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My "Retail Store Challenge" Gameplay!

LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 3,255 Member
Hello everyone. I wanted to get back into the swing of writing for my other stories I have out there ( shameless plug for http://legacysims.net ) and so I decided to do a mini story that's not really a story. It's a gameplay in written form.

This is for the Retail Store Challenge that you can find here: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/924554/the-retail-store-challenge-updated. I'm not going to go and post all the rules and what I need to do to complete. Things will be explained throughout the challenge storyline. Feel free to visit that link and take a look at what I need to do fully though.

I love feedback. Please be constructive if you plan on giving any. I am having fun playing this and seeing the shenanigans my Sim goes through. I hope this makes you smile and laugh as much as I did and am still going through this challenge.

Below is a Table of Contents so you can skip all the comments from others and my responses (if you prefer that).

Week 1: Sunday
Week 1: Monday
Week 1: Tuesday
Week 1: Wednesday
Week 1: Thursday
Week 1: Friday
Week 1: Saturday

Week 2: Sunday
Week 2: Monday
Week 2: Tuesday
Week 2: Wednesday
Week 2: Thursday
Week 2: Friday
Week 2: Saturday
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    Week 1: Sunday


    This is Pietro Boselli. He has the traits of Active, Neat, and Outgoing. Just for kicks, I gave him the World-Famous Celebrity Aspiration which gives him the Gregarious trait as well.

    I've put him in Newcrest on Comfy Cubby which is the smallest lot of 20x15. This leaves him with 18,500 simoleons.


    Pietro's retail store is going to be on Sulani. I thought it would be fun to have a retail store with a summer feel to it. I do have Seasons, so I'm not sure how that will play out with it. I've started off in the summer season with rain and thunderstorms enabled. Snow and blizzards is also enabled if we end up going into the winter season.

    There is no 20x15 lot on this world. I bulldozed the smallest size I could find which was Lagoon Look, which is 30x20 and placed Pietro there. The lot cost him 4,000 simoleons which now leaves him at 14,500 simoleons to set up shop. I transfer all the funds from his residential lot to the retail lot.


    Per the rules, Pietro has to live on the retail lot until he fully builds his new home. However, I decided I want him to live here. The rules state he has to make 17,000 simoleons in sales before he can start building his home. Therefore, the second story will remain empty, except for him to sleep, eat, and potty.

    So, what I've done for Pietro is built a second level on top of his store and he will live there. I end up spending all but 33 simoleons building his store and essentials for him to live by. The outside of his store looks really bad. I'll have to find a way to spruce it up a bit before Pietro opens shop tomorrow.


    Behind the store is where Pietro will go to enter his home. He has a tent on his balcony to sleep in, a cooler with food. Free food. And inside is a toilet, sink and shower. As Pietro reaches 17,000 simoleons in sales, the inside will be shown with a before so can see no cheating is involved. I found out how to create leveled stairs to make it like a beach home.


    Inside the store, there were only enough simoleons for Pietro to have a showcase area. The rest looks pretty bland. As simoleons come in, the rules state that those simoleons can be used to continue decorating the store.

    Pietro can only start out selling 8 things. Each Friday that comes along, another sales item can be added until the maximum amount is reached. Since we're on an island and right next to the ocean, Pietro is going to be selling beach type wares.

    The first four items for sale are clothing. Four mannequins were purchased. A little family. One nice thing is that the same outfit doesn't need to be used each day. The other four items are a mirror, two chairs, and a planter. Those have to be the same item each day. The rest in the showcase room were used as decorations and will not be for sale.


    A public store restroom was created so the customers didn't have to leave the shop because their bladder decided to take control. I've seen from a different retail store challenge that the customers made the restroom a hangout spot. I really hope that doesn't happen for Pietro. If it does, the restroom will be removed and the simoleons returned will be used for other store decorations.


    As mentioned earlier, Pietro is down to 33 simoleons and he needs signage for his store as well as something to make the outside a little better. Especially for his grand opening tomorrow. The rules state he can do activities in other worlds that offer simoleons as prizes, but the simoleons have to be used for the store and none can be used for the residential lot. This is perfect for Pietro.

    Since it's Sunday, there is a karaoke contest in the evening hours. Pietro could win up to 500 simoleons. We have a whole day to spend beforehand, so he can go sight seeing in San Myshuno. That's where the karaoke contest will be taking place.


    The Waterside Warble is the karaoke bar. It's best for Pietro to check the place out. Get a feel for it. Pietro meets up with another young adult. Her name is Miko. He performs the friendly interaction and immediately has the music bubble above his head. I wonder if he's telling her he's going to be doing the karaoke competition.

    Pietro finds out that Miko is a Social Justice Worker. She also has the Neat trait, just like he does. He then autonomously asks about local fishing spots. I wasn't aware Pietro was into fishing. But he does want to live on the beach, so I can see it. That didn't go over well with Miko, as she left. Poor Pietro.


    It's only 8:30 in the morning. Pietro's got a long day ahead of him. Perhaps chatting at the bar will make time go by fast. The bar seems to be busy this early. He does the friendly introduction on the Mixologist and the others there. His speech bubble indicates a red sports car. Is Pietro telling lies and they he owns one?

    Lilith is the Mixologist. The other two at the bar with Pietro are Katrina and Anaya. I sit back with autonomous on and let Pietro do all the work. He makes it clear he just wants to be friends. Then he goes about telling jokes of engineers. He continues to casually chat with them. Katrina takes her leave around 10am.


    A new person joins them at the bar. His name is Makoa. Under his name it's states he's a Fan. Aww, Pietro has a fan out there. That's nice.
    Pietro continues to have casual conversations and tell funny jokes and stories. Anaya leaves around 11am.


    As I have Pietro on fully autonomous for today, I am leaving him to do his thing until the contest. He decided to leave the bar around 11:20am and go practice karaoke. It's as if he knew I was going to make him peform later.

    He practiced for about an hour when others showed up and listened in. If this was his competition, he didn't want them to know he actually wasn't a good singer. So he stopped and went over to chat with them. The two were Becca and Lia. They too have Fan's under their name. Maybe they just wanted to hear him sing and weren't competition afterall.

    ( I took a screenshot for the below commentary but forgot to save it! :( )

    Around 1:15pm, Pietro heads back to the bar. Good for him he did. Lilith, the Mixologist, had made free drinks. Pietro has 0 simoleons to buy anything outside from his store, so he'll take what he can get. Thanks, Lilith!

    He starts having a conversation with two new ones he hasn't talked to yet. Julia and Moshe are their names. Julia has Fan under name. Pietro has a lot of fans on this island. Hopefully they all come shopping at the grand opening tomorrow.

