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Sims 4 Island Living update issues

I just downloaded the pack today, but since they did the update the day before Island Living I have been having major issues with the game crashing. The first day of the update it was when I tried to place a door(I did not even download the pack yet just the update.) Now the game crashes randomly. A lot. I noticed some reviews for island living said they had problems with game crashing too. I'm wondering if this will be fixed? Has anybody else heard about this? Is it a big problem or just a few of us unlucky players?

I do not want to give up on my sims.


  • iamoz96iamoz96 Posts: 5 New Member
    I had this problem before the hot fix patch after Island Living was released. You shouldn’t have anymore crashes in the game if you have the most recent hot fix patch. So the bugs should already be repaired. But I’m not sure if there are still crashes since I have not built anything recently.
  • Gamer12Gamer12 Posts: 104 Member
    It is still crashing for me. 😫
  • WesnicWesnic Posts: 4 New Member
    This is currently happening to me!! Also since I purchased island living. During all game play including trying to save the game. Very frustrating!!
  • RebeccaJeanine71RebeccaJeanine71 Posts: 25 Member
    I'm not having issues with my game crashing since I changed the graphic settings (made a new profile with my graphic properties where it runs for performance rather than good graphics... it didn't change the graphics on my end... not sure how it works for others. But one problem i"ve noticed is with the lighting. The lights light up the walls and floor... but not the couches, counters and other items.. anyone else have this issue?
  • BfeverBfever Posts: 28 Member
    I'm on PS4 and was having problems with the game crashing during travel a few weeks before Island Living and it has only gotten worse after the door fix update. Before, the game would crash after I traveled to more than 2 locations, but I would be able to travel when i loaded the game back, then it would crash on my way back home. Now, it crashes each time my sims travel. It's frustrating. It also crashes when i'm exiting the game and going into manage world. I've reported this so many times-each time it happens on the PS4, on the EA page and on twitter. I'm too annoyed to even play anymore because what's the point? I've built so many community lots that my sims can't visit and they can't even travel to their owned retail stores and restaurants. I hope that this is fixed in the next update. If anyone else is having these issues on PS4 and was able to find a workaround, I would love to hear it! Some xbox users were having this crash issue and mentioned that they turned off the usage reports in the options. I tried that and it didn't work for me. I went to an old save from March and it still crashed. Sigh...
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