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Seasons Weather Preferences Missing Buffs

tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,731 Member
I'm working on my first mod (making hidden traits visible and assigning them missing names/descriptions/icons), which is going great! Everything shows up perfectly in-game. But while testing the weather preference hidden traits from Seasons, I noticed the traits didn't seem to do anything. I went digging in the files to look for associated buffs, and it seems like only Loves Rain, Loves Snow, Loves Wind, and Hates Wind have buffs, meaning the rest of the traits do...nothing? Also, the Loves Rain and Loves Snow buffs are hidden (supposedly affect autonomy, but I didn't notice any autonomy changes during my testing), so I don't really count those. I expected all of the traits to have visible mood buffs similar to Loves/Hates Wind.

I'm very new to modding and a bit overwhelmed as I only just figured out the basics, but I'm going to try to make the missing buffs. So far I've found two other traits that seem relevant to the Loves/Hates Wind buffs - loot_Trait_Hidden_Weather_Preference_Love_Wind and loot_Trait_Hidden_Weather_Preference_Hate_Wind. From what I can tell, these remove conflicting weather preference traits and remove the associated buff. Shouldn't they add the associated buff? Am I reading it wrong or looking in the wrong files? Here's what I'm talking about (for loot_Trait_Hidden_Weather_Preference_Hate_Wind):

<V t="buff_removal">
<U n="buff_removal">
<L n="buffs_to_remove">

My next question is, how do I add a buff to a trait? :sweat_smile: I've looked for a tutorial, but everything I found uses Mod Constructor, and I'm trying to learn how to do it in Sims 4 Studio.

I don't see any code that references the Hates/Loves Wind buffs in the Hates/Loves Wind trait tuning files, so I don't know how they're connected aside from possible the aforementioned loot files. For example, Loves Snow has the following code in the trait tuning file...

<L n="buffs">
<T n="buff_type">189232<!--buff_Trait_WeatherPreference_LovesSnow--></T>

...which is how I assume I do it. But Loves/Hates Wind has no similar code in its trait tuning file. I'm just so confused :cold_sweat: Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Hey! It's hard to explain everything you're asking about, but after having a look I can see that some of this is for the High Maintenance trait and some alters Sims walking style. The sun preferences mostly have an effect for Sims that require High Maintenance and rain preferences mostly have an effect on how Sims behave outdoors when it's raining. Otherwise it lets Sims share their weather preference and complain about weather.

    As for altering the traits themselves, you're on the right path. You can add the "buffs" section to any trait and Sims with this trait will receive this buff every time that trait is added to them or when they spawn/travel. This is of course for buffs that are meant to always be present on the Sim which wouldn't work if they are meant to be dependent on the weather. Making that a thing is more complicated and requires some learning on how the weather stuff works in the game.

    Consider joining the Creator Musings discord server for more assistance with modding, that would be the place where using Sims 4 Studio is the most common in tuning modding.
  • tipsycowplanttipsycowplant Posts: 1,731 Member
    @TURBODRIVER So sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification. But thank you for your explanation! I'm glad to hear I'm on the right path at least :sweat_smile: I'll definitely check out the discord server - thanks for the link!
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