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Whispers Mobile Park Ready To Download

Summerbear5Summerbear5 Posts: 520 Member
edited September 23 in The Sims 2 Creative Corner
Hello Everyone, it's been awhile since I've created or shared anything so today I have for you a trailer park called Whispers Mobile Park. I did use a lot of custom content, however I'm not sure if it all got packaged up. I do apologize. If you see something in the photos let me know in the comments and I can try to track it down if it's still available. I've been collecting custom content for many years now. I use a lot of things from Holy Simoly and things from Modthesims. I know if you use Sims2Pack Clean Installer you will be able to install just the structures with no custom content.

This lot features 5 rent-able mobile homes. There are 4 different varieties to choose from. This lot also features a community park, community green house for your gardening (don't worry the landlord can help maintain your plants), and common area for cookouts. All mobile homes are fully decorated so whenever a townie rents one they are ready to go.
This apartment lot as been lightly play tested with no issues. If you have any problems please comment below so I may fix them.

The mobile homes range from $1,279 - $2,795 according to neighborhood view

Onto the pictures! (Download link under Pictures)

Bird's eye view

Park and Common Area

Mailbox Hut

Community Greenhouse

Mobile Home One
This is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom mobile home perfect for a small family. It even features a small deck on the back.

Mobile Home Two
This is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom mobile home perfect for that single sim. It also features a small deck on the back.

Mobile Home Three
This is a double wide mobile home featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This is the biggest mobile home in the park and perfect for a growing family.

Mobile Home Four and Five
This is another double wide mobile home, however it is split into 2 rent-able units. Both units are the exact same with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Perfect for single sims.

Download link, this is threw my dropbox and I hope I've set it up properly, but if not let me know and I will try to either fix it or find another way to share it.
Whispers Mobile Park


  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 26,938 Member
    edited September 23
    Hey! It works great, but you might want to let others know you have three hacks in there and they should use the Sims2pk clean installer if they don't want those mods and hacks in there. (maybe tell them what those do?) And some custom content, too. Most of us know to use it and decide what to add or not add, but some new players around who have come to TS2 for the first time. :) But the link and download worked perfectly and installing it now!
  • Summerbear5Summerbear5 Posts: 520 Member
    Thank you @Cinebar
    What three hacks are in there? I wasn't aware they were packaged. I'm new to packaging things, I just hit package lot within the game.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 26,938 Member
    Llauro Deep Sleep Single Bed (it's listed as a hack)
    Flatronic Supervision (what's that do?)
    Benno TV Bench on Castros (I have a lot of the Benno furniture so I appreciate this one, lol wasn't aware she also made a TV bench)

    All these are listed as hacks and not mere cc.
  • Summerbear5Summerbear5 Posts: 520 Member
    edited September 23
    I just looked after I posted, I have no idea why those are coming up as hacked objects all three of those were store purchases from The Sims 2 Store.

    The Bed specifically came from the Art Nouveaulicious Set
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 26,938 Member
    I just looked after I posted, I have no idea why those are coming up as hacked objects all three of those were store purchases from The Sims 2 Store.

    Really? Maybe they change the bhavs and the game thinks it's custom content. If under hacks it might not be compatible with the last M&G or something. I know that silly dish washer in K&B was never fixed to allow Sims to stack dirty dishes and carry them to dishwasher. They take one at a time. I had to quit using it.

    Thank you! I love trailer parks in TS2! They are so much fun and you did a great job!!!
  • Summerbear5Summerbear5 Posts: 520 Member
    edited September 23
    After investigating a bit further I think I know a little bit what happened,

    The bed is from Art Nouveaulicious Set
    Both TVs are from Ikea

    The reason why the TVs are appearing as hacked items is because they were glitched (could repair them in-game when they got broken probably an outcome from a later expansion release) and there was a community member who had fixed these to work properly, so I had downloaded the fixed versions

    As for the bed I have no clue rofl
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 26,938 Member
    edited September 23
    With lot installed in gamet the following custom content won't work in my game for the following reaons:

    The Susi large plant is blinking blue because it says it's slaved to the Susi small plant which I don't have in my game. If you want others to have that large plant you might have to add the small plant by her, too. Because the larger won't work without the smaller in game since it's slaved to the smaller. Her site has long since been closed so no harm in adding the smaller plant in download too so others can have them in their game.

    The flat curtains won't work and blinking blue but I don't know why on that one. I need new curtains, lol :'( they may conflict with some other cc curtains I have but I sort of doubt it. Holy Smoley's curtains I think. (Spelled that name wrong)

    There is a small table (end table?) blinking blue also, maybe something in my game inteferes with that one, too. But I'm always looking for custom content since many of these sites who created this stuff have long since closed their sites and moved on or retired from it.

    ETA: B4 I leave today, thank you again! Hope you build an share more stuff for us! This is a great lot and don't worry about the curtains I'll go search for them somewhere if I have to. No worries! Great lot!

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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 479 Member
    I downloaded the Art Nouveau things way back when from the store and discovered they don't play well with various other store sets. All of the Medieval ones and the spooky ones stand out in memory. Since it's either/or, one XP machine has the Art Nouveau, one does not, nor does the Win10 with UC. I'm more into medieval than the '20s.
  • Dawn767Dawn767 Posts: 22 New Member
    I know nothing about hack and never bothered with cc. :( But I might download this anyway. Maybe. Are they still apartments/rentals?
  • Dawn767Dawn767 Posts: 22 New Member
    Just saw were the lot are rentals....oops, shoulda read it first....
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 26,938 Member
    I was able to get the missing content from HolySimoly Archived site for missing curtains, side tables and bed etc. These were slavd to other objects the OP has in their game and if not on the lot then they don't work (flash blue) without the master object also in my game or included in the lot. It's important to read descriptions when placing lots to be uploaded because some objects won't work witout the master the OP had in her files.
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