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Holding spot so I don't have to dig for these...

The Goth's Part 13:

Dalia centric:

In the few day since Mortimer left for school Dalia had become pretty lonely, she only knew The Goth's and Cornelia was not exactly girl friend material, it was inappropriate to hang out with Gunther and she was with Timmy and Meghan pretty much all day and 10 year olds were not exactly masters of conversation. She was friends with Kate, and had been "introduced" to Colby via fake seduction to one up Mortimer...but he wasn't exactly a friend.

She decided to call Kate and meet down at the park, Kate asked if it would be okay to also invite Kyle, Dalia agreed that would be fine.

They met up and decided some roller skating would be a fun thing to do together...



Kate suggested they check out the kissing booth, they headed over...Kyle shocked Dalia and headed strait for the female kissing booth attendant.




Kate didn't seem shocked by Kyle's behavior at all but Dalia was curious as to why she went to the female attendant when she was Colby's girlfriend (pretend they never broke up....), Dalia didn't want to be nosy but decided to ask anyways.


Dalia tried to ask tactfully but Kyle interrupted her stutterings as she could see Dalia becoming flustered trying to remain PC, and explained the she had always been attracted to girls, and even had a few flings in college, Colby was the first guy she was ever really attracted to.


Dalia was genuinely interested and asked if Kyle considered herself Bi, Kyle said she did, Dalia liked the honesty of this girl.



The next day the girls met up at the library, they wanted to start a book club, and were discussing what book they wanted to start with...

Kyle proposed "Why Do Vampires Su*ck?"


She had heard it was a real page turner...


Kate proposed "Game of Thorns" Riley had read it and loved it.


There was much the end "Game of Thorns" won out.



A few days later Kate decided to invite Dalia and Kyle over, Riley had been distant lately, working tons of hours and Kate was very lonely.


....unfortunately Colby was up to no good *AGAIN* (this was very much unprompted but worked in to the story perfectly when I noticed Kyle in the background, I have to separate these two constantly! :angry: )



Kyle was of course pi*ss*ed, but mostly blamed Colby because she did know of his 4 year obsession with Kate.




That was the last straw..!! Time to be rid of that son of a motherless goat for good....


Kyle ran upstairs to get Colby out of her sight...


In the mean time Dalia showed up...Kate pulled her aside and told her what happened.


Dalia volunteered to go up and talk to Kyle as Kate probably would get punched right in the face. Kyle was as expected not very happy...


Dalia tried her best to cheer Kyle up.





It happened so fast Dalia didn't have time to process what was happening or react to it...



The shock wore off and....


Dalia tried to be gentle in her explaining to Kyle that she just wasn't into girls, she told her that she in love with Mortimer, which was the first time she had actually actively had that thought, it surprised her and suddenly she missed him tremendously.


Kyle was very much embarrassed, she blamed the whole thing on her emotional state, Dalia agreed. Dalia told her she very much wanted to be her friend, she would help cheer her up but not with her lips...


They parted as very good friends....



*******Goofs and Simmy Silliness*******

Kate and Riley are a very close couple!


A dancin' Deer!


It's not polite to stare....for minutes on end!!


Still staring!!


So exactly where IS his cell phone?? *I wasn't spying!!!* ;)<3


And because I love him THEM.....


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    The Goth's Part 14:

    Mortimer Centric:

    Mortimer and Dalia have been keeping in touch since he left 2 weeks ago, they try to text each other at least a few times per day and talk on the phone every night.


    Liz is becoming obsessed, she thinks about Mortimer constantly....


    ..she has no problem creeping around his house...and watching him sleep. :o


    She sneaks quietly out in the wee hours of the morning...(Mortimer should consider door locks!)


    She gets back to her dorm at 2:00 AM...all her dorm mates think she is a big partier, staying out so late every night.


    Liz couldn't sleep and decided to take a wolfy walk....


    Strait over to Mortimer's and started howling...


    She of course woke up Mortimer, who was not happy with her at all...he started wacking the noisy wolf with a newspaper!


    Liz reacted as expected for a miffed werewolf...


    She was pretty dang vicious and Mortimer was a bit freaked out...


    he had no idea why she kept showing up at his house and annoying him, he had made it perfectly clear he was not interested in her.



    Liz then said something that scared the ever loving he*ck out of Mortimer

    "I know all about Dalia, and she is in mortal danger unless you do what I want!"

    He had never mentioned Dalia by name how would Liz know about her? The thought scared him so much he actually peed himself.



    Mortimer vanished into his house mortified...after a shower he decided to let Dalia know what just happened via chat...


    Dalia warned Mortimer he should get locks for his doors and probably even curtains if he didn't have them as that Liz girl may be taking pictures or video of him. Mortimer thought that Liz taking pictures or video of him sounded far fetched but decided it sounded like a good idea to get the locks and curtains regardless.


    Later in the day while shooting hoops Mortimer felt weird like he could feel someone staring at him, he turned around and sure enough Liz was across the street staring at him. He would get those locks installed quickly, she was starting to freak him out.


    Liz smiled to herself, put away her camera and went back to her room for a mid afternoons nap....she was very happy with the pictures she got today, the one of Mortimer on his computer was a prize possession to her, she had been standing right outside his door..

    She smiled to herself and snuggled down into the sheets...




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    The Goth's Part 15:


    First rainbow I've ever seen in in game!


    Arrrgghh!! Yup, I forgot a burglar alarm.... :s


    *Luckily* Liz was snooping around Mortimer's still unlocked house...


    She is brave, but was no help what so ever!


    No!! Not the TV!!!!!


    🌺🌺🌺🌺!! (**note to self move bookshelf out a squidg..)


    Liz..."Hey where did the TV go??" :s



    "See Ya Su*ck*ers!!" (wonder where he put the TV....)



    Liz got out of the house right after the burglar, her night of snooping was ruined, she just wasn't up for it after what she saw. She went to her favorite thinking spot down by the water. She closed her eyes and was almost asleep when she heard someone splashing around in the water.


    She would know that person anywhere, it was Mortimer...she ran and hid behind some bushes and watched as he got out of the water and got dressed then left...he must have seen her when he got there, she must have really been asleep.


    She climbed out of the bushes after he left and stood there thinking about why she was so obsessed with him, she used to be so normal, she used to have friends, she was well liked, why was she acting like a crazy person whenever Mortimer was around.



    Extra stuff....

    One for @Mikezumi , Sweet Eddy!


    Mortimer at the library in his bathing suit...


    Probably not true love....


