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Feedback on parties



  • SunseekreSunseekre Posts: 3 New Member
    There should be an incentive to encourage hosts to interact with guests to try to get the party to level 10.

    If I join a friend's party and see that they have started their party and logged out shortly after and then their party does not hit level 10, I remove them from my friend's list.

    Even if your lot does not have the room to have a lot of party activities, hobby activities and job activities, as a party host, you are able to interact with party goers without needing energy.

    You get 25 party points per friendly or flirty interaction so even if you have only a couple guests, as a host you can interact with guests to ensure that your party reaches level 10.

    If there was incentive to reach level 10, perhaps fewer people would start a party and log out.
  • TacoTaco Posts: 34 Member
    I would like to be able to go to more than 2 parties per day.
  • HeronyxHeronyx Posts: 31 Member
    The problem with the parties doesn't have anything to do with the level of the players it is a simple fact that young children are playing this game even though I think most Sims games are targeted towards people over 12. If you allow a small child or someone with the mentality of a child to host a party then they simply don't preform any actions such as talking to other guests. So the level doesn't go up. Also you can't even advise people what to do as they don't use the chat option. I had my first party a while ago and got it to level 8 by myself before I got bored. This is just many problems with this game and the massive gap between the developers ideas and the actual players.
  • HeronyxHeronyx Posts: 31 Member
    [quote="phoebebebe13;c-16517592"]I would like to add a request. Is it possible for EA to give extra stickers just when someone is hosting a party. You run out of stickers hosting a party and still having to attend two parties a day, If the extra stickers is not possible if you host a party it should count as one party for the day [/quote]

    You're only supposed to give stickers if you actually like the person's sim or their outfit so you won't run out of you're more selective about who you give one to. I used to be quite generous and then I realised that people weren't giving my non human Sims. Now I only give stickers if the person actually looks cool or something like that.
  • BelLamelasBelLamelas Posts: 38 New Member
    It’s the responsability of the party hosts to level the party up, what we can do as invited people is very low, but some people don’t care. They should level up the rewards as an incentive.
  • GkundoGkundo Posts: 24 Member
    Kinda sucks to pick a party where the player doesn’t really do much and the results end at level 2-3.
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