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Selvadoradian interruptions

I frequently vacation at Selvadorada and I love having kids. Especially babies, they're so cute and easy to care for, which goes double when your nanny glitches out and becomes basically a live-in that never sleeps. XD

So I go to Selvadorada and get a message to remember that I've left my babies with the nanny and 'if I wish' s/he will care for them at home and charge me for their time when I return. I never get anything to interact with, nothing comes up to ask which I prefer, nanny or daycare. I just go to Selvadorada.

And while I'm there I get repeated messages that my children have returned from daycare. They come in multiple-message clumps. Just 2-6 separate messages saying the same thing fill up my message box at once. This has happened on every save and with every family I play. I really don't get why they would be sent back home when the parents are not there, so why are those constant messages being generated?
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