    **Autonomous**...they must have heard I was toying with breaking them up (still considering options...)


    4 of my favorite boys...




    Some Uni shots, I love the buildings!




    Riley, just like his dad....



    Edited for flippin' typos! :confounded:
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    The Goth's Part 16:

    Mortimer decided to do a little exploring of the campus and discovered they had a nice outdoor pool, it was a bit too cool for swimming unless you were nuts, but he was hungry and they had a food stand.


    He sat down and was enjoying his muffin...


    Liz had looked over her shoulder and was pleased to see Mortimer...he must be following me she thought to herself...
    She walked over...


    and sat down right across from Mortimer...
    "What do you think you're doing??" Mortimer scowled


    "I need to talk to you.." Liz stated..


    She sat there staring creepily for a few minutes.....saying nothing....


    "WHAT, Speak!!!" Mortimer yelled impatiently...


    "I know all about her...." Liz stated bluntly
    "Know all about Who?" Mortimer asked


    "Dalia" Liz whispered so quietly Mortimer almost didn't hear her...
    "How do you know my girlfriend's name?" Mortimer asked inquisitively...
    Liz sat and said nothing ...


    "" Mortimer was seething...


    "Nothing....forget it..." Liz got up from the table and was going to leave....
    "No!!" Mortimer yelled and grabbed her arm before she got away..


    "You're not leaving, you tell me what you know about my girlfriend and How you know what you think you know!"


    "I don't have to tell you anything!" Liz snarled...


    Then she surprised Mortimer by leaning in and whispering "She won't be a problem much longer...."


    Mortimer was beyond upset, he hauled off and smacked Liz right across the face...


    "You touch her and I'll kill you!!"
    She got right in Mortimer's face and said forcefully...."I'd Love to see you try!"


    Mortimer ran to his car not because he was afraid of Liz, but because he had to call Dalia and make sure she was okay...(he had left his phone at home).

    He looked in the rear view mirror as he drove away and muttered "Da*mn Psycho....."




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    The Goth's Part 17:

    Right before the burglar had entered the house Liz had been doing some deep digging, she knew Mortimer's schedule and knew he wouldn't be home for another 4 hours. It was simple to figure out Mortimer's password for his laptop 12345 is NOT a good password...


    Liz decided to fish into his email, she saw a bunch from someone named Dalia, she assumed this girl was involved with Mortimer and thus a threat to her and Mortimer's happiness...After she had read almost all of the emails she decided to write Mortimer a love letter..while sitting at his dining room table, she snickered to herself as she didn't mail it but stuffed it under his socks in his dresser, hoping that Dalia person would find it. She had also found Dalia's cell phone number included in one of the emails and wrote it down for future use. Just then she spotted the burglar....



    After Mortimer drove home from the chat with The Psycho as Liz was rapidly being thought of as in Mortimer's mind, the girl was seemingly very "off".


    Mortimer tried texting reply...


    Mortimer had moved his favorite picture of Dalia out to the livingroom, next to his laptop...he had tried calling her a few times but she didn't answer, he was getting worried and decided to try emailing her.


    He got into the shower to take his mind off his worrying about Dalia, where the heck was she?? He changed into his jammies and was about to get into bed.....a big surprise was waiting for him!


    Dalia had driven out to spend the weekend with him as a surprise, Mortimer was very relieved to see her!

    Her first words to him were "You should really look into getting those door locks!"


    Mortimer told her all about Liz and how she was now threatening Dalia, Dalia was concerned but not afraid, this Liz sounded like a stalker but she was sure something could be done about it. Campus police could always be called, if she went too overboard. Dalia didn't want to think about it right now she just wanted to spend the weekend with Mortimer. She actually secretly hoped this Liz showed her face, Dalia had a feeling she could kick Liz's butt.


    Next morning Mortimer made waffles for breakfast, they ate together and decided to go for a long walk...


    They wandered around campus holding hands and talking for hours, it was getting a bit dark and Mortimer wanted to show Dalia the best view of the campus so they headed up to one of his favorite spots..


    The mood was very romantic...


    Unfortunately they didn't know they had a visitor......


    Liz had been following them since dusk....she had also started taking pictures. Too bad the campus police didn't know what she was up to...


    They spent all night talking and snuggling in the back of his car. They went back to his place as the sun was coming up...she had missed him horribly for the last few weeks, he felt the same way...everything progressed very rapidly.





    Normally around this stage of the romance Dalia would be pulling back, stopping Mortimer...not this time...

    That is totally the face of someone about to "get it" for the first time! :lol:



    And that is the face of someone right after their first time!


    I actually yelled "Oh my god they're holding hands!" when I saw this, I had never seen any of my other couple do this.... :heart::love:


    They woke up in the middle of the night and......ya know..... :wink: (why they switched sides I'll never know)


    :heart: Ugh!...*Too Cute* Dalia watching Mortimer sleep.... :love:




    :heart: ****************************** :heart: ********************************* :heart:

    The author in me wanted them to wait as long as possible for the first time, the hopeless romantic in me LOVED letting them finally go at it... :blush:


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    The Goth's Part 18:

    Left off here....Mortimer and Dalia blissfully snoozing.



    The next morning...

    "Mortimer do you need clean socks?" Yelled Dalia..

    "Nope, I have a clean pair already...."

    *snicker* :p


    They spent the day up at the hangout:


    Cuddling by the bonfire...


    Mortimer showed off his very lacking mixology skills...(and since he's still a minor I'm sure there was no "juice" involved)


    Both he and Dalia worked on their Golf skills...unaware that Liz was once again watching...


    She was not only watching...


    She ran back to Mortimer's house, she had a special gift for him and that Dalia girl...


    Dalia and Mortimer meanwhile were still hanging out but were getting tired...


    They headed home...


    Mortimer noticed them first....he was scared, Dalia then saw them and was Pi*ss*ed!!



    "Where did these even come from??" Mortimer yelled..

    "I think your little stalker friend has stepped it up a notch..." Dalia was fuming....

    "But these pictures are from today, just a few hours ago! How could she even do that?" Mortimer puzzled..

    Dalia just sighed heavily...."So innocent" she muttered...

    "Oh cr*ap, there's more!!" Mortimer was befuddled...


    "Mortimer we HAVE to get the campus police involved, she's stepped over a bunch of lines!"

    Mortimer agreed and also vowed to get a nice strong lock or several locks on the front!!


    They walked into the bedroom....

    Dalia's anger shot through the roof..."How in the world did that little Sh*it get a picture of me taking a nap?? She was in the house while we were home!! I'll beat her to a pulp!!"

