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Tiny Living Challenge Idea!!


  • CayleeSimmerCayleeSimmer Posts: 8 New Member
    For Get to Work, can our Sims have their own retail store? It doesn't make much of a difference with your Sims money because it costs money to stock and restock items in your store.
  • Basic_NoodleBasic_Noodle Posts: 2 New Member
    This is such a fun challenge! I'm going to immediately age my child up but make them get an A in school before moving on to a teen like in the 100 baby challenge
  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member
    I recently restarted this challenge on my laptop, and my founder sim, Laurel Haines (my profile pic), just reached level 10 gardening! That completed her gardening aspiration, so now she's working to further her painting skills. Her husband is Houston Emmons, and he plays guitar and occasionally crafts furniture. He just licensed his first song and finished his second. When he gets the chance, he also goes fishing. They have a daughter named Maribel who is currently a child with an A in school. (I might just age her up to a teen so she can start helping with the garden -- it's huge!) I didn't really take into consideration the additional 5x5's for the next generations when I chose the smallest lot available, so I'll most likely wait for Laurel & Houston to die for Maribel to start her family.
  • HeyBailsHeyBails Posts: 672 Member
    Laurel and Houston both became adults! Laurel recently reached level 10 in painting, and Houston reached level 10 in Guitar. He has written 5 songs and occasionally mentors other sims. Maribel's birthday rolled around and she became a teen! She has the writer's aspiration and has reached level 2 of the gardening & writing skills.
  • SimslikeeeSimslikeee Posts: 188 Member
    Super bored with the game recently. I came across this thread and thought it sounded fun!

    My sim's name is Mila Saunders. She's kind of a hippy. She very environmentally friendly and tried to be as self sufficient as possible. She loves to garden and grow her own food. She doesn't believe in needing a big house. She's a vegan, a feminist and very politically correct lol.


    Her cabin so far. I got the idea for the layout off another picture I've seen on this thread.





    Bring back realistic babies and toddlers!
    Check out my blog for my simming adventures!
  • SimslikeeeSimslikeee Posts: 188 Member
    I made a few changes to my cabin. I made a nice little corner for her to read, and moved the TV so she can watch it from there as well. I'm really loving my cute little cabin!



    Bring back realistic babies and toddlers!
    Check out my blog for my simming adventures!
  • SueBearSueBear Posts: 5 New Member
    I'm gonna try this but since I learned I can make money off streaming, I'm gonna try living off of that :3
  • JaylfJaylf Posts: 285 Member
    Decided to try this challenge. I did add front porches, but I am not using it for a kitchen or eating area, just toy box and kids drawing table, which can be outdoors. My family is the Armond family.

    First Generation 5x5 Family
    Khadesha (mom), Michael (dad) and Taisha (teen) Armond

    First Generation House

    Side of lot
    Second Generation house built for Taisha and her family when she becomes a young adult. Currently locked.

    Side view of lot with outdoor space

    Overhead of both interiors
  • FizzstixFizzstix Posts: 990 Member
    Jaylf wrote: »
    Decided to try this challenge. I did add front porches, but I am not using it for a kitchen or eating area, just toy box and kids drawing table, which can be outdoors. My family is the Armond family.

    Pictures look awesome! Good luck!
  • Samotter209Samotter209 Posts: 1 New Member
    REALLY LIKE THIS! My sims became painters(not the job) and for Christmas I have asked for GTW so I will make their own art Gallery. However I thought that when you get kids you should be aloud to extend it one row or column more so it would become 6x5 and then 6x6???? comment if u agree
  • Natalie116Natalie116 Posts: 3 New Member
    This is a very intriguing challenge. I love the tiny builds, so I think I'll give it a try.
  • BooV7227BooV7227 Posts: 282 Member
    edited April 2017
    I'd like to try this challenge and have a question.

    Does the house have to be a square?

    As long as it meets the 25-tiles-indoors requirement, would it be okay if it were a rectangle, or a hexagon (or some other goofy polygon)?
  • QueenSinQueenSin Posts: 6 New Member
    i love this challenge and have recently gotten back my computer so i'm gonna do it XD
  • iamduniamdun Posts: 514 Member
    Been thinking about this challenge for a couple of weeks. I created my founding sims but I haven't chosen a lot or built the first 5x5. I can't sleep so I might work on that now. :D I usually post on my Tumblr but I may post some photos here.
  • allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    Hi everyone! Started this challenge a few weeks ago as a comedy piece, "Yamamoto Tiny Living Challenge". Please check it out!
  • allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    Hi everyone! House 01 is having a baby, but it's a little more than they bargained for! I won't flood the thread with updates on my play-through, as it updates weekly. Here's the chapter index instead.

    This challenge is a ton of fun...and super difficult with...*cough* 4 kids *cough*. If you're thinking about playing it, give it a try!!
  • DerplicornDerplicorn Posts: 55 Member
    does the outdoor category count as one of the room categories for the inside of the house? I was confused by that
  • allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    @auddygirl4100 I didn't count it that way, but I didn't really purchase anything from there.
  • PurplishSimEaterPurplishSimEater Posts: 563 Member
    I'm doing this as a for-fun non-blogged challenge. My couple, Shantel and Chance, are married with a toddler.

    Chance is level 4 of the Angling Ace aspiration but isn't making much progress since I haven't left the neighboorhood. After he completes that aspiration he'll be moving onto Freelance Botanist. His traits are Genius, Loner, and Loves the Outdoors, plus the Speed Cleaner and Independent reward store traits.

    Shantel is level 3 (I think) of Painter Extraordinaire and is the primary parent for her daughter, since she doesn't leave the lot. Her traits are Art Lover, Creative, and Perfectionist. She also has the Creative Visionary reward trait to try and speed along the "excellent paintings" requirement.

    Their daughter, Kennedi, is on track to get one of the Toddler Reward traits for high skills. At her next birthday, she'll receive the Loves the Outdoors trait and Artistic Prodigy aspiration. No word yet on what she'll do for moneymaking.
    Works in Progress: Fitzgerald Family Fables
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  • shawiekillshawiekill Posts: 1 New Member
    I absolutely love the idea of this challenge. I've been viewing everyone's posts and I must say I am absolutely inspired. I'm installing The Sims 4 right now and can't wait to dive in. :)
  • allysimbuildsallysimbuilds Posts: 422 Member
    Unfortunately I'm here to report I've got 6 sims in my first house due to a series of unfortunate events. Can it be done? Barely, but I'll chug along. As you can imagine, everything that isn't a bed is outside. "You've Got to Be Kidding Me."

  • RowinnRowinn Posts: 3 New Member
    I have just recently heard about this challenge. Wow! I can't believe it has been around since 2015. I have been trying to find a challenge that inspires me, to be the backdrop for my very first Sims 4 YouTube series. It has been a major learning experience figuring out how to do this. My main character is Amari Ishikawa and she has purchased two abandoned shops in the Windenburg business district. She is searching for Mr. Right and settling into her new community and her new tiny home. So far I am really enjoying this challenge. If you would like to share the journey with me you can at.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZJj7sko92Y
  • ImmortalTitaniaTiaImmortalTitaniaTia Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi, can I modify your challenge and post it? I will credit you but personally I feel the challenge was too simple so I wish to make it more difficult with more rules and whatnot...
  • _SilviTheDemon_SilviTheDemon Posts: 3 New Member
    This is so much fun!

    I bought the nano trashcan, so I make money for throwing away things.

    Hope thats not cheating


    Comment when i win :3
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,655 Member
    I really like the idea of this!!!!
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