    I notice that Pietro Needs are in actual need of attention. His Bladder was in the orange, so I have him leave the bar and head to the restroom. It's around 2pm now. We're getting close to competition time.


    As I want Pietro to have a chance at winning, I make him do more practicing on the karaoke machine. I still have autonomous on for him, so we'll see if he sticks with it or not. He sings until around 3:15. That was quite a bit of practicing. I'm surprised he stayed that long.


    Pietro really is into the bar scene as he goes back to the bar. There he starts flirting with someone named L. Faba. He also chats up with Clara and Mila. We have a different red head Mixologist. But Pietro doesn't seem too interested in talking to her. Mila got bored and left.


    Pietro autonomously decides to check out his possible competition. He heads to one of the occupied rooms. Akiro was singing in this one. This guy is good. Even Pietro thinks so. I'm glad you're cheering him on Pietro, but he could beat you if he's competing soon.


    At 6:45p, Pietro decides autonomously to go back to practicing. Good choice my friend. He practices for about 45 minutes before his Hunger goes in the yellow. He's so close to reaching level 2 in singing.


    Luckily for Pietro, the bar offers free chips. This should satisfy his hunger until after the competition.


    Then at 8:00pm, the moment the Pietro has been waiting for. Well, the moment I've been waiting for. Karaoke night is announced. I sure hope Pietro is ready for this.

    I have him sing "Shakin' and not Stirred" for Celebrity points.

    Remember Miko from earlier? She rudely comes in and tries to make fun of his singing. Ignore her, Pietro. Do your best!


    I had Pietro sit and wait for the results. Mila came over and they started a conversation. Poor Pietro is tired as his Energy is in the yellow. Wait out the results and you can go to bed afterwards.

    Pietro ends up losing by what looks like 8 points. I'm sorry Pietro. Let's blame Miko.


    Pietro goes to bed around 12:30am. Sleep well, Pietro. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

    To Be Continued...
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    Week 1: Monday


    Today is the big grand opening day. The outside of the store looks horrible. The inside looks bland. You would swear Pietro is opening too early. He's broke. Hopefully he can bring in something today that will allow him to make some decency of all this.

    I decided that Pietro's work hours will be from 9am to 10pm each day. Luckily for him, I'm the decorator. So he doesn't have to worry about doing all that work. He'll have enough on his plate the way it is.

    Pietro gets up at 6am to eat, use the facilities, and go for a morning jog.


    Jogging and then showering took too long. Pietro will have to change up his exercise routine tomorrow. He opened his store later than planned. He was suppose to open at 9am and opened almost 20 minutes late. Not good for a grand opening day.

    I turned off autonomous on Pietro as I need to make sure he's doing what needs to be done.


    First customer arrives around 9:50am. He seems to be a celebrity. A B-Lister to be exact. I can only perform celebrity interactions with him. So I see if Pietro can get a selfie with him before the next customer arrives. The celebrity's name is Dustin Broke. I sure hope he's not actually broke.

    Then another celebrity arrives. I'm glad these celebrities are coming out to check the new store, but I need actual customers. This celebrity's name is Brytani Cho. She's a Proper Celebrity. At about 11:30am, another B-Lister celebrity arrives.


    Dustin decides he is interested in buying when it's close to 2pm. Thank you, Dustin! He enjoyed that planter (Tiered To Simplicity) that was for sale.

    (I forgot to set the mark up to 5% for today. It's automatically set to 25%. Not a cheat. Just forgot. Wednesday is suppose to be a 25% mark up, so I'll have it 5% for that day instead.)

    Another celebrity came in around 2:40pm.


    Pietro was getting real hungry. His Hunger was in the orange. Since the other celebrities are still hanging out chatting with each other, I bring Pietro's cooler down and have him get some food in his stomach.

    After, Pietro went around to the other celebrities asking for selfies. If his first day is going to be a bust, at least he'll have all these selfies of famous or to be famous sims.


    Then another celebrity sale when it was almost 7pm. I think Pietro asking for the selfies helped. Well, I hope they did. She liked one of the chairs (The Flowery) for sale.

    As one celebrity left, another one showed up.


    Another celebrity sale for Pietro. This guy wanted the same chair (The Flowery) as the other celebrity.

    I send Pietro to the public restroom. I hope nobody steals anything or wants to buy. His Bladder is in the orange.


    A new customer arrives when Pietro is in the restroom. This one isn't a celebrity, but it says she's a Loiterer. So am guessing she won't buy anything. Especially when the store closes in less than an hour. But Pietro greets her anyway. This could be a potential future customer.

    Then he goes to restock the chair he had just sold. Hopefully none of the other celebrities wanted one why Pietro was going the bathroom.


    But Pietro has to stop as one of the other celebrities was ready to check out.


    She buys the outfit on the female mannequin. She loves it so much she's going to wear it now. And she's texting. Maybe we'll get more customers tomorrow wanting to check out the outfits.


    The store closes at 10:03. Unfortunately the customers still in the store were not able to buy anything if they wanted. Pietro is tired and ready for bed.

    He was able to sell 4 items to celebrities. The only retail option with celebrities was to make the sale option. I read that there are other retail options as well. I didn't get to look on the non celebrity customer. But I read that one could talk about interests, pricings, give suggestions, and others. They help with perks. Perhaps sales as well, I don't know.

    Pietro needs to restock before he can go to bed. I'll take care of the rest for him while he is sleeping. After retocking Pietro has made a profit of 371 simoleons.


    Sleep well Pietro as I update your store with the simoleons you made.

    To Be Continued...
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    Week 1: Tuesday

    (So, I thought I had Pietro restock the female mannequin, but for some reason it was not. So the decorating was held off until Pietro could restock. I didn't want to cheat and just delete the mannequin and buy another one for cheaper cost it would to restock.)


    Pietro gets up at 6am. A lot of Needs to be worked on. First he starts with breakfast again. Instead of having him go jogging, He's going to work on stretching, situps, and pushups. Then Pietro has a good shower.


    I have Pietro restock the female outfit as well as change the outfits on all four mannequins. The mannequins were reposed and move around.


    I used Perk points first to get the My First Simoleon plaque. Of course, the plaque cost 230 simoleons which only left him with 79 simoleons left. I spent 65 of them to buy a Tom's Flower Wall Box to add outside. Finishing off with 14 simoleons left.

    There wasn't enough for any signage. Maybe tomorrow. Any celebrities that come in today, Pietro will ask for a selfie right away. That seemed to work on getting sales. Non celebrities will work on retail pitching.


    Pietro opens the store at 9am. Following the mark up rules now, today is a 15% mark up. Did it correct today.