    Mortimer had no doubt Dalia could do just that...



    "Sorry for yelling Mortimer, this stuff just pi*ss*es me off beyond belief, we need to report her and have this end!"

    He agreed completely...



    Dalia went to take a her jammies??? (she doesn't have the never nu*de trait!)


    Mortimer decided to finish up one of his midterm papers...why was there smudge marks all over his laptop? Mortimer wasn't the neatest person ever but he never left his laptop in this state before. Dalia was a complete neat freak and would wipe everything down, she had her own laptop and wouldn't bother with his...who could have touched his laptop???



    Realization dawned on him...."Oh Cr*ap" he said out loud....he has all of Dalia's information in his notes section, he hoped she hadn't looked there!

    He was starting to feel very violated...


    Dalia had to get back home as her shift would start early in the morning..

    Saying goodbye...



    Someone else was watching the tearful goodbye, she was happy about Dalia leaving though..



    Mortimer would miss Dalia a lot....

    Liz would not.


    Dalia chatting with Mortimer after she arrived at home...making sure he was okay.


    Obviously she's still concerned about the picture taking fruitcake!



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    Random between Kate and The Goths

    @emorrill , Just listed them, I had planned on listing them earlier, I was going to go in game for 5 minutes to get a picture of the male version and wound up playing with Gunther and Cornelia for another hour (or two :wink: )! I can honestly say I'm slightly addicted to them right now.

    Male version:


    More of Gunther, Cornelia and Mortimer...this is just messing around it will not become a story or anything.

    Is it just me or do the friendly hugs border on "Ewwwww stop smelling your mother's neck you weirdo!!"


    A pregnant woman watching the kids channel...what could go wrong?!? I only kept her here for a little while.

    Screenshot-14229_zpskdiqck9x.jpg maybe all dang day!!

    Mortimer "So you seriously had your butt in front of the TV all day??"


    The grumpiness coming out in full force!


    "Know what will cheer you up honey?"
    "Watching the kids channel with me for the next 6 hours!!"


    Cornelia is obviously proud of her budding artist son...(might as well have the whole family stuck in the attic)...


    Meeting Mortimer's new teen Colby who I keep meaning to ditch!


    Okay..seriously WTH??? Colby was doing homework, threw down his pencil like he was mad got out of the chair and spontaneously combusted!!


    He's still smoking!!


    Some smoochin'....


    Breaking the news about his impending fatherhood...Dang it I missed the thumbs up! :(






    They christened the new shower....(sorry no cute tushy shots...) :'(



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    I really don't want to count this as a Kate update because only one important think happened, the rest is just messing around and not paying attention to my game!

    This is the important thing...

    Kyle went back from the future with Colby... <3

    BUT this Kyle didn't know this Colby because I couldn't add her to the family in the future so I threw a copy with Colby after he got back (shattering all illusions...sorry), they were only acquaintances when I pressed kiss and expected yelling, but got a great result! Shockingly!!


    Literally the next move....


    I zipped them up to best friend, had Colby ask to go steady then of course threw them over to the time machine for some woohoo in the past!





    They look so happy....and of course one has to go and misbehave! I had nothing at all to do with this, I was watching Cold Mountain and not paying attention to what these little buggers were up to.

    Kyle found my duplicate Jared, I KNEW I should have gotten rid of him!! she complimented his athleticism...he flirted back...


    Then she does THIS...which I swear I had nothing to do with because I was busy watching my duplicate teen Riley get abducted! Guess his mom wanted to see her boy!!


    Riley getting home from his abduction! Jared getting peeved at Kyle (good boy Jared!):




    I zipped her up to friends with everyone in the house, bad idea, she climbed into bed with Connor. If she is dreaming of running away form Colby it won't work!



    Not her colors (she's a warm girl not cool) but since Lisa reminded me of this mystery store pattern I decided to throw it on a temporary formal outfit for Kyle, I may check if the colors can be tweaked tomorrow.


    This is Kenji Black, he is a gift to me from me...I spent literally 2 1/2 hours making him and trying on all sorts of outfits on him and recoloring the heck out of them, I LOVE him!! :heart: Kenji was the first random name to show up and I thought it fit him. He's also got some pr*ick-ish traits which I adore. He's a "starer" ...occasionally I get a Sim when I'm creating him or her who loves staring...boring into my eyeballs while I'm picking out clothes for them, he was an extreme case! I only have one other Sim who was as bad as him, it's a bit creepy.



    And one outtake, Teen Colby learning how to drive from YA Colby!!


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    Kate Part 46:

    I was going to put the up tomorrow but just remembered a few things I have to get done and won't have time for play just feedback.

    Connor was also busy ITF, playing with his sprite, I think his name is Ed...feeding him:


    Ed loved his yummy nanite lunch..


    Leisure time:


    Kyle discussing Colby with one of her ex relatives, Kassie and her brother must have spotted a ghost somewhere..


    He must have badmouthed Colby:


    Colby and Kyle met for a second date soon after..


    A gentleman always shows up with flowers..


    Asking Kyle to be his girlfriend, yes they are moving pretty quick but if they didn't this story would be a 100 parter!!



    First kiss...


    and another...


    The next night they decided to go out to eat for Colby's last night in the future...




    I love this picture of them!


    They left early the next morning....


    Back home...


    Just in time for the twins to age up!

    One more toss in the air before they get to heavy for that...


    Hannah was first..


    I forgot to get actual aging up shots of Karrie..


    I love the look Thornton is giving them!


    Chatting with dad..




    @lanlyn , I never got a woohoo option with the sauna, is yours modded?

    They tried for hours..and hours and hours, cuddling making out...etc...nothing.



    Cleo bows down to no one except the great genie bear...


    I think the bear freaks Cleo out..


    He should be more scared of Kerrie...look at that face!! She is practicing hunting.


    Watch out kitty cat!!!


    Just look at that face!!


    Will practicing hunting... @mycami21 , they are so cute practicing hunting, and nope the girls couldn't practice fighting as toddlers or children. :'(


    Will being a general menace!



    Will do tons of feedback tomorrow.
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    Kate Part 45?

    I decided to send Connor, Thornton and Colby into the future for a fun weekend after Colby's graduation. I also wanted to have Thornton and Connor meet their descendants. Meet the descendants they did and immediately started flirting with them! So I had a couple days of Sims behaving poorly, flirting with great granddaughters throwing wishes to skinny dip with said great granddaughters etc...I'm all for poorly behaved Sims but that was a tad much. I then seeded the town with two girls for Colby, who's only poor behavior was trying to flirt with a plumbot he had made friends with (at my hand...the friendship not the flirting, she had the "capacity to Love chip..oops!)...That plumbot idea for Colby would have worked out great... ;) .


