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CC issue with feet being attached (Fixed, See inside for solution)

Amby316Amby316 Posts: 1,408 Member
When i use CC shoes the feet always have a skin colored bar between them, they look attached to each other. Today it has started doing that without CC Shoes on but a CC nightgown. Anyone else had this problem or know a way to solve it?
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  • AlistuAlistu Posts: 741 Member
    It sounds like there is an issue with the weights between the Sim's ankles. This is normally CC specific when the creator hasn't assigned them correctly. It shouldn't be affecting EVERYTHING that is CC.
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  • snailwizardsnailwizard Posts: 1 New Member
    I've had this problem too, especially since the new patch!
  • Amby316Amby316 Posts: 1,408 Member
    from EA Answers HQ
    Username: yaoiismylife1324

    "I fixed it on my game and all you have to do is go to

    Game Options


    Sims : Very High

    Objects : Low

    Lighting : Low

    Reflections : Medium

    Visual Effects : Medium

    Edge Smoothing : High

    3D Scene Resolution : Medium

    View Distance : High

    Post Processing Effects : checked

    Apply Changes

    It will tell you something and it will pop up on you seen after you click the Apply Changes

    Then Exit the Game Options

    Exit Game
    Save and Exit
    And go back in your Game and I think it will work for you it worked for me "

    This also worked for me.

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