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Which graphic style do you prefer Sims 3 or 4?

This is NOT meant to turn into a flame war or a fight - I'm genuinely curious as to what people think!

I was just curious as to what iteration you think has the better graphics? Sims 3 or Sims 4? I can never put my finger on it. Sims 4 has a softer tone to it, like, more cartoon style, but it fits the style of the game. The Sims 3 is going for more realism but I don't know, theres a lot of 'unnatural glow' and would anyone agree that it sometiems moves into 'uncanny valley'

Don't get me wrong though I absolutely adore both games (i'm one of those who cannot understand why we can't just have both and live in harmony) but I was really interested to see what you prefer!


  • brackencat31brackencat31 Posts: 249 Member
    I don't know really, I quite like bits of both. Sims 4 I like the bright colours and the way the sims look, but in sims 3 I love the scenery and the water, some worlds like sunlit tides are beautiful in my opinion.
  • RoffeyGleshRoffeyGlesh Posts: 573 Member
    I'm the same, brackencat. I find Isla Paradiso absolutely amazing, I love the water effects in Sims 3. But then theres something very calming about Willow Creek.
  • Kalen615Kalen615 Posts: 62 Member
    I definitely like the Sims 4 style better. To me it seems more cohesive than previous games. I feel like it's easier to make sims look different, they all kind of looked the same to me in TS3. And I definitely agree with you about the uncanny valley - definitely something to steer clear of!
  • taigoesrawrtaigoesrawr Posts: 812 Member
    It's a matter of preference obviously.. as you've said..

    I actually started my uh.. "simming journey" I'll call it~ on TS3 but I've come to realized after awhile that the cartoon style is my cup of tea. I mean don't get me wrong, I totally like TS3 and it's graphics (I'm a dedicated lurker over at the TS3 picture thread) but I just like cartoon over realism! Though sometimes I find myself staring at glammed up TS3 sims and being like "Ohhhhhhhhh...nice." :open_mouth:
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 19,677 Member
    Sims 4 graphics are better but I prefer Sims 3 art style myself. It isn't completely realistic but it suggests it is. It makes reality a little bit better so to speak. Sims 4 is further away from reality and some will prefer that, I don't.

    I don't agree Sims 3 moves into uncanny valley. The definition of uncanny valley is "a hypothesis in the field of aesthetics which holds that when features look and move almost, but not exactly, like natural beings, it causes a response of revulsion among some observers." For me that's for instance the taxi driver in GTA when he looks over his shoulder.


    He gives me the creeps. Like Yul Brynner did in Westworld (a film that handles about robots that get on the loose). I know CC can make sims in 3 (and 2 for that matter) highly realistic and therefore maybe uncanny, but that's a matter of choice. The vanilla game is far from uncanny, it's just not realistic enough for that.

    What I prefer in Sims 3 (and I know it's the opposite for others), is that it looks more 'crispy'. It all seems a bit more mellow and 'sweet' in Sims 4. I can imagine someone prefers that (like people prefer different music styles) but I don't.
  • FaberriesFaberries Posts: 1,148 Member
    Sims 4 all the way imo. I don't like how most of the sims looked in TS3, but I love the cartoony style TS4 has and how the sims look c:
  • HowGreatThouArtHowGreatThouArt Posts: 1,372 Member
    edited February 2016
    I like the style of the Sims themselves in Sims 4 better, but Sims 3 worlds can be so beautiful, especially in the snow. Sims 4 worlds are beautiful too (I like the vibrancy) but there's something about the realism of the Sims 3 worlds that just really works.
  • halimali1980halimali1980 Posts: 8,246 Member
    I love TS4 style a lot. As for TS3 sims I still think that the piggish looks and the pudding faces were really horrible. The worlds in TS3 were nice but the sims were horrible and the randomization was a nightmare.

    The result of using the randomizer is really horrible



    A big problem of TS3 is also the sims in CAS has that shine to them, faces, clothing, eyes and hair but once you put them in the world they get the vampire eyes. I don't like that. TS2 and TS4 do not act the same way.
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  • Emmy_SimsEmmy_Sims Posts: 304 Member
    edited February 2016
    @TheSimer how do you save selfie pictures?

    I like TS4 much better, by the way. Everything looks so vivid and the sims doesn't look like play-doh with dead expressions. But I really liked Sims 3 worlds and object details.
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  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 2,151 Member
    I think they're both good. Both are nice and fit the games they belong to. I find that the games are very different play-wise, so it feels to me like the art style should be very different too.
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  • TheSimerTheSimer Posts: 1,003 Member
    Emmy_Sims wrote: »
    @TheSimer how do you save selfie pictures?

    I like TS4 much better, by the way. Everything looks so vivid and the sims doesn't look like play-doh with dead expressions.

    They save into your screenshot folder since the last patch
  • SkobeeSkobee Posts: 2,864 Member
    I prefer the style of Sims 4, it's just a personal preference since lots of people prefer the style of Sims 3. I just think it looks more.. Sims like, more cartoonish and fun, I also have I a feeling i'm actually looking at sims, not a mmo game.
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  • Yoko2112Yoko2112 Posts: 2,119 Member
    Kalen615 wrote: »
    I definitely like the Sims 4 style better. To me it seems more cohesive than previous games. I feel like it's easier to make sims look different, they all kind of looked the same to me in TS3. And I definitely agree with you about the uncanny valley - definitely something to steer clear of!