    This is Kyle Gold (Game picked first name I loved it, even though I have a male cousin named Kyle), she WAS a descendant of Thornton's until I binned her and totally tweaked her...because he kept doing bad things to her. This was taken after I tweaked her and she was no longer a descendant of Thornton's, he still did a few semi romantic moves to her after they became friends, mostly holding hands, but I didn't need it progressing..


    NO! Thornton, she is not for you...and if you think for a few seconds you might remember you are Married! :s .


    He really did like her and her sister who I deleted, I threw in a Kate clone, aged her up to YA and tweaked her a little but not much. Figured he wouldn't go after his own daughter but of course the relationship was broken and boy did he go after her!

    This is the sister I deleted...


    This is Kassie, (red dress) Kate's clone tweaked a bit, slimmed down mostly. She was plopped in the Wolff descendants household specifically for Colby, because he loves SV Kate so much...

    No attraction whatsoever, no wishes to pillow fight with her or anything, which surprised me but it turned out to be a good thing as I thought about it and decided having Colby with someone who looked like Kate and could very well be her granddaughter was too weird.


    Colby and Kyle's introduction went much better and she is not related to the Wolff's at this point, just living with them. She is already thinking about dragging Colby to bed! ;)



    That's right Thornton, you just got the faithful moodlet with your Wife, you wouldn't want to ruin that now would you? :o


    Colby wished to go on a date with Kyle, they decided to go dancing at The Erutuf.


    Did a bit of dancing:


    A bit of Hugging:


    Then went beck to the Wolff house and decided a soak in the hot tub would be a good idea...looks like Colby thinks she has cute feet..


    Some cuddling...


    He finally looks happy!



    Meanwhile Back in SV:

    Riley look a bit miffed about the prospect of William aging up:


    He's a cute bugger!


    Riley is next! Finally a YA...


    Kate was next, Finally a YA couple...




    They wasted no time! Impressive pillow flying...







    Pre age up.......

    Kate and William:


    Riley and William:


    Was trying to find Kate, found her behind the school...what was going on I'll never know!! She was doing homework, everyone else was lined up...


    Birdie close up:


    More after feedback... :*

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    Kate Part 44: ??

    First a makeover, Agnes..


    This is what she normally looks like and it is what she looked like when she and Connor were married almost 20 years ago, back before the birth of Colby.


    This is her look today 3 years after she dumped Colby with his dad and checked herself into a "spa" to get her head on strait since she has had a hard time with life since her husband's death and her divorce from Connor. She finally feels like a happy person again.


    Colby's Graduation:

    Colby is technically a few years older than Kate and Riley, when I got him from Mark @thuggishsplicer he was a YA so I aged him down to teen to fit in with the story when he moved in with his dad (Connor) and met his half brother Riley. Colby is Agnes Crumplebottom and Connors child from a very short lived marriage of less than a year.

    Heading to the Town Hall for the ceremony, something must have set Kate off as she is in werewolf mode:


    Colby still thinking about Kate...


    Colby was voted "Most likely to be married" *I'm working on it!!* :D


    Seriously Colby..give it up, she's not available, or maybe he just loves the gift she gave him.



    Had to get everyone being lovey dovey...


    Colby with his mom and dad...Connor had not seen her for three years, Colby called her and invited her to his graduation.



    Colby had a party to go to with the rest of his graduating class so he said goodbye to his parents and ran off to have some fun (or spend the night brooding...looking out a window sighing heavily).


    Connor got brave and asked Agnes if she would like to get a bite to would be nice to catch up with his ex. They only got divorced because Agnes was still not over her first husband's death, she would spend hours sitting by his gravestone in her front yard. She did love Connor, she met him shortly after Erik's death and he was wonderful in helping her deal with the shock of Erik's death, but she never quite got over him fully, she always felt his presence around her house.


    They had a wonderful supper at the Bistro and caught up with how Agnes's life was going, Connor was glad to hear she felt wonderful and had even started calling her sister Cornelia on a regular basis to catch up and talk for hours. Connor was surprised to find out Colby had been calling his mom on the sly for months too, he never mentioned talking to her to Connor.

    They talked for hours...


    It felt like old times...


    Connor knew Agnes's favorite spot was the beach so he asked if she would like to go for a walk on the beach, she accepted....things progressed.





    Connor noticed Agnes was wearing a wedding band, it looked like the one he gave her when they got married all those years ago, Connor asked her why she was still wearing it.


    Agnes admitted she hoped she and Connor could get back together, she knew she messed up the marriage with her obsession with her first husband but he was gone as she was finally over him. She and Connor would definitely have to discuss this....


    A few "maybe I should get rid of my extras" and other oops! pictures....and silliness.

    Killian's ship is still hanging around!


    Too many extras!! Two Killians, Erika, Elizabeth, Kate, and Penny.


    Brien can stick around town as long as he wants!! This is the third Eliza I saw!


    Eliza again, number 2 I think, interesting choice of athletic wear...


    Edmund, Emma, Julianna, and Tristan, they look so out of place in SV..


    Some hot tub smooching...Jared and Rosie:


    Colby judging me for stalking him in the tub... I was not...really, I wasn't!! :blush:


    Maybe I will ditch the squares.... ;):o


    Ugh! Vlad that is so beneath you.....




    First time I ever saw Erik in any of my saves!!



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    Kate Part 43: (I think..) :/

    Change of plans...

    Colby was a lonely brooding chap who had been semi secretly (lets be honest everyone knew!) in love with his half brother's girlfriend since he met her a few years ago. After Kate had Riley's baby a year ago Colby had become even more broody and depressed, he needed a diversion to get his mind off Kate. Connor decided to take Colby into the future for a bit of a vacation, who knows maybe Colby would meet the woman, man or whatever of his dreams!


    Connor decided he wanted to get a plumbot because the house they were in now was huge and since everyone worked or went to school it could get pretty nasty as they were all too tired to clean, Colby tagged along on the shopping trip. Not sure what that woman is looking for in a plumbot but this one didn't seem to suit her needs... ;):o


    Connor decided on the model behind him then tweaked it beyond recognition to make the pink/purple one he is talking to, her name is Rosey.


    Colby getting to know their new housemate..


    Time for a tune up...


    Guess he did something wrong...something Very wrong!!



    She must be playing a lullaby...a very effective one!


    Having a bit of fun before heading home..