    The first customer arrives around 9:30am. Much better than yesterday. She's not a celebrity. So, Pietro begins the retail greeting. The customer after her is a celebrity. Pietro will ask for a selfie in a bit. And two more customer arrive. More non celebrities. Four customers in the store in the first half hour-ish. You're going to be busy Pietro.


    One customer is checking out the chair (The Flowery) that Pietro sold two of yesterday during his grand opening. Another is trying on the male swimsuit. I think he'd turn a lot of heads. He should buy it. Pietro decides to go over to him to help convince him to buy it.

    This guy's name is Darrel. Pietro sees if he has any questions or he has any particular preferences. Other customers are nearby, so he also makes sure to answer any questions they may have as well.


    Pietro learns that the elder guest loves the outdoors. She's trying on the female swimwear. Pietro compliments her on it. Hopefully she'll want to buy it.

    Darrel keeps going back to the male swimsuit. These ones seem to attract better than yesterday's beach outfits.


    At 12:30pm, the message comes up Darrel is ready to be rung up. Pietro goes to make the sale and find out what Darrel wants. Is it the green swimsuit? Even the other customers are anxious to find out.


    Yes! He bought the male swimwear. But that face. So serious. Why so serious? Enjoy your new swimsuit, Darrel.

    Pietro's Bladder is in the orange. Best go use the restroom so he doesn't make a mess. Luckily he's able to go and no one needs to be rung up. Pietro goes to restock the male swimwear that Darrel bought.


    The elderly lady is ready to be rung up around 1:50pm. Her name is Eleanor. Since she loves the outdoors, hopefully she's going to buy that swimsuit. But it ends up she bought the planter (Tiered To Simplicity). Maybe she'll be back another day when a new outfit is for sale.


    The last of our non celebrities is ready to buy something around 2:30pm.


    She decided to buy the swimsuit. It looks good on her.

    Poor Pietro is almost starving. His Hunger is in the orange, so I brought his cooler down again and put it behind the register so he can grab a snack. The celebrity is still looking around. He can restock after a bite to eat.

    While he's eating a new customer arrives. She is stated to be a Notable Newcomer. Hopefully she won't leave before Pietro can greet her.

    Done eating and time to greet. But there's no option to greet customer. Just ask her to leave and Pietro's not going to do that. So he will restock the woman swimwear.


    As Pietro is restocking, the celebrity is ready to purchase. She's been here all day. He is almost finished restocking. Please hold out a little bit, ma'am. Pietro will be right with you.

    As he's collecting her information, the Notable Newcomer is paying attention. She's probably curious what this celebrity is going to buy. Which is the long standing mirror (Natural Beauty Mirror). She's only a B-Lister, but am sure she wants to look good. And to look good, you need to check yourself out.


    A Proper Celebrity arrives. Pietro goes over for a selfie. His name is Dirk Dreamer. Sounds like a soap opera name.

    Then a B-Lister arrives. Another selfie for Pietro's phone.

    Since Pietro cannot do much interactions with celebrities, he plays a few games on his phone while he waits for one of them to buy something or a new customer to arrive to his store. He's lacking entertainment as his Fun is in the orange. A little over 3.5 hours to go.


    Around 6:45pm, the Newcomer is ready to buy. She's been looking at everything, so not sure what she is interested in. She was interested in the lounge chair (Tempting Teak Lounge Chair) it looked like. It was tempting, just like the name of it.


    Mr. Dreamer wanted to buy something a couple hours later at about 9:15pm. He had been chatting it up with the other celebrities that were there. He was finally convinced I see. That green chair (The Flowery) is a big hit. Dirk wanted that. I've sold a few of those now since yesterday.


    Pietro didn't have time to restock the chair before it was time to close the store at 10pm. 6 items sold today which is two more than yesterday.

    Hopefully Pietro can keep this up.

    He's a bit hungry, so Pietro grabs a snack from the cooler. After, I have him restock the chair.


    Sleep well, Pietro.


    (During Pietro's restocking when the store was open, I spied Darrel out in the water sporting off his new swimsuit to a lady. His girlfriend perhaps. Nice! Maybe she'll be a customer tomorrow!)

    To Be Continued...
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  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 7,888 Member
    You sim Pietro seems to be having a lot of fun with the challenge dear! I've never played it Sulani looks super fun! <3
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 3,255 Member
    BreeMiles wrote: »
    You sim Pietro seems to be having a lot of fun with the challenge dear! I've never played it Sulani looks super fun! <3

    He is. And I am. I have days ahead already played. As of right now I am playing Week 1: Saturday. The last of the week. So many hiccups this first week, but so much fun as well.
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,780 Member
    @LegacySims2017 - Off to a great start! I remember when I first started this challenge, I felt so broke! Sulani looks like a great place to have this challenge! Looking forward to reading more :)
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    Week 1: Wednesday

    I didn't want to spend all of Pietro's hard earned simoleons yet, so I bought one signage and a wall decal to help bring in customers. Then I added another Tom's Flower Wall Box to outside. This leaves 199 simoleons in the retail account.


    Pietro gets up at 6am. He does his morning routine of eating breakfast, getting in some exercises, and doing his business before taking a shower and getting ready for another day at work.


    Pietro goes around to all the mannequins and changes their outfits. Today's mark up will be 5%. It's suppose to be 25%, but I messed up this past Monday which was suppose to be 5% and was set at the default 25%.


    At 9am, the store opens. Now that we have signage, hopefully we'll get a good crowd. Pietro and I would like to make more sales. Too bad no children have come in. The little ones outfits are cute. They need to sell.

    Pietro plays on his phone while he waits for his first customer to arrive.


    Oh my goodness. As customers start to arrive, guess who walks in? A youngster. I hope your parents gave you enough simoleons.

    Pietro goes around and customer greets all those who show up. The first customer claims to be a Rising Star. Selfie with her!


    The youngster, who goes by Pierce, is trying out the swim trunks. Buy a pair, Pierce.


    The Rising Star is the first paying customer. It's a little before 12:30pm for the first sale. Not as good as yesterday. She buys the ever popular chair (The Flowery).


    But there is no time to waste. As he was gathering her information, Pierce announces he wants to buy something. Hold on little guy. Pietro will be over there in a minute. I promise.

    He looks a nervous to tell Pietro what he wants. I think it's those swim trunks. Pietro encourages him and tells him don't be shy. And the swim trunks now belong to Pierce.


    And another customer ready to buy? Pietro hasn't had time to restock. But he needs to make this sale.

    I wonder if the celebrity next to Pietro can quiet down. No need to shout in Pietro's store. There can be more than one celebrity in his store.

