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Tiny Living Challenge Idea!!



  • _SilviTheDemon_SilviTheDemon Posts: 3 New Member
    So, what happens when a vampire asks to make you immortal?
    Does that change how the outcome of this challenge is supposed to end?
  • CaisidyCaisidy Posts: 1 New Member
    Sounds fun, although I am having a bit of a problem. My saves keep deleting themselves... I can't finish any challenges. Anybody know whats wrong or what to do???
  • SamTheSimmerSamTheSimmer Posts: 1 New Member
    But are we allowed to be on whatever sized lot we want, and are we allowed to have a retail store/vet clinic and pets?
  • sims4_phansims4_phan Posts: 1 New Member
    I love this I'm playing as you read this but I just wanted to ask when they have children I'd like to move the bathroom out side but for privacy can I put it in a room that is detached from the house or will I need to move something else? Thanks!
  • SnookatSnookat Posts: 17 Member
    Hi! I have been looking for a fun challenge to get back into playing Sims 4 again. I kept coming back to this one but.......

    If you have The Seasons Expansion this Challenge is a bit too challenging for me ;) so what I decided to do was make my house 6x6 and you can make one outbuilding 6x6, in all glass, and use this as your outdoor area.

    Here are the rules I will be going by.

    CAS Rules:

    1. Traits don't matter but I recommend something to help you along because...

    2. You can't have a Career, but you must make money somehow. So, maybe Creative traits to help along a Painter or a Musician.

    3. You can make yourself a husband/wife or you try to find one.

    4. Cannot make children right off the bat.

    House Building Rules:

    1. Your house cannot be bigger than a 6x6. It can be smaller if you want to give yourself an extra challenge, but it can not be bigger than a 6x6.

    2. You must buy at least one thing from every option, like a fridge from the Kitchen or a bed from the Bedroom. The exception is the Kids option. For example, if you Sort by Room, you have to buy something from each room.

    3. The bed must be a big bed. This takes up some room, so be careful. But, no single beds for your first Sim. Plus, when he/she takes a husband or wife, they need to sleep in the same bed. Also, the bed must be accessible from both sides.

    4. NO 2ND STORY! Only one story houses.

    5. No porches. That'll add extra space, so NO!

    6. Decorate any way you want for your starter home.

    7. You can have a pool.

    8. NO EXPANSIONS! It must ALWAYS be a 6x6 house or smaller.

    9. Hobbies can be kept outside the house, like easel and violins, because they take up the room and for a couple who has multiple hobbies to make money, it's hard to keep it all in the house. If you have The Seasons Expansion you can make ONE outbuilding in all glass and use this as your outdoor area.


    11. I recommend one kid in each generation. My sister is trying it too and she got twins and she says it's so hard because she has to deal with two babies and a wife and husband in the same 5x5. But, if you want to, go ahead.

    12. Once you have a child, you can move something out of the house to make room for their bed. For example, when you begin, you should have a dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and some office stuff. When a kid comes along, you can move the kitchen outside and have an outside kitchen or you can move the dining room outside and eat outside all the time. Your choice, but this should make some space. If you have The Seasons Expansion you can make one outbuilding 6x6 in all glass and use this as your outdoor area.

    13. Once kids become young adults, you can make them their OWN 6x6 on the SAME lot. They can't be connected but must be on the same lot. For example, your 1st generation will have their own 6x6 and their kid and his/her spouse will have their own 6x6.

    14. You must raise at least 3 generations on the SAME lot (raising consisting of Baby to Young Adult). Space will be tight so good luck. (Meaning, by the 3rd generation, you should have at least 3 5x5 baby houses.)

    15. The challenge is over when the 3rd generation kid gets married OR becomes an adult!
  • SnookatSnookat Posts: 17 Member
    I started this challenge tonight on live stream and my Sim's kept glitching......... but it was a lot of fun so going to make some new sims on a new plot of land and hope for the best. there is a lot of running outside loll

    I can not wait to play some more!
  • missdeefyingmissdeefying Posts: 3 New Member
    I've been playing this one for a few days now.

    I decided to do the version where you do Big Happy Family, and it is fun but hard! My heir has just grown up and gotten his own house, but his two sisters are still playing musical beds.

    I've got Seasons, and it certainly makes things quite challenging. I have a covered area with a sunroof to keep the rain and snow off the electronics, and another sunroof for my garden. I figured that just using columns and spandrels to support the roof, but not placing walls or fences probably counted as complying with the rules of the challenge.

    Much to my distress, something - maybe the new terrain tools? - has broken the "make your own bunk bed" cheat you used to be able to do by elevating a bed with moveobjects. I cannot for the life of me get it to work. So they're playing hot potato with the beds.
  • Sim_Of_SunshineSim_Of_Sunshine Posts: 1 New Member
    Are we aloud to have pets?
  • grumpycat05grumpycat05 Posts: 2 New Member
    This challenge sounds great! I cant wait to try it out. It is not like most challenges so it will make an interesting challenge!!
  • iamduniamdun Posts: 514 Member
    edited April 2019
    I completed this challenge a while back and posted the photos on tumblr. Let me know what you think!
  • Social_EngineerSocial_Engineer Posts: 7 New Member
    Is this possible without the move objects cheat? xd
  • MrsD0707MrsD0707 Posts: 15 Member
    Starting this one! Love it!
  • Ilovebruno80Ilovebruno80 Posts: 1 New Member
    Could you mix the tiny living challenge with the 100 baby challenge? I dont know if i want to try that. Also when i first build my house can i move the dining table outside because my sim was pregnant just after that.??
  • NightCreeper4NightCreeper4 Posts: 2 New Member
    So fun! This is really cool and I started with two sims that were automatically married. My female just had her baby... where will I put the crib?
  • NightCreeper4NightCreeper4 Posts: 2 New Member
    Also when the child grows up, can they use their parents' room? Like can they cook with the oven?
  • Stayc615Stayc615 Posts: 7 New Member
    Well this sounds like fun. I just started a rags to riches challenge with my sims so this could be next :)
  • chillyzgrrlchillyzgrrl Posts: 336 Member
    Cool to see this thread re-opened. I did this one back when the game was new. It's fitting, though with this new EP. Might have to revisit it.
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