    They got home just in time for Colby to age up...





    Now is where the story takes a turn and some of this will not be taking place, Jared was being used as my stand in for Colby as this Jared doesn't matter, he is an extra. I just wanted to see if what I wanted to do is possible,'s not, so Colby's happy ending is still up in the air. I'm only posting these because it was a fun little diversion and I love Jared so... :wink:

    Jared: " want me to do WHAT with this thing?"

    Jared: shaking his head making a sour face...pouting.."Seriously???"


    Jared obviously isn't overjoyed and it appears very bored with my little experiment...


    Time to get over all that Jared, warp speed relationship time!



    Not so terrible huh Jared..





    Jared was getting a bunch of Rosie related wishes, watch the stars was one and since was almost morning they went out before there were no stars to watch....


    True Love! The chickens are even questioning Rosie and Jared's relationship.


    She is sharing her true feelings (I think that is what the action is called):


    Another huge warp speed...normally I would have Jared propose but the action never showed up for him.



    And a quickie wedding!





    Now to see if it works.....

    No woohoo action, expected that, but Get Frisky is there..yeah! BUT it only lasts for the 2 days that they are newlyweds.

    I best try it out....just to make sure. >:)


    They got interrupted the first try...Stoopid CONNOR!!!!

    Connor OUT....!


    Rosie: "Your brother is a real pain in the butt!"


    Then the notice that everyone had to go to Colby's graduation showed up...They snuck in a quick "Get Frisky" before they left to the graduation.


    Well that worked!


    Awwww!! They actually do make a cute couple...though Jared could be with Bigfoot and I'd probably be cheering for him. <3



    These are from before I decided to use Jared as my guinea pig...I didn't want Colby any moodier than he is normally if things went south, which they do...only two days of woohoo does not make for a fulfilling marriage.

    Don't barf Jared she's going to be your wife in about 1/2 hour!


    Colby turned out really nice (thank you Mark @thuggishsplicer !!), I see more of Connor in him than Agnes...




    Now I will finish up on feedback, I have a package of Oreos as a reward when I do finish!

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    Day 3 of the Penny 5x5 repopulate the town challenge. Stuff is getting way too easy at this point, she added on 2 times, collected a ton, painted a ton and moved in The Goths, and Finally the Frios (couldn't take it any longer I was having tremors without Connor in town)!!
    This was the add on from yesterday that I forgot to take pictures of Screenshot-815_zpsn6hzkepz.jpg
    Went to the Alchemy shop and did some beekeeping, the honey and beeswax bring in some nice $$Screenshot-821_zpsrotze9us.jpg
    She ( was me!) started getting a little weird in her still life subjects, this is her butt....Screenshot-833_zpsnzqbjkpd.jpg
    As is this:Screenshot-825_zpsngqfb9st.jpg
    As is this...Yikes!! Cover your eyes kids!Screenshot-853_zpsulvwjht1.jpg
    I guess I neglected to take pictures of the next expansion but I moved in the Goths with it.Screenshot-856_zpssmzgek9z.jpg
    Found it! This was the first expansion todayScreenshot-855_zps7cxgsj7c.jpg
    From the outside, added a garden too, redid the siding, and added more porch.Screenshot-837_zpsif1x4jmj.jpg
    Catching pretty butterfliesScreenshot-842_zpshjkukpj5.jpg
    Dating Dylan (who my lovely husband dubbed.."girlie" :'( :Screenshot-844_zpste5gwo5j.jpg
    Penny assuring Dylan he is not "girlie"Screenshot-846_zps2krgicmf.jpg
    Fixing the blasted potty for the 30th time!Screenshot-849_zps2dqgvk5d.jpg
    Caught a FalconScreenshot-860_zps0ppvwsqp.jpg
    Never saw a child ghost before, Penny making friends with herScreenshot-863_zpsvafbdowd.jpg
    Next AdditionScreenshot-866_zpssaytdomn.jpg
    Outside view of new addition:Screenshot-867_zpse03mhc7q.jpg
    Moved my boys in with this expansion!Screenshot-871_zpspa0zse2x.jpg
    The Frio houseScreenshot-872_zps6ehdjfet.jpg
    She didn't ONLY paint butts, here are some of her other paintings:Screenshot-824_zps2wd9ize8.jpg
    Another Blob paintingScreenshot-827_zpsdcqglb4m.jpg
    KEEPING It!!Screenshot-831_zpsa0b9bwrw.jpg
    Look at that texture!Screenshot-832_zpstv8yv7ra.jpg
    Pretty Birdie, @CravenLestat looks kinds like the bird in your pictureScreenshot-850_zpshhcp7vbf.jpg
    That's about it, tomorrow I may give the poor girl a break and let her travel. :smiley:
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    Day 4 of Penny's 5x5 repopulate the town challenge, Today she got a bit of a break as I shipped her off to China for a vacation:

    Welcome to China!Screenshot-877_zpszqpkzo1f.jpg

    First thing on the list, swipe all the expensive books! I will not sell these when she gets home as they are worth at least $15,000 so that would be cheating. Screenshot-878_zps6u2b09b6.jpg

    Then she headed over to the Abandoned barn as that has both seeds and treasure, I got a star cut Jade this time!!Screenshot-879_zpsd9fs6upf.jpgScreenshot-880_zps3zgohb1u.jpg

    Then over to the big scary Dragon!Screenshot-886_zpsyy121ww3.jpg
    Lotsa coins and treasure here!Screenshot-893_zpso7bdlp8k.jpgScreenshot-896_zpsqoyrqnz4.jpg
    She got an armful of bugs investigating the last hole, can't blame the scared expression hereScreenshot-900_zpsobs0pwqy.jpg
    Yeah, treasure!Screenshot-901_zpsog39eeyj.jpg
    Lots of pulling the big rock monster guysScreenshot-897_zps3eptn9vp.jpg
    Explored the catacombs right before going homeScreenshot-902_zpsuketqm8r.jpg
    Lookie what she found!!! that is only the second ever genie lamp I've ever found in the year I've been playing.Screenshot-904_zpstgg8bu3t.jpg
    Back at home decided to do some sculptingScreenshot-907_zpsdzdvdjxx.jpg
    Found a bunch of GemsScreenshot-914_zpshnwivboo.jpg
    Both Seth and his brother Simon seemed interested, but Simon is taken as far as I'm concerned (his girlfriend moved in with my latest expansionScreenshot-917_zps5jkoaqzp.jpg
    Dancing with DylanScreenshot-920_zpsgnuwlee2.jpg
    Asked to sleep overScreenshot-923_zpsejprbbuq.jpg
    More Dancing (party again the next night!) Dancing with DylanScreenshot-929_zpskypjsar7.jpg
    Dancing with SethScreenshot-933_zpsi8juewvx.jpg
    Latest expansionScreenshot-936_zpsua6fii2c.jpg
    Screenshot-937_zpsjuloksyc.jpgI'll decorate tomorrow..Screenshot-938_zpskd1cs5mf.jpg
    And the newest residents...Vladimere!! his wife Pearl, his sisters Julia and Summer (Simon's future wife) and his adopted daughter Victoria, here is Pearl, pictures of the others tomorrowScreenshot-940_zpsbybwyoht.jpg
    Only a few painting today: Could NOT sell this one!!Screenshot-935_zpshogvirvg.jpg
    And of course a new still life...of her butt! that makes 4 on the butt wall...Screenshot-931_zpszqwkjvld.jpg
    Could only get three in the shot..Screenshot-932_zpsjxtpelcx.jpg