    The young lady, named Alice, went with the woman's beach outfit. Nice choice.

    Now Pietro needs to try and restock these items. As he does, more celebrities and customers arrive. Pietro greets and gets himself more selfies.


    Another customer ready to make a purchase. The signage and decal does help. How can Pietro help you ma'am with the blond hair with pink highlights? She wanted the planter (Tiered To Simplicity).

    Pietro restocked the planter and then took a quick restroom break. If anyone wants to make a sale, please wait just a moment.


    5:00pm rolls around and Pietro continues to talk it up with the non celebrity customers. He's received selfies from all the celebrities. That's the best he can do for now.


    Doesn't take long before another customer wants to buy. He's been looking at everything, so not sure what he is interested in. Pietro is happy that he wants to buy something, though. And then the customer Pietro was just talking to wants to buy something too.

    Can Pietro get to both?

    The celebrity in the pink hair buys the planter (Tiered To Simplicity) that my other guest had just bought.


    Pietro rushes to the next customer waiting to pay for an item. He makes it in time to help her. She was a sweet lady to talk to begin with. She was nice enough to wait it out a bit while the celebrity bought his planter.

    It's a no shocker sale. The popular chair (The Flowery) of Pietro's store. After restocking the chair and planter, Pietro goes for a quick snack from his cooler behind the register. I'm glad I put it there each day. Leaving the store to eat is not a good idea.


    However, eating is cut short when someone announced they were ready to be rung up. Pietro can finish the granola in a bit. But Pietro? Next time leave your food behind the counter. It's look bad sitting in the showroom when you're making a sale.

    Oh, look. Mr. Dreamer, the gentleman who wanted to buy something, is back to purchase something else. He bought the popular selling chair yesterday. He buys the other chair (Tempting Teak Lounge Chair) tonight. A good match.


    The other celebrity who was yelling at him decided she wants to buy something too. Pietro is coming. Don't yell! You best not want this nice painting cause it's not for sale. She decides on the planter (Tiered To Simplicity) instead. Another good choice.


    As he restocks the planter, a woman makes note she wants to buy something. Pietro will be with you in just one moment. Please hang tight.
    Look at that. Food on the table. Not very professional, Pietro. I have a feeling this customer wants this chair.


    And to my surprise I am wrong. Pietro sold her the women's beachwear outfit. That could be a good thing because there's another customer eyeing the chair right now.

    Hang in there Pietro. You're really tired, but the it's almost closing time. Less than an hour to go.


    And two more youngsters have shown up in Pietro's store. He has some restocking to do, but greets the children before doing so. The boy seems more interested in texting.


    As 10:05pm rolls around, there are no more paying customers. Time to close the store and clean up. Pietro can finish his granola.


    Good night, Pietro. I'll find out if you get to sleep in tomorrow or get up at 6am again.

    To Be Continued...
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    @LegacySims2017 your
    Week 1: Wednesday looks like he was super busy and the lots of customers! I agree with @SoulGal7, I didn't think I was ever going to start making money! I love the retail part of the Sims 4 so very much and also the Dine Out part of it! Super cool stuff to do in game! I enjoy reading your play along @LegacySims2017
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 7,888 Member
    I wish we could set a closing and opening time to automatic open and close the store, not so much on the opening but it would really help me in the closing, cause I tend to work over the allotted time I have set aside for them to work! :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 3,255 Member
    BreeMiles wrote: »
    I wish we could set a closing and opening time to automatic open and close the store, not so much on the opening but it would really help me in the closing, cause I tend to work over the allotted time I have set aside for them to work! :)

    I would love an option like that. :grimace:
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 3,255 Member
    Week 1: Thursday

    Part of the rules is that Thursday can be one of two choices. Either the store closes for the day or opens with a 50% mark up. There's a randomizer website to use, but I prefer to do it a simpler way. I have dice on me. If I roll an even number, the store will remain closed for the day. If I roll an odd number, the store opens as usual. Using an 8-sided D&D dice, the results are in. It's a 4. Pietro can sleep in.


    Pietro slept in until 8am. Two extra hours of sleep. No work today for him. He gets to work on some of his Aspirations and Wants. But first he needs to eat. His Hunger is in the orange. He still has no money to buy a decent meal. So to the cooler it is.


    I turned on autonomous for Pietro for the day. I'll give him commands as needed to help with certain Aspirations and Wants. But the rest will be up to him.

    Pietro has the Active trait and likes to exercise. He wants to go for a jog, so Pietro can go for a jog. Enjoy the view. He deserves it.
    That 2.5 to 3 hour jog made Pietro a little stinky. Well, a lot stinky. His Hygiene went into the red. And he was hungry again.


    After lunch, Pietro goes down to the beach next to his store. He decides to get a bit of sunbathing and relaxing in.


    After a good relaxation and nap, Pietro is invited to play a game of chess with a youngster. I'm sure the youngster is more knowledgable in playing the game. Let Pietro down easy. I'm not sure if he's a sore loser or not. Instead, the little brat gets bored of playing with Pietro and leaves. How rude.


    I remember in San Myshuno that there is another karaoke contest tonight. Maybe Pietro should head back there. He'll dress up a little more classy than last time.

    Pietro decides to go to the restroom to practice singing. I think he wants more privacy. I just hope someone else doesn't need to use it.


    Pietro then moves to a karaoke machine to practice. And is followed by someone else to listen in. He should have probably stayed in the restroom.


    At 8pm, the announcement comes on that the karaoke contest has started. Pietro practices for another half hour before giving it a go at the contest. With no Miko to making disgusting faces and noises, and not others around Pietro might have a shot tonight.

    However, I think he did worse this time around. His score was not good compared to last time.


    Pietro finds a seat and waits to hear the final results. He chats it up with others waiting as well. Don't get your hopes up Pietro. I thought you looked good. The judges had a different feeling.

    And Pietro loses. Not surprised. More practice on the vocals.


    Pietro heads back to the store to sulk his loss in his tent after having an evening snack to fill his stomach. He can try again on Sunday night.

    To Be Continued...
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    Week 1: Friday


    It's rise and shine at 6am for Pietro. Again, the usual breakfast, workout, and shower routine.


    I used some of Pietro's hard earned simoleons to add some decorations to the outside. A store sign was added to help bring in customers. A couple more windows for lighting and decoration. And some trees for decoration. Now it looks a little nicer than it did on opening day. This leaves Pietro with 332 simoleons.


    On Fridays, per the rules we are allowed to add an item to sell. However, looking through the thread it does not state we cannot use it at a later time. So I am going to save the add another item to sell for next week perhaps because I have plans for bigger items.

