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Funny moments!!


  • berm4544berm4544 Posts: 4 New Member
    Hahaha that weird but funny :D
  • keenowkeenow Posts: 508 Member
    (Was sorting pictures and found this oldie from the clingy-baby glitch days.) :joy:


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  • MilwayLangMilwayLang Posts: 171 Member
    Well, this is horrifying
  • FirandeFirande Posts: 653 Member
    The Sims 4: Horror Stalker Edition




    This is how I play my game now:
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  • PlainevilPlainevil Posts: 199 Member
    Theses screen shots are a few years old but the Gym that ran out of towels always made me smile.

  • GoldenBuffyGoldenBuffy Posts: 3,931 Member
    edited June 7
    No body put Jason in a corner. Jason literally walked into that corner and just stood there... watching.

    Wei and his wife Zoe, with youngest son under foot. It just imitates real life so much for me that it's funny. Stinky food in the fridge, mom trying to cook dinner, toddler messing around under the counter, and hubby wondering when dinner's ready.

    Taking a pic of your sister wiping out on the slip n slide.

    The birds! lol
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  • peanutsinspacepeanutsinspace Posts: 20 Member
    @GoldenBuffy I have a cat in game that does that. Sits on a counter top and just stares at the wall. Love your other pictures, the bird one made me laugh!
  • GoldenBuffyGoldenBuffy Posts: 3,931 Member
    Thanks! Glad you like them. I wonder what makes certain sims and certain pets go sit or stand in a corner? I find it funny though.
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  • coleslaw_1915coleslaw_1915 Posts: 2 New Member
    [quote="LittleGirlsCry;c-16228529"]I don't have a picture, but I had a vegetarian Sim make himself microwave dinner on his own and then have some chicken nuggets. :smiley: [/quote]

    One time, I forgot my sim was a vegetarian, and I noticed he was hungry so I had him microwave some chicken nuggets. He immediately became very sad but would not stop eating.

    Another one of my sims always refuses to do stuff like put her son to bed because she claims she can’t get to it, but other sims have no problem.

    A few of my sims have been known to get trapped between the bed and the wall.
  • WynnoxWynnox Posts: 42 Member
    edited June 15

    Got this particularly cursed image from when my sim's two kids were going through the bear phase, yikes! :lol:
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  • coleslaw_1915coleslaw_1915 Posts: 2 New Member
    Also, on the Sims Mobile, I’ll have my sims perform an interaction that requires them to sit at the same table. Only one sits down even though there is nothing blocking the other chair, so she just sits there talking to herself.
  • notasmokealarm09notasmokealarm09 Posts: 160 Member
    Throwback photo for me. Paxton, Cedar and Sage panicking about a thunderstorm. While their dad is just done.
  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 332 Member
    don't know if it's funny enough for you, but it made me laugh and was the first time I saw this.
    So I wanted a lazy sim to clean up a glass and this option came up
    it just so fit her character, anything to avoid cleaning, rather ponder....
  • SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 1,972 Member
    Apparently, Grim likes a good book after reaping.

  • Thunderbat87Thunderbat87 Posts: 193 Member

    Siblings... apparently they couldn’t agree on who should climb the ladder first. :D
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 1,553 Member
    Does he want to save Earth or...? :D

  • StarstruckSimmerStarstruckSimmer Posts: 281 Member
    td998 wrote: »
    So this just happened

    Wait what
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  • StarstruckSimmerStarstruckSimmer Posts: 281 Member
    These are all golden.
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 14,081 Member
    ldmarko wrote: »
    Several things wrong with this one.



    1. That's a girl.
    2. This wasn't even peeing interaction, she was talking to the dog.
    3. She stood like that for a long time.
    4. Did I mention that's a girl?

    Forgive me for point this out, but I fear your Sim has gender dysphoria. What a glitch. Yikes!
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  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 236 Member
    I'm focused down in the kitchen and I hear a conversation off in the near distance. I'm wondering if there's a stray visitor in the house I didn't know was there so I pan over the house to look for them only I can't find anyone. One sim is sleeping in his room above the kitchen so I zoom in on him to discover it's him mumbling in his sleep! He talks and makes noises all night. The first sim I've had that did this, I've had a few that laughed every once in a while but not like this. Too funny.
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  • StarstruckSimmerStarstruckSimmer Posts: 281 Member
    ''Uhm, Mom? Please, get your chest out of my drawing tablet.''
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  • olvrbsnolvrbsn Posts: 41 Member
    Marktn wrote: »

    Flirty Racoon, after The Romance Festival.

    So funny, this picture gets me everytime. XD

    I laughed so hard when i played politician sim first time, specifically for the unlocked interaction 'Make empty promises' 'Ask for bribe'.
  • StarstruckSimmerStarstruckSimmer Posts: 281 Member
    When you catch your boyfriend applying your make up on himself.
    And when he keeps going...
    (She was really surprised to see her boyfriend in such conditions :lol: )

    I can't stop imagining her yelling "WWHHHHHYYYY!" in the last image.
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  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,251 Member
    When you just gave birth but your vampire dad is too busy flirting with the butler to care

  • StarstruckSimmerStarstruckSimmer Posts: 281 Member
    Just a little CAS glitch..

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