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Option to Sell Unwanted Items?



  • sikasika18sikasika18 Posts: 335 Member
    Before this recent update I could rebuild my house with all the rooms i already bought. Now it cost Home tickets to even resize a room, this broke the game for me and I won't play anymore. 🌺🌺🌺🌺 cash grab.......
  • sparkles555sparkles555 Posts: 16 Member
    Yeah, this sucks. Just let us sell back for a reduced rate like we do in the regular games.
  • flameflash82flameflash82 Posts: 14 New Member
    Just going to post a "yep, would love this" option here too. My inventory is looking pretty messy.
  • Angie40Angie40 Posts: 41 Member
    This would help a lot. My inventory is so full it’s crazy.
  • IvanaHaffunIvanaHaffun Posts: 11 New Member
    EA has to make this a priority!
  • VixellyVixelly Posts: 2 New Member
    I also need the option to sell excess items or TRADE them. Specially the excess items from special events i.e BBQ Party Summer Event. I got too many items that I don’t need and I don’t have some of the items I need like the BBQ Grill.
  • kimmychellekimmychelle Posts: 3 New Member
    Please please please let me get rid of this Summer Barbecue event items!!! So many unwanted items, just looking at them in my inventory makes me mad
  • MomstarMomstar Posts: 3 New Member
    It makes sense in Free Play to keep items, because you have multiple houses and can always put the odd outdoor umbrella table (or 3) in storage and use at a different location. Having only one home, it makes no sense to hold onto these umbrellas....unless of course I could access them to update the outdoor seating at the restaurant.
  • MeliMelmoMeliMelmo Posts: 1 New Member
    Please give the option to sell items from storage
  • Wisconsin36Wisconsin36 Posts: 15 New Member
    Any word in Being able to sell things soon yet PLEASE.. :( :s
  • kashelle03kashelle03 Posts: 63 Member
    My inventory is full of so much junk. I'd love to be able to sell items. What am I supposed to do with three complete kitchens? I only have one house. With one of the daily goals being to spend 75 Simoleons a day the inventory fills up quickly with things I'll never use.
  • Wisconsin36Wisconsin36 Posts: 15 New Member
    Kashelle03, I totally agree wish they give us this option and honestly wish they get to us a little faster, Also what's going on with these
  • geekgirl101geekgirl101 Posts: 397 Member
    If buying just to resell for lifestyle is the issue then how about a discard option with no refund? That'll be better than my never-ending supply of sim items.

    Also off-topic would be nice if heirlooms were kept in a separate inventory rather than the storage one, would really help clear things up and wouldn't result in accidental destruction of the heirloom if they do add a discard option.
  • QueenWittyQueenWitty Posts: 2 New Member
    I'd love a sell option for furniture n clothes....too much old stuff filling up storage space...please consider a sell option
  • KayceedeeKayceedee Posts: 2 New Member
    I would settle for a delete option. Or indeed any kind of organisation of the stuff in my storage? Because sometimes I'll decide to remodel my house and then finding a particular item amongst fifty odd pieces of event specific nonsense is nigh on impossible.
  • LFlo72LFlo72 Posts: 2 New Member
    I've only been playing a couple of weeks and I already find it hard to find items in my storage. I can't imagine what a mess it will be after playing longer. So I'd love the option to sell items, even if we didn't get much coins for the items.
  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 118 Member
    Id recommend developers start categorizing items in inventory before it is a complete heap.
  • BuckNastyBuckNasty Posts: 2 New Member
    Having a yard sale to get rid of old junk would be fun!
  • Ellie_McConnell70Ellie_McConnell70 Posts: 40 Member
    > @Nipx351 said:
    > Deleting it sells it back. Notice your funds (if not maxed out) increase as you delete a piece of furniture.
    > TMYK ____ *

    You can delete? How?
  • BelLamelasBelLamelas Posts: 38 New Member
    Yes sell items, i just want to sell the ones i have in double like micrwaves and toilets it’s too expensive to build another wc, and please gives us another option to display trophies, that one is to old fashioned and my house is a little more modern.
  • GkundoGkundo Posts: 24 Member
    I guess devs want us to need more simcash and coin
  • kashelle03kashelle03 Posts: 63 Member
    Still can't sell things, but at least our junk is organized into categories now. I can just avoid the folder with six different kinds of kitchen counters in it.
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