    Pietro redresses the mannequins. Today is to be a 50% mark up. The mannequins poses are changed to active state as if they're running to buy the merchandise before everyone else gets to it first.


    The store opens at 9am. Pietro is anticipating some good sales today. But first, the customers must show. Hopefully with the redecorated outside making it look a little better, more sims will come check out the store. Store modeling still needs more work, though.


    In comes the first customer a little after 9:15am. Pietro recognizes him right away. So do I. It's Bob Pancakes. He's not labeled as a celebrity, but he's one in my eyes. Pietro goes over and retail greets Bob. He is labeled as a socializer. Pietro will have to work hard to get him to buy something rather just talk.

    While Pietro works his magic on Mr. Pancakes, a couple celebrities walk in. They can't be ignored, so he leaves Bob to browse around and gets some selfies taken with these celebrities. One is a Rising Star and the other is a returning B-Lister customer from a previous visit to his store.


    Another non celebrity has arrived in the store, so Pietro does the greet customer interaction and sees if she has any questions.

    It's been an hour since the store has opened now and Pietro has 4 customers inside. He's off to a good start.

    Around 11:00am, a non celebrity customer decides to leave. Poor Pietro. He even asked her if she had questions. I guess he was probably too much in her business, she didn't care for it. Or she saw the prices and thought they were too high.

    Luckily, another customer comes in and takes her place. Pietro goes over to greet her since she is not a celebrity. Pietro remembers her from the karaoke bar.


    Socializer Bob was actually the first one ready to buy something around 12:30pm. He kept looking at the outfit the male mannequin was wearing. He even tried it on a couple times during his visit. Is this the item he is going to buy?


    It was. Mrs. Pancakes will adore his new swimwear. Pietro immediately goes to restock it. As he is doing so, the B-Lister walks out of the store. Two customers we lost business to. Not good, Pietro.

    But as before, one leaves another one enters. Another non celebrity, but who should it be? Mortimer Goth comes in to check out the merchandise. It would be nice to have Mr. Goth buy something.


    As Pietro was chatting it up with Mortimer, hoping to convince him to buy something, the Rising Star wanted to check out. Another sale for Pietro around 1:45. Only two sales in over 4 hours. This could have gone better.

    The Rising Star bought the ever popular chair (The Flowery) that Pietro has probably sold the most of.

    A returning celebrity from a previous day shows up while Pietro was selling the chair. He already has a selfie with her. So he goes to restock first and then will maybe a get an autograph from her or something.

    The B-Lister who walked out earlier returns. Maybe she just needed to go eat or something. We can hope that's what she needed and she's back to buy something.


    Approximately 4:15p, Mortimer is ready to make a purchase. He's been eyeing the same swimsuit Bob Pancakes just bought a little over 3 hours ago. He looked a little embarrassed to tell Pietro what he wanted. I'm pretty sure it's the swimwear.


    And the suspicions were correct. Pietro makes sure to compliment Mortimer on his outfit. Saying nice things always go a long way.


    Pietro is getting a little hungry. His Hunger is in the yellow. He has 4 customers in the store all chatting with each other. Now is a good time to grab something to eat real quick.

    As he is eating, the Rising Star who bought the chair is back. Hopefully she has decided she needs something to go with it.


    Pietro's eating is cut short when a customer asks to be rung up. At least you got a few bites in Pietro. But you need to make a sale.

    And again, Pietro decides to take his food to the sales floor and leave it on the nice display table. There's a counter to put it on, Pietro. You should really use that.

    The customer buys the planter (Tiered To Simplicity) that two celebrities were just looking at. Sorry, folks. Pietro will get that stocked right away. It's noticed that Dirk Dreamer has come back as a returning customer as well from a previous day. Exciting news!

    Pietro is lucky enough to be able to finish his snack and use the restroom.


    Around 8:30, the B-Lister wants to buy something. Pietro is glad she came back. He goes to ring her up to see what she wants.

    As he is ringing her up, an elderly gentleman wanted to check out. Pietro will be with you shortly, sir. He's just finishing up here with this one. She ends up buying the mirror (Natural Beauty Mirror).


    With no time to stock, Pietro helps the gentleman who approaches him instead of having to walk over the customer. That was nice of him. The customer ends up wanting to buy the favorite chair (The Flowery) that is a big seller.


    The store is packed with customers now. But it is 10pm. Closing time for Pietro. Hopefully the unpaying customers still in the store, will return tomorrow and buy something.

    Pietro sold 6 items today. Not bad. After restocking when the customers all left, the totals were in. He made a 443 simoleon profit. He's slowly adding to his store amount. One day to go for the week.


    Have a good rest, Pietro.

    To Be Continued...
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    Its really 🌺🌺🌺🌺 when they stay in the store all day long and never buy anything! We call them loafers where I live :D, great catching up with your Pietro <3
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 7,888 Member
    well for what ever reason it didn't like the word c.r.a.ppy :) and put little flower blossoms but I like them too!
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    Week 1 - Saturday


    Pietro gets up at 6am with a hurting stomach cause his Hunger is in the orange. So, he gets breakfast in his tummy. Afterwards, he has time to get his exercises in and a shower.


    As Pietro was redressing the mannequins with new outfits, we both notice something. The painting on the wall is missing. Did a customer steal it yesterday?

    (I do believe a kleptomaniac sim took it. Otherwise it would have to have been a glitch. Either way, I found it very amusing.)

    I end up having to spend some of Pietro's simoleons to replace it. Otherwise nothing else has been added to the store for today. I am curious to see what sales will be like as today is 100% mark up per the rules of the challenge. Pietro has 830 simoleons saved up in the store account so far.


    And Pietro unlocks the doors and opens the store a little after 9am.


    The first round of customers arrive close to 9:30am. Pietro goes over to greet the first one who is a non celebrity.


    With 4 customers in the store, the first that is ready to buy is a youngster. He's tried on the boy swimsuit a couple times. Perhaps he likes it. Pietro goes over to sell him what he's interested in buying.

    And to Pietro's and my own surprise, he wanted the lounge chair (Tempting Teak Lounge Chair). I hope his parents don't get mad. Unless it's a gift for them. Then it will be a very nice gift.


    The first customer that entered the store is ready to be rung up a little after 3:30pm. Why are you helping her so far away, Pietro? You can get a little closer.

    She ends up buying the other chair (The Flowery). Aren't you glad I chose that as a selling item, Pietro? You're doing a great job at selling them. Keep it up.


    As soon as Pietro restocks the chair, a new customer he hasn't seen this week wants to buy something. He goes over to see what she's interested in.

    As Pietro is ringing her up, one of the B-Lister's who has been in the store before and has let Pietro get a selfie with is trying on the male bikini swimwear. And he seems to like it. Hopefully he's one of the next paying customers.