    That is all for today, thank goodness Penny tuckered me out!
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    Day 5 of Penny's 5x5 repopulate the town.

    I'm easing off her painting, she mastered it awhile ago and she only has to paint about 4 large paintings for her $10,000 expansion money and it was getting too easy. She will probably get a job tomorrow to cut up the day and make it even more difficult to earn money quickly.

    House with the new addition decoratedScreenshot-954_zpsrm4mfsek.jpg

    Looking into her bedroom from the livingroomScreenshot-978_zpsybh9g7oj.jpg
    Continuing the theme....Screenshot-950_zps1puaknjo.jpg
    Nice Zebra, Kept it!!Screenshot-975_zpsfuple2dg.jpg
    3 of my favoritesScreenshot-976_zps3ifhrdsn.jpg
    The great wall of clocks:Screenshot-953_zpseht3fdrv.jpg
    The great wall of butts! (too bad some are so dark)Screenshot-977_zpsbhcnp2r5.jpg

    I finished up with Penny and decide to see what was going on in the neighborhood....
    Vladimere and Pearl, flirting as per usual!Screenshot-962_zpsnhp9mqaz.jpg
    Seth's family decided to get some dogs, which I typically HATE, but as I watched the momma and three little buggers play I decided to spare them (usually they would be aged up until grimmy came for them)! The mommma's name is Bella, which I find amusing as Belle is in this household and her mom's name is Isabelle, so now there are 3 variations of the name in that 1 house! here is Bella getting some shut eye...Screenshot-967_zpsutkgaxzz.jpg
    My Golden, Charlotte does this all the time, love it!! Screenshot-966_zpskzabfinz.jpg
    One of the puppies, forgot their namesScreenshot-964_zps014olouv.jpg
    Two of my favorite boys!! my "twins" Connor and NateScreenshot-961_zps2x2thkje.jpg
    **Sigh** <3 Connor.... <3Screenshot-959_zpsclz4gilq.jpg
    Grimmy chatting with someone after he "finished business"Screenshot-958_zpsyk4l3lif.jpg

    That's it for today. :smiley:

    Testing something....5d398d9e-f6c7-4a33-91f0-a56ff77fca85_zpsajsgg5hq.jpg

    Yeah! it worked, I tried lightening up the butt wall, now you can actually see most of Penny's tushy pictures. ;)
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    Penny 5x5 repopulate the town day 6:

    I decided to change things up and send her to the future, meeting Emit:Screenshot-990_zps8kkzpuai.jpgScreenshot-992_zpstyy33mux.jpg
    Collecting nanites:Screenshot-1009_zpsll9nv55p.jpg
    Excavating: looking for parts to the key...Screenshot-1008_zpsykyzo8ib.jpg
    Harvesting crystal flowersScreenshot-1011_zpsdl6zx6gd.jpg
    Finally found all four pieces of the key, went to the shipScreenshot-1012_zpsquvoy7v9.jpg
    Used the keyScreenshot-1013_zpskz1wp1l2.jpg
    Yeah! Treasure!!Screenshot-1015_zps6apkpakh.jpg
    Not sure what to make of this, I guess Penny wasn't looking for a plumbot for woohoo purposes?!?Screenshot-1005_zps2bq8njqz.jpg
    A lovely view....Screenshot-1007_zps6ilxojpc.jpg
    Trying her hand at creating nanitesScreenshot-1001_zps0rlatvuu.jpg
    Chatting with a friend on the computer, that she swiped!Screenshot-1003_zpsrpumq8cd.jpg
    Making friends..Screenshot-1000_zpshw0a5u6h.jpg
    Can't remember his name, but what a cutie!Screenshot-997_zpslml1wkwv.jpg
    Back home...Her expanded Wall O' Clocks! Screenshot-1018_zps95ainbm3.jpg
    Wall O' Butts with new buydebug lights (thanks jillbg, awesome idea!), I may brighten them up a bit but so far the work great!Screenshot-982_zps39x3r5py.jpg
    Look who she ran into after shopping for a few books, <3 Connor, and they hit it off (naturally)Screenshot-1019_zps3cwd1y2l.jpg
    *sigh* that cute simmy face always cheers me up.Screenshot-1020_zpsjbhhrhrh.jpg
    Already good friendsScreenshot-1021_zps06ptp7el.jpg
    Only 2 new paintings for today:Screenshot-984_zps0ldebusx.jpgScreenshot-985_zpsdljz8p5k.jpg

    That's it for today...

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    Just a few screenshots from last nights play:

    Penny Day 6 5x5 repopulate the town

    Does she dare......Screenshot-1025_zpsm7xfegxv.jpg
    She does and turned a lovely shade of yellow! Screenshot-1026_zpscx0d9pzb.jpg
    Cutting Tiberium, this is a gem she picked up ITF, I had no idea what it was till I looked it up, it was making her sick.Screenshot-1028_zpsc0sm39gq.jpg
    Penny put the gem dust from the Tiberium on the ground as they can grow into nice sized spires, I will not let her sell these as they are worth a ton (so I read), they can just be pretty.Screenshot-1039_zps8yz8mmjr.jpg
    Newest addition:Screenshot-1036_zpsu1n5prf8.jpg
    Had to rearrange my clock wall with the new addition, will get better pictures later.Screenshot-1043_zpsiwonclr3.jpg
    Penny's newest collection (she's going to turn into a hoarder!) Nanites!Screenshot-1038_zpsev6rk6a2.jpg
    Close up of the cute little buggersScreenshot-1035_zps7olfmui4.jpg
    Newest painting:Screenshot-1032_zpskdksnmfx.jpg
    What the house looks like now, gotta work on the roof! I don't want it "normal" but am not in love with this either...Screenshot-1040_zpsmb3jgtaa.jpg