    The whole style of TS4 is more cohesive. I think, no joke, one of the developers even said that TS3 had no set art direction, which was why some stuff looked hyper realistic and some didn't.
    I like the fact that everything in TS4 looks more cartoony, yet at the same time it can look a lot like real life. Sometimes even more than TS3 because of shading, detailing in the worlds ( like Granite Falls and Windenburg ), etc.
    Same goes for CAS. While I have my opinion about TS3 CAS ( too uncanny valley and they all look the same ), I gotta say just from the possibilities 4 is better IMO. You can create both cartoony and realistic looking Sims, and TS3 tried to be realistic so much that that wasn't really possible.

    TL; DRFor me, the graphic style of The Sims 4 just fits the franchise better. The Sims is not a super realistic life simulation, but it's also not your typical roleplaying fantasy action adventure - and this style expresses exactly that. Somewhere between real life and fantasy.

  • ChelleJoChelleJo Posts: 6,005 Member
    I do like Sims 4, but I also like Sims 3. I really don't know if I'd "prefer" one to the other. A lot of what I like about sims 4 is that it's more modern.

    Sims 3 is starting to look dated to me. But I still love Sims 3 (but I did require a lot of special CC to love how my sims look) and with Sims 4, the thing that bothered me the most about the art style was Sims hair. But now, I don't care for the realistic looking CC hairs. Some of the styles I still like, but I tend to favor the CC Maxis Match hair now.
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  • SlawfishSlawfish Posts: 431 Member
    I tend to like a cartoony style more than realistic, but I think biggest draw for me is vibrant colours and bloom. If I compare the style in 3 and 4 as base games, than definitely 4. Sims 3 was too dark for my taste, but still looked good in it's own way, would've been great with a bloom effect :smile:
  • sillyangel0906sillyangel0906 Posts: 5,173 Member
    The worlds on TS3 are beautiful, especially the later world like Isla Paradiso and Sunlit Tides but the Sim themselves fall short for me. TS4 is my favorite. The worlds are gorgeous and I love how the Sims look and act in TS4.
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  • bunny-gypsybunny-gypsy Posts: 2,721 Member
    edited February 2016
    It's a preference thing, for sure.

    I love both. I love the realistic settings and detailed Build/Build objects and textures of sims 3, but I also love the sims' looks and CAS and various Build objects in sims 4. :)

    They're different styles, but I enjoy both.
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  • PotterheadSimPotterheadSim Posts: 270 Member
    I prefer TS4, but TS3 has better textures.
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 13,239 Member
    My definite preference is Sims 4. Love the look of the sims and how they move and act. Love the vibrancy of the worlds. Despite being smaller, they feel, and look, much more alive.
  • ijustlikesimsijustlikesims Posts: 83 Member
    I love the Sims 3 style and prefer it over Sims 4, but I love everything else about the sims 4. I love the UI (minus a few layout patterns), I love the objects in game, the structure of them (the difference in TS3 and TS4 coffee makers, for example), and the interactions between the sims. TS4 is a better Sims game, it feels like a natural step up from TS2, but I am not a fan of cartoony, at least not over the cartoon type realism of TS3.
  • nanashi-simsnanashi-sims Posts: 4,065 Member
    Sims: Hands down, with or without CC, TS4. Death to TS3 pudding faces :confounded:

    Worlds: TS3 no questions asked. TS3 has the best worlds of all of the games--mind blowing amazing worlds. TS4 has a horrible world, it's just fake--like the Truman Show. The only world that TS4 could probably beat is TS1 :disappointed:

    I'm totally pro-TS2 and I use CC, so my TS2 game is better in looks and in functional beautiful worlds than both TS3 and TS4.

    TS2 sims are better looking than TS4 sims in-game. I prefer the maxis match, cartoony look, and there are soooo many amazing creators who make gorgeous maxis match sims. TS2 Sims are lovely with CC. Without CC, TS4 wins hands down. TS4 has the best looking sims of the iteration. I hope this doesn't change with TS5.

    TS2 worlds are fully customisable. I'm currently building Sunset Valley in one of my worlds, and I find TS2 is superior in regards to not having any rabbit holes, not having any fake back drops, and being able to actually play out all the things that in TS3 you can only read about. Again, this requires CC, without CC TS2 really shows its age.

    I think TS2 requires a lot more time and obsessing over (last night I passed out in the middle of making a door for a community lot), but I reckon that is the point of video games. So for me TS2 combines the best sims and the best worlds to be the best game. I could see myself obsessing over TS3 in a different way (there is just so much to do in that game) if I got over the hideous pudding faces, but... but... the pudding faces!!! :bawling: TS4 for some reason, despite its amazing looking sims, can't hold my attention for more than a couple hours. I think its boring and fake. That being said, I've recently started watching TS4 machinima, and it's pretty impressive, so I reckon there is definitely the means for exploring one's creativity in that game. Hopefully, the limitations in TS4 (fake backdrops, prozac'd sims) will go away with future development and it will give both TS2 and TS3 a run for their money, because it's a very polished looking game.

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