    The lady customer buys the female outfit. However, she has a thought bubble with a bed inside. I hope she doesn't think this is pajamas or something. Who wears hats like that to bed?

    Pietro is so proud of himself. I'm proud of you too, Pietro. Let's keep the sales going.

    Sadly, a frequent angry celebrity has been causing a ruckus which in turn was making other customers in the angry mood. This wasn't good business.


    Finally at around 8pm, B-Lister Dustin Broke wanted to buy something. He's been in the store a few times. The other celebrity got him riled up, so let's see if Pietro can calm him down with something he's interested in buying.

    Mr. Broke went for the nice chair (The Flowery).


    Pietro hasn't had anything to eat since he opened the store and it's about 9pm. Not sure if I could have held out over 12 hours of no food. He goes over to have a quick yogurt snack while the current customers continue to look around and have hissy fits.


    10pm rolls around. Time to close the store. Today was pretty much a bust for a 100% mark up. Things will need to change so next Saturday is better. Good work on getting some sales, Pietro. You tried. It's just there were so many angry customers in the store.


    Pietro heads for bed around midnight. His energy is fine and he could probably stay up and do things. But Pietro will get to spend most of the day tomorrow at the beach.

    To Be Continued...
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    I'm enjoying this story. I've read through Wednesday. I'll read the other posts too but I wanted to comment and say it's been fun to follow Pietro and his retail adventures.
  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 6,333 Member
    Ok I'm caught up.
    Why are you helping her so far away, Pietro? You can get a little closer.
    Social distancing much, Pietro? :#

    I liked the customer with bunny ears from Friday. Is that a base game thing or expansion? I don't know if I've seen that before.

    Angry customers are the worst.
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 3,255 Member
    edited June 2
    Ok I'm caught up.
    Why are you helping her so far away, Pietro? You can get a little closer.
    Social distancing much, Pietro? :#

    I liked the customer with bunny ears from Friday. Is that a base game thing or expansion? I don't know if I've seen that before.

    Angry customers are the worst.

    No COVID-19 in the store...lol :grimace: It was one customer that was angry and then got the rest angry. It was not fun. I should have asked her to leave. Lesson learned. Next time that one customer comes in with the red angry on them, "Shoo! Get out!" will happen.

    The bunny ears are actually a rabbit mask. It's custom content I downloaded. The game decided she would look good in it I guess.

    I participated in some protesting over the weekend for George Floyd, so lacked the updates for a day. Sunday and Monday will be posted today. :)
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    (Accidently double posted!) :(
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    Week 2: Sunday


    I have Pietro sleepwalk so we can hire someone. Maybe some help around the store for the second week might help a bit.

    There were 6 candidates available. The best of them looked like Sergio Romeo. He's young. He could be considered attractive. He could charm the customers. The other five seemed a bit middle-aged to elderly. I went in and changed some skintoning to Sergio with smoother skin and body hair. The rest of him remained untouched.

    We'll see Mr. Romeo on Monday hopefully. Back to bed for Pietro.


    Pietro wakes up around 8am. His Hunger is in the yellow, so he'll eat first. Then potty and shower. No work today for Pietro. I'll do all the retail related stuff for him today.

    Pietro gets to wander Sulani today. He did some jogging, relaxing, and play a game of chess the other day. But not really go sight seeing.


    Pietro's first stop is the Sand Simoleon Beach. Maybe there's simoleons that can be dug up from the sand. Who knows.

    At a glance it looks like something of a couples retreat beach. Double chairs all around. A large fire pit to gather around and share stories.


    There's a young woman cooking something at the building on the right. Pietro should go introduce himself.


    Pietro waves and apparently with the speech bubble is letting her know he's happy there are no bugs around. I'm sure she is happy too, Pietro. But let's talk about something else, please.

    Her name is Leila Ngata. She works at 1000 Words Art Gallery as a Watercolor Dabbler. She works there because she has the Creative trait. She's married. So no flirting, Pietro. Her spouse, Oliana, must be at work.


    Pietro continues to spend the morning talking to Leila. It must be fun talking to someone about things other than what to buy in a store. Learning more about her, she loves the outdoors. No wonder she was out here grilling.

    A little after 10am, she decides she needs to go do other stuff. Pietro had a nice conversation with her and made a new friend.


    Leila was even nice enough to leave her grilled food for others. She made veggie burgers. Pietro can't afford anything to eat right now, so he is thankful and grabs a plate for himself. Afterwards, he grabs another and packs it away for later.


    Pietro's next stop is Caldera Camp. It's housed near a volcano. Hopefully not an active one. He'll explore what he can, but if it erupts or something fishy seems to be going on, he'll have to leave.


    Wandering around, Pietro finds some volcanic activity. Don't stand too close, Pietro. The gases coming out are beautiful and also dangerous. What a weird spot to put a camp near. It didn't seem to be occupied at the time of Pietro's arrival.


    Pietro had to use a restroom as his Bladder was in the yellow. He made his way to the Sand Bar where he could use their facilities.

    (Pietro's Bladder was in the yellow and I tried to pause it at the right moment as pictured above, but the game decided to still play. So when he was done, I had him go back in even though his Bladder was fine. I wanted to take another screenshot.)


    Pietro takes a seat at the bar and introduces himself to the Mixologist and the other sitting there as well. He decides to open a dialogue about llamas. Whatever works.

    His seat neighbor, Lilliana, has the Cheerful trait and shares that she's a Head Mixologist at Make a Dish. Maybe she's trying to recruit the current Mixologist here at this bar. She is married, so Pietro should not flirt with her. He likes to tell jokes, so he tries that technique.


    He's almost made a full circle back to his shop. Pietro heads back to the very first beach he visited since his arrival in Sunali, Ohan'Ali Beach. It's around 3:45pm. There's a lot to take in. Looking out at the ocean and watching other sims make sand castles was a nice thing to see.

    Sitting on one of the swings at the swingset, Pietro is offered a push by one of the locals. Brings back old memories of getting pushed on a swing as a child. Poor Pietro never really had a childhood, but he seems to be enjoying his time on the swings.


    Pietro gets a bit of sunning in before the sun sets.


    After changing, Pietro goes to San Myshuno's karaoke bar once again. Maybe third time will be a charm and he'll win something. He freshens up in the bathroom and does a little practicing.

    Pietro then finds an empty karaoke machine room he can practice in for a little bit. The wall covering matches his shirt. Maybe that's a good sign. Pietro sings his heart out. Then the announcement is made.


    Pietro patiently awaits the results only to find out a third time was not a charm. I'm sorry, Pietro. Singing is not your thing. He even looks a little shocked. Maybe you should do something else next weekend.