    That's all for now. :smiley:
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    Penny 5x5 Day 7:

    With today's expansion I moved the Bunch family in, I need more kids in the school, the Bachelors will be next, Mortimer needs to meet Bella!Screenshot-1047_zpsg96fyi7a.jpg
    Whoopin' Connor's butt in soccer, was he even looking at the ball??Screenshot-1050_zpsvgmfklqn.jpg
    Love this shot, poor deer is hungry!Screenshot-1053_zpsthfasavo.jpg
    Another party at Dylan's house, Jamie is always having them now and he isn't even a party animal.Screenshot-1054_zpscjvhg7op.jpg
    Nothing quite as romantic as making out in the bathroom...848f275b-99d2-45fe-8239-f026cfc040f7_zps2cf8z8vz.jpg
    .......unless it's making out in your brother's bed! :oScreenshot-1063_zpssbweyhlb.jpg
    ...or doing THIS in your brother's bed!! :o:sScreenshot-1064_zpsirvkpfxy.jpg
    Some 🌺🌺🌺🌺 was probably eating firecracker shrimp and started a huge fire at the Bistro, the camera panned over so I checked what was going on only to find Rebecca (Dylan and Jamie's sister) on Fire!! In my panic to NOT save I managed to save the darn game, so Rebecca is gone for good (I do have the family saved in the library though), I decided to go with her death, she was annoying be honest I was more worried about Ethan Bunch, he was awfully close to the fire! and I wuv him.... <3Screenshot-1074_zpsoy8pff7w.jpg
    Dylan is not taking it very well, Rebecca was adopted and he always had a "bordering on inappropriate" relationship with her, they slept in the same bed until just a few days ago
    He really misses her.. :'(
    New addition, off the bedroom, I'm going to start making a second floor with the next expansionScreenshot-1088_zps2ppxhl2t.jpg
    I may start making each expansion $20,000 because $10,000 is too easy and I decided against getting her a job. She has piles of metals hanging around, a thief would love this house!Screenshot-1094_zpsu1vsrmxi.jpg
    Outside the house, I neglected to get new interiors:1736e1e7-b317-4079-88eb-9f5fdb7bb383_zpsx88rsisc.jpg
    Karate butt...Screenshot-1085_zpscf0qstas.jpg
    Kept this one too..
    Pumpkin carving, even though I don't have fall, just spring and summer...Screenshot-1092_zps0d55dxdj.jpg

    Penny is in for some big changes and shocks in the next few days involving this womanfd7adb3f-5924-4af8-a2fd-f75433969470_zpsoqfgwbbb.jpg
    This childScreenshot-1081_zpswqqpizne.jpg
    And this boyfriendScreenshot-791_zps13bj0vyy.jpg
    Interesting animal shots, Grimmy is riding sidesaddle!!
    Silly horsie, not only is she in the gym but stuck there...
    Seems everyone uses Jamie's bed but Jamie!
    That's all for today. :smiley:
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    CCJ Part 3...Something Fishy:

    Claire had to leave to work but Great grandpa Connor was around so Zane struck up a conversation with him, while subtly probing for information on Claire...


    Connor was reluctant to talk about Claire, just mentioning that she and Jared have a son named Andrew, and telling him that they are not in a relationship. He also mentioned that Claire was an absent parent and she and Jared rarely even talked anymore. He thought he may have spilled too much information but he really didn't care, Claire was horrible in his opinion....maybe Zane could straiten her out, he seemed interested enough.

    Zane was surprised to hear that Claire didn't take responsibility for her own child, but was still intrigued enough by her to want to get to know her. Perhaps he could find a reason for her rejecting her own flesh and blood.

    43737939984_f3402ddc38_c.jpgScreenshot-26893 by B Nic, on Flickr

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    Love Hurts (In the end there is Love)


    Jasper: Human 11 years old.


    His IF Edward, becoming a real boy!


    Jasper and Edward after a hair change on Edward.


    Rosie, will age up after she and her IF have a good relationship, she will be the same age as Jasper..

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    In the end there is Love....tentative title.

    Part 1:

    Jared and Connor Frio, brothers, bachelors, bored...on a some would say very ill conceived whim Connor decided to adopt a baby.

    Jared got to the baby first after the social service person dumped him in the house and ran off.


    The little blonde boy was dubbed Jasper and grew very rapidly into a cute little toddler..



    Jasper loved his IF Edward, Edward was his best friend...he spent tons of time singing to him and talking to him.


    Jasper was a very content, easy toddler, a sweet boy through and through.





    Across town Julia Green's newly adopted toddler Rosie was actually being nice to her IF Rowan for once..she never really cared for her doll preferring playing with blocks or with her peg box, Rowan spent most of his time tossed under her bed alone and forgotten..


    Rosie's Birthday was a quiet affair, Just Julia and her daughter..



    Rosie aged up:



    Rosie's IF also aged up, Rowan was annoying as ever Rosie thought...



    Julia suspected her daughter was a bit nuts talking to air like that...



    Soon enough Jasper's Birthday rolled around....



    Jasper has wished for the potion to turn his IF into a real Sim for his Birthday, he adored Edward and wanted to see him as a real Sim as soon as possible. Uncle Jared came through...


    Edward agreed to drink the potion the very next day...



    The change was pretty rapid..


    Edward was very happy to be a real Sim and thanked Jasper profusely..



    stopping here...
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    In the end there is Love Part 2:

    Rosie's science teacher was thrilled Rosie was finally taking the chemistry chapter they were working seriously, she stayed after school for several days working on her potions...Rosie had a pressing reason for her sudden interest in chemistry though...



    She approached Rowan with the potion a couple days later, she liked him invisible but her mother had made several comments about her talking to air and was considering sending her to a doctor to have her mental state checked out. The house was too small and Rowan loved bugging Rosie and she couldn't help but yell at him...turning him real and hiding him was the only solution.

    "Rowan, there you are, I'm going to give you a potion that will turn you real..."


    "What if I don't want to be real?"

    "Drink the potion you little 🌺🌺🌺🌺!" Rosie all but yelled..


    Rowan had been the butt of Rosie's anger for years and decided to clamp up and drink.



    "I knew you'd be ugly..." Rosie muttered as she walked away leaving Rowan to the strange new feeling of being in a human Sim body and not his cuddly ragdoll form.


