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Forcing mermaids to stay in disguise?

So far my mermaids have been a very secretive bunch, who changed not even when swimming. That means they must be capable to control their form to a certain extent.

There are two exceptions:
- When a mermaid is friends with my active sim, they will change into merform, regardless of how many random strangers witness it.
- Active sims who are mermaids will always change into their merform.

Both scenarios are not ideal for my backstory.
Is there a way to keep played mermaids in their disguises? Mod, cheat, I'll consider anything.
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  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 16,976 Member
    I looked through everything that I have and I can't find anything like what you are looking for. I do have one idea but it would be a bit of work, and only suggest it if you're taking photos for your story. My suggestion would be to create a copy of your mermaid in CAS, and then bring the copy in live mode and turn the copy into a human by eating two kelps. Then use the human version for the pictures your needing to take for your story.
  • kalaksedkalaksed Posts: 2,528 Member
    there are three mermaid-related hidden traits that i'd suggest you check if the sims have (one works on everyone and it makes mermaids willing to swim in merform around them). removing them from mermaids and/or the friendly sim should help with unplayed... now, played mermaids is another story...

    the following are mermaid-specific:

    and this trait is the one that makes mermaids with the above traits willing to swim freely around another sim with the trait (this one comes from using the ordinary conch shell when a mermaid is nearby and them coming to explain about the shell):

    mermaids can get the 'woke' trait, too, if they blow the shell
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,137 Member
    That's a good idea, but I meant the backstory to my save. As in: not a story that I'm writing, but the rules of that save. Jumping into a public swiming pool with a fish tail is a big no-no followed by a stern "Eww, that's unhygienic", which in turn will be followed by a fine and a ban from the gymn for repeated offenses (And by some political stuff that would be way off topic here).

    I checked and the sim in question indeed had the Discovered trait, which I removed immediately. However, I'm still lost at how this whole thing works. At the moment my only playable merman attends college in San Myshuno, so all my/his problems are in regards to swimming pools. And it seems the merman
    - stays in human form if he enters the pool from a sitting position
    - randomly uses human or merman form if "swim here" is issued while he is still outside the pool
    - always (?) uses merman form if the diving plaform is used, which can result in
    a) him getting the Discovered trait or
    b) he doesn't get the Discovered trait, but glitches out and keeps his tail even after leaving the pool (resetting removes tail again)

    It's a mess and half of the time I'm unsure if I'm looking at glitches or normal game behavior. But at least I identified the diving platform as the main cuplprit. Perhaps lorewise it plunges the sims into the water too fast/intense for them to keep control over their shapechanging - I got to explain it somehow.
    Simblr Currently running: Phillips Family life, loosely inspired by Detroit: Become human
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