    Since his Hunger is in the yellow, he eats the veggie burger he packed away.


    Once I get him home, Pietro heads for bed. Back to work tomorrow.

    To Be Continued...
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    Week 2: Monday


    As 6:00am rolls around, it's said that Bills are due. Bills for an empty lot. That's funny. I like how it's mentioned Pietro's utilities will be shut off one by one. Guess what? He doesn't have any utilities. And he won't be living on that piece of land, so the game's government can shut off non existing utilities. Pietro needs these simoleons right now.


    I like the color red for the store. I continued more of the remodeling of the outside of the shop. I think it's looking better than it did a week ago. The inside lights were changed to a red color theme as well.


    Because I added a lot more redness to the store, I decided Pietro should sell red related outfits this week on the mannequins. Tried red tinted mannequins and that was too gaudy. The white mannequins continue to work well.


    With the oncoming of a new employee, Pietro needed to have uniforms for work. It was only fair that Pietro also dressed in the uniform. Continuing with the red themes, it's a red jacket, shorts, and sandals. New hire Sergio Romeo will be wearing this outfit as well when he shows up for work.

    Today is a 5% mark up. Last time Pietro had a 5% mark up, we had 9 paying customers. With Sergio on board, we're going to shoot for more. As the mark ups increase, I'll let Pietro purchase some advertising with his perk points. He's racked up 1,050 so far. He's also at 1,346 simoleons. I needed to make sure he had enough to pay his employee.


    Pietro opens the store at 9:00am. As he anxiously awaits his first customer and his new employee, he sees Sergio coming. And he arrives before any of the customers do which is great so Pietro can give him his first instructions. Pietro, meet your new employee Sergio Romeo. Sergio, meet your new boss Pietro Boselli.

    There's three customers that follow behind Sergio. Off to a great start. Pietro instructs Sergio to go ahead and talk to the customers. Ask and find out if they have any questions.


    First sale comes around 11:00am. Pietro goes to ring him up. One of the customers seems to be flirting with the male mannequin as Pietro is making a sale. One of the celebrities that was here before, Mr. Dirk Dreamer, seems to be unhappy. Why is Sergio just standing around? Pietro asked him to go talk to customers. Help out, Sergio.


    The customer bought the outfit on the male mannequin. He has a thought bubble above his head of office work. His new work attire, perhaps. Pretty casual I think. But not sure where this customer works.

    And it looks like Dirk is not happy the other celebrity is there. No arguing or fighting in Pietro's store. He'll ask you both to leave.

    Since Sergio likes to stand around, Pietro tells him to restock. Let's see if he's maybe good at doing that. Sergio complies to that order. That's good.


    Another customer ready all the while Sergio is restocking the mannequin. I think I found my stockboy at least for today. She buys the lounge chair (Tempting Teak Lounge Chair).


    Dirk Dreamer was the next one ready to check out right after the previous customer. He wanted the mirror (Natural Beauty Mirror). Maybe that was the argument he was having earlier with the other celebrity. Which one of them gets the mirror and Dirk wins.

    This would be two sales with not being able to have Pietro stock right after. Hiring Sergio was a blessing.


    And as one paying customer is done, another one is ready. Sergio is stocking. Another customer trying on an outfit. This might turn out to be a good Monday for Pietro.

    The customer decided on the other chair (The Flowery). Wow. Sergio gave the customer a hug and waved goodbye to them. That was nice. Why couldn't he have been that enthusiastic from the start when Pietro had him go see if customers had any questions? Pietro goes over to Sergio and gives him a praise for that.


    (This celebrity, Izzy Fabulous, has a big ego he is talking either to himself or about himself in the store mirror. I couldn't help but laugh.)


    There was about 2.5 hour downtime before Izzy decided he wanted to buy something. I was hoping for more continuous sales. But I guess a break period might have been needed. We'll see if things pick up again.

    Another lounge chair (Tempting Teak Lounge Chair) sale.


    One of the customers that was here earlier who also bought the lounge chair wants to buy another item. You can buy anything you want that is for sale pretty lady. She ends up buying the other chair (The Flowery) to go with the lounge chair.

    Sergio is doing such a great job at restocking, he's achieved level 2 in Retail Maintenance so he'll restock a little faster.


    Close to 5:45pm and Pietro is getting hungry. But another sale needs to be made first. Sergio watches as Pietro performs his sales magic. He'll allow Sergio to ring up sales while he grabs a quick snack after this one. Another customer looks on to see what this Notable Newcomer is going to buy. Which ends up being the mirror (Natural Beauty Mirror).

    Pietro goes ahead and allows Sergio to ring up customers and can hold off on restocking until Pietro returns from eating.


    Unfortunately Sergio's shift ends at 6:30pm. This is good to know for tomorrow. Pietro can plan his meal now for next time. See you tomorrow, Sergio!


    After restocking the mirror, a customer is ready to buy. Pietro practices his social distancing (Thank you to one of my readers for poking fun at it the last time Pietro rung up a customer from a distance.) while rudely standing in between two other customers talking to each other.

    Lounge chair (Tempting Teak Lounge Chair) number three for today. First it was The Flowery chair that was popular. Now it's the lounge chair.

    Quick restroom break for Pietro. Hold off on wanting to buy things, please!


    After being able to stock the lounge chair, two customers are ready to buy...at the same time. Can Pietro get to them both or is he doomed to upset one of the customers?

    The first customer to speak up was the gentleman, so Pietro will go to him first. This customer buys the non lounge chair (The Flowery).

    Pietro immediately turns his attention then to the celebrity lady. Her shopping cart remained in the blue. You did it, Pietro. She buys the mirror (Natural Beauty Mirror).


    Pietro closes the doors at 10:00pm. After restocking the last of the items and taking out wages to pay Sergio, Pietro loses profit. I thought this might happen. I wanted to test it out and see.

    Pietro has 1,280 perk points to use, so he's going to be buying a perk tomorrow to lessen the cost of restocking. What is nice is that Pietro beat his customer count. His highest is now is 10 instead of 9.


    Bedtime for Pietro as I work on adding more signage to the store to get even more customers in.

    To Be Continued...
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    @AdamsEve1231 I gave you a little shout out in Week 2: Monday (without really mentioning your name, but is directed towards you). I'll let you find it. I hope you enjoy it.
  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 6,333 Member
    @AdamsEve1231 I gave you a little shout out in Week 2: Monday (without really mentioning your name, but is directed towards you). I'll let you find it. I hope you enjoy it.

