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Aspiration Help


One of my sims has the aspiration to be a "Party Animal". I had originally thought that he just needed to throw 5 parties and have 3 of those end up with a silver award. He's thrown a whole bunch of birthday parties (6 kids and every one had child to teen birthday parties) but it just says he only got 1 silver (he didn't) and threw 1 party.

That's when I started to think that they have to be different party types. He then threw a Dinner Party and earned the silver medal award. That jacked up the tally to '2 thrown parties' and '2 silver medals earned'. But there are only 4 types of parties whereas he needs to throw 5 parties.

Has anyone else done this aspiration?
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  • JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    edited September 2014
    Sometimes I really don't understand something...
    The forum has the search option. Maybe EA should upon "make a new thread" offer searching with huge letters with "very angry" jingle from Sims 4?
    :rant off:

    Party animal is probably the easiest aspiration in the game.
    Birthday party? Man...

    A strategy how to do it quickly is written here:

    Now, if something is not clear from that post, do ask please. I'll be happy to help.

    Just two things to set things straight before anyone asks or adds:
    - you don't need deluxe version and additional party types for this aspiration
    - you need deluxe version for two party achievements and I call those pay2win achievements
  • Lizziemay12Lizziemay12 Posts: 1,178 Member
    Oh. I guess thank-you? I had attempted to search but it kept coming up with the Party Animal trait for sims 3. If someone could tell me how to narrow down the search (like only search in Sims 4 threads) would be great.
    Origin Username: LizzieMay +++ New friends are always welcome :)
  • JoxerTM22JoxerTM22 Posts: 5,323 Member
    I apologize, I was a bit harsh up there because of the same repeated spams I'm seeing again today from the same spammers.

    Please, do read what I've written about that aspiration on the link I've provided.
    If you need more details about the whole thing, I'm even prepared to redo the aspiration with a fresh sim, make some pics and etc.
  • Lizziemay12Lizziemay12 Posts: 1,178 Member
    @JoxterTM22 that's OK. I tend to avoid this General Discussion thread because of the sheer amount of reviews about the game. And it's not like they can't just reply to another review and post their comment there, oh no, most people tend to want to create their own thread about their review which most likely matches someone elses. So, that's OK to have a rant but it did sound like you were ranting because you'd seen another post where the same question is asked.

    So, on the other thread are you saying that the dates would count every time? No matter how many times you have a date? Or do the events have to be different to be counted? Like, one birthday party; one dinner party; one wedding; one house party and one date count as the 'throw 5 parties'? I would have thought that throwing 5 birthday parties counts as throwing 5 parties but that's just me I guess :)

    I would appreciate you doing that. I usually turn to that kind of tutorial (I believe Carl's Sims 3 guide did it for the LTWs?) instead of posting about it myself. But you really dont have to go through the trouble. You could just post here with a simple walk through from your first experience with it.
    Origin Username: LizzieMay +++ New friends are always welcome :)
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