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The overly needy pets bug is back

I've noticed this since January but haven't had time to post about it until now.

Pets are overfilling my sims action queue demanding attention again, even if they've literally just received a tonne load of attention only seconds ago, and it always seems to happen when my sim is eating a meal (ie, gotta go to work in a minute, hunger bar in the red so can't keep getting up to pet the blasted cat)

It's driving my up the wall! I know Bienchen has a hotfix mod to fix this, but (likely due to a patch a while ago resolving the issue) that mod hasn't been updated for a while. I tried adding it but it caused issues in game.

Are EA aware this bug is back? and can anybody suggest any other hotfixes or workarounds please?
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  • EA_RtasEA_Rtas Posts: 1,785 EA Moderator
    Hey there, so all our Bug reporting and tech issue support has moved to the Sims 4 AHQ, best thing to do would be to post there where they should be able to look into it more effectively. I'm going to close this thread off and move it to the archive.
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