    Haha. Thanks. I don't think Pietro really understands what social distancing is. :p
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 3,255 Member
    Haha. Thanks. I don't think Pietro really understands what social distancing is. :p

    I don’t think he does either. :grimace:
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    Week 2: Tuesday

    (If you've been following along from last week, you should know that Pietro gets up at 6:00am each workday morning to eat, exercise, use the bathroom, and take a shower. There will be no point in me addressing that in each daily post now.)


    I added one sign outside the store on the wall. It's an "OPEN" sign, but in simlish. This is meant to draw in customers as well. Everything is so pricey. Because that sign brought Pietro down to a little under 1,000 simoleons, I didn't buy anything else for now.


    The store opens at 9:00am. Sergio shows up for work around 9:20. The two stood around and talked autonomously. Sergio started the interaction. Pietro learns that Sergio has the Active trait. Something the two have in common.


    Around 12:40, two customers are ready to be rung up. The brunette is first, then the blonde. I hope Sergio is ready to restock. Pietro needs to make sure he is able to grab both customer sales.


    The brunette customer wanted the female mannequin outfit. She really looks good in it.


    Pietro then focuses on the second customer. As he is doing so, another customer is ready to buy. One of the celebrities that has been showing up everyday. He hasn't always bought something, but he's made the effort to make it into the store.


    The blonde female buys the green chair (The Flowery).

    Sergio has his work cut out for him, but I trust he'll do his best to get these things restocked. Why? Because another customer is ready to be rung up.

    The celebrity buys the other chair (Tempting Teak Lounge Chair).

    Pietro almost lost a sale. The final customer ready to be rung up had a red shopping cart that was pulsating. This is my first time playing the retail part, so am guessing the customer was ready to change her mind and not make a purchase. It turned blue once he got to her and took out his sales pad. She buys the planter (Tiered to Simplicity).


    The store has only been open for 5 hours and Pietro has 4 sales under his belt. This is good. He just might beat yesterday's count of 10 items. The more sales Pietro can make, the more upgrades I can do to the store. I need to try and get Pietro to hit 17,000 simoleons as well to begin work on the upper level where he'll live. So I cannot go spending crazy on the store. I think using more perks might help. No more using perks today, though. Want to see how well this cheaper restocking works.

    Which brings us to Sergio. He is hard at work restocking. The more skill levels he gains, I am guessing the faster he'll be. He'll be the fastest stockboy in town.


    As Sergio continues to restock, Pietro works his socializing skills. He makes sure to greet all his customers and see if they have any questions. Less celebrities in the store today than he normally has been having.

    One customer was trying on the male mannequin outfit. Pietro makes sure to let him know the outfit is clean. Or that the store is clean. Not exactly sure.


    A little after 3:15pm a customer announces they are ready to buy something. As Pietro is ringing him up, Cassandra Goth is spotted close by. Her father, Mortimer, bought a swimsuit from the store awhile back. Maybe he talked her into checking it out. She looks like she wants the mirror. Buy the mirror, Cassandra.

    Oh, snap. The current paying customer bought the mirror. Sorry, Cassandra. Pietro's employee will get this restocked momentarily.


    Pietro goes over to praise Sergio for working really hard on restocking. He's been moving quickly. As soon as the mirror was sold, Sergio had everything else already restocked.

    The lady nearby looks like she is needing attention as she's trying out the female mannequin's attire. Pietro takes the chance and allows Sergio to ring up customers for now. He's off work in 2.5 hours and let's see how well Sergio rings up others. This will allow Pietro to help customers and grab a quick bite to eat.


    A little before 5:00pm, Sergio has his first customer to ring up. Pietro stands off in the distance to spy and check on Sergio's ringing up skills. Cassandra is a bit distracting while she does something with her hair. Even one of the other customers isn't exactly sure what she's doing. His first customer bought the green chair (The Flowery).


    However, Sergio neglects to help the next customer, Cassandra. Her shopping cart begins to pulse and turns red. So Pietro will help her. Sergio will go back to restocking. He seems to be better at doing that. Sorry, Sergio. No more ringing up sales. You did great on the first one, but decided to play on your phone afterwards. You don't need to text your friends you rung up a customer.


    Pietro was able to save this sale. Now we need to see what Cassandra wanted to buy. I'm guessing the mirror, but we'll wait to see after the transaction is complete.

    And not a shocker, it was the mirror (Natural Beauty Mirror). She patiently waited for it to be restocked. Pietro likes those types of customers. So do I.

    As Pietro tries to get Sergio to restock, he's told it's time for Sergio to get off work. It's only 6:00pm. He went home at 6:30 yesterday. Oh, well. Guess Pietro will have to restock.


    Pietro tries to restock but another customer is ready to make a purchase. He recognizes her. She's Bob Pancakes wife, Eliza. She was trying on the female mannequin outfit earlier.

    Two items need restocking. Why did Sergio have to leave so soon? This will be a third item. And Pietro is hungry.

    Eliza decided on the lounge chair (Tempting Teak Lounge Chair). No time to eat. Need to restock. Pietro needs to try and make another couple sales before he closes up.


    Pietro was able to get one item stocked before another customer wanted to check out. She was gathered by some others. It got a bit crowded, but we know Pietro is a hard worker. He can get this sale done. She ends up buying the planter (Tiered to Simplicity). 2 of those sold today.

    Back to restocking. Pietro was able to restock, grab some yogurt and take a quick restroom break.


    10:00pm rolled around but there were customers waiting to be rung up. 2 of them. They both happened at the same time, so not sure if Pietro can get to them both. He succeeded last time.

    The little girl is first. She ends up buying the girl mannequin outfit. She looked cute in it.

    Next, the gentleman who wanted to buy something. Pietro made it in time. He buys the lounge chair (Tempting Teak Lounge Chair).


    Then another customer wanted to buy something. Don't close the store quite yet, Pietro. We need these sales. Even if the rest of the customers buy out the rest of the merchandise. That is okay now.

    As Pietro rings up the customer, 2 others in the store seem to hang around to see what he buys. The planter (Tiered to Simplicity) makes another hit.

    It's now 11:00pm. Pietro stayed open an extra hour to make those final sales. No one else was ready to buy, so he closes the store. After he restocks the rest of the items.


    Pietro's best day so far. 12 items sold and he made over a little 450 simoleons in profit after restocking and taking out wages for Sergio. We'll use the same perk tomorrow to cut down on cost of restocking. We'll also buy some advertising. With the mark ups getting higher now, we'll want to pull in these sales for a higher profit.

    For now, Pietro gets to sleep.

    (As like the morning, it is obvious Pietro will go to bed after work, so there will no longer be necessary screenshots detailing that. His days off could be different.)

    To Be Continued...
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