    Rosie pretty much ignored Rowan but did warn him that if her mother was in the room he better turn back into his invisible form, he was happy to know that was possible. Julia's boss Connor heard Julia and her daughter needed a new place to live their lease was up on the tiny house they were renting and they had to move out. Connor had an old fixer upper he could let them live in for free if they agreed to help Connor and his brother Jared with repairs while they were there. Julia jumped on the offer, she sighed in relief, she was afraid they might have to move back in with her mother and that was a very last resort.


    The house would be ready to move into in a week so Julia, Rosie and Rowan would be moving to a hotel for the week until they could move in the house.

    The hotel...


    Rowan remained in his invisible form while they moved into the hotel for the week. Rosie almost forgot he was around...somewhere. Julia got her daughter settled to bed.


    Julia slid in beside her daughter since there was only one bed...something woke Rosie up, she knew what it was...


    "Rowan I know you're there..." Rowan came out of the bathroom in his human form..."If my mom woke up and saw you you'd get me in a lot of trouble you know!!"

    "Why can't you just explain that I was your IF and you gave me the potion to make me real?"


    "Yeah, because that doesn't make me sound completely nuts...I should have thrown you away while you were still a stupid doll!!" she hissed. "Why did I give you that da*mn potion??" Rowan decided to shut up and not anger Rosie.

    "Just go outside and sleep, I packed you a sleeping bag..." Rosie growled.


    Luckily it wasn't too cold and Rowan was pretty comfortable in his sleeping bag outside.


    He woke up at 4:30 in the morning and went to admire the lighthouse..


    He walked back but his emotions which were pretty nonexistant in his doll form bubbled to the surface, he felt unwanted, hated even, he cried with all the sorrow he was feeling..



    Rosie was an early riser and decided to check up on Rowan, she didn't see him sleeping anywhere but did hear sobbing..

    "Oh great now you're a big baby too!!"


    Rowan cringed..."Why do you hate me so much?"

    "I don't hate you Rowan, I just don't want you around...well you are pretty annoying too."


    "I just want to be your friend Rosie..." Rowan stated sadly he knew in his heart that was not going to be happening.

    "Not happening Rowan..." with that she went back upstairs. Rowan stood there for a long time, lonely and....sad.


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    In the end there is Love Part 8:

    A short one today the internet is being goofy...


    "Morning Sunshine..." Jared beamed..


    "..........." Connor quietly grumbling to himself...

    "Connor...what's wrong?"


    "Connor talk to me...."


    ".............." *silence*



    "Connor either you talk to me or I'm going to call Jamie Jolina and tell her you're secretly in love with her!!"

    *Heavy sigh* "Fine..."


    "I saw you kissing Julia...."


    Jared was taken by surprise "When...?"

    "When you were down at the beach, you knew I liked her and you still had to swoop in..."

    "Connor, you've known her for 10 years and never made a move..."

    "You.Knew.I.Liked.Her...." he ground out...then pushed the chair back violently and left the room.


    "freaking wonderful..." Jared grumbled..



    Rowan had really taken to painting, it was one of the very few things that made him a bit happy, he had completed about 15 paintings. Remarkably Rosie was becoming a bit nicer, she brought Rowan new canvas to paint on and some new paints (Julia had told Rosie she should take up a hobby so Rosie picked painting specifically so she could get supplies for Rowan). she also started leaving him more food, a jar of cookie and a basket of apples showed up in his room while he was sleeping.


    Rowan had no idea why she was being marginally nicer but decided to not question it. She visited on Friday evening, she was actually trying to chat with the mute boy, he still was not talking to her.


    She tried to get him to talk...


    "Rowan you better start talking to me or I'm not going to bring you anymore food or canvas!!" she threatened..


    "Okay Rosie...I'll talk."


    Just then Rosie heard her mom calling her...she sounded like she was right outside the door, the door that Rosie forgot to lock..


    "Oh crud Rowan...that's my mom! Quick change into your doll form and get in the bathroom and don't make a peep!!"

    "Okay Rosie.." he whispered, then went quickly to the bathroom.


    Rosie didn't trust him to not change into his human form while his mom was around, how would she explain a child locked living in the attic...


    Just as the bathroom door clicked shut Julia came into the attic...

    "Why are you up here young lady?"


    "It's my secret art studio you like it?"

    "It's okay but what's with all the creepy paintings?"


    "I like them...they're interesting"


    "Mom, why were you kissing Jasper's uncle the other night down at the beach?" Rosie asked trying to change the subject..


    "Because I like him...wait, you saw that?" was all she could think to say....when had her daughter gotten so chatty anyways..

    "Yes, Jasper and I both saw you..."


    Julia was getting uncomfortable, if Rosie and Jasper had seen them who else could have seen them, or Jasper could have told his father, or goodness knows what else..she has to call Jared.


    'I gotta remember to lock the door' Rosie thought to herself...

    "Rowan you can come out now, it's safe"



    With that Rosie left the attic and made sure the door was locked behind her..


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    In the end there is Love Part 11:

    Julia ambushed Connor the next day before work, she knew where his favorite reading spot was he went there every day without fail.



    She took a seat across from him and waited...


    and waited...


    She finally lost patience..."Connor, it's 5:30 in the morning, can you please ignore me at noon instead??"

    He put his book away and just stared at her...


    "Did you need to talk to me?" he bit out...


    "Don't get grumpy at me, none of this is my fault..." Julia blurted..

    a cringe and tightening of his jaw could be seen by Julia.. then more blank stares..Connor was the champion of staring, it was a bit disarming.


    "I love your brother." Julia admitted to Connor, though it obviously was not what he wanted to hear at that very moment....

    "I'm not going to listen to this sh*it..." he practically yelled.



    "Forget it Julia, I'm leaving..."


    "Please wait.....Talk to me...." she begged..


    He turned around stared at her..."I don't want you to get hurt..." was all he said.


    "Jared won't hurt me..."

    Connor just cringed and gave her a big hug...he hoped Jared wouldn't hurt her but his track record said he very well could. Jared was the president of the love em' and leave em' club. Connor didn't want his friend hurt, he cared for Julia more than anyone knew.


    Julia was just happy to have Connor as a friend, a hug felt really good right about now, she hated him being silent (moreso than normal).


    Julia watched him carefully, it looked like he wanted to say something more to him but as usually when he was stressed he clamped up...


    He did want to say more to Julia but figured now was not the time...he got all embarassed about the thoughts swirling around in his head and decided to hightail it out of there before he said something stupid.



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