player, but i mostly play on steam. I do not own sims 4 on steam, but thru origin. I play on few occasions sims 4.


  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,008 Member
    Great post! Too long ago to remember the details, but I remember reading at the time how Sims was being used in schools all over the place to aid in various sorts of learning situations. It's the kind of game where players are free to experiment and practice in a safe environment, as your experience shows.
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