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[Official] Rags to Riches Challenge!

GhostHedaGhostHeda Posts: 4 New Member
Hi there! This is my first official challenge on here :D.

So the challenge pretty much explains itself but I'll break it down.

1. Create your sim. Can be Male or Female (or Alien).
2. Lifespan must be 'NORMAL'
3. Must create a "studio apartment" like lot. Complete with kitchenette, dining area, sitting area, sleeping area, and bathroom. Considering you would have about 13,000 Simoleons you can go a bit nuts with purchasing items. The apartment MUST be on an empty lot.
4. After completing your house, you must have 250 Simoleons (only time you can use a money cheat).

From there, your sim must get a job. Their career is up to you but the higher paying jobs (Writer, Tech Guru, Painter, Entertainer, Astronaut) can be chosen in order to make the challenge go by faster. The Sim must have the job requirements done and go to work in the ideal mood to help get promoted quicker.

Your Sim must make friends, and LOTS of them (Traits such as Outgoing, Cheerful, etc. are recommended). Your sim must also find a love interest (Gay or Straight relationship is fine) and have at least one child. More children is fine (the more the merrier!) however if your Sim is in a gay relationship the children must be adopted via the computer, no surrogates or the Babies for Everyone mod. The pregnancy MUST go as normal, no Mega Pregnancy Mod to shorten the pregnancy or change the sex of the child(ren) and no changing the amount of children.

Your Sim must be in a big house and be successful by the time of their death. From then on, the last child born can continue on the legacy or you can do the challenge again with them by moving them back into the "studio apartment" and doing things differently.

I would love to see how you guys do! Post pictures in the comments or link your YouTube videos if feel like it.

Thanks for reading this guys! Happy Simming!
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  • MakennaMoonMakennaMoon Posts: 1 New Member
    Attempting this starting today! Im posting on my Twitter account too
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,076 Member
    Starting it as well. I'm doing a Get Famous version of it. This is my founder, though I'll be giving her a new appearance
    Sophia Cartwright
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
  • DitzyleopardDitzyleopard Posts: 3 New Member
    I'm starting this today! Haven't played Sims in YEARS!! And am going to livestream.....oh lort help me!
  • DitzyleopardDitzyleopard Posts: 3 New Member oops. Such a newb >.<
  • DitzyleopardDitzyleopard Posts: 3 New Member
    > @HillyBeth said:
    > Starting it as well. I'm doing a Get Famous version of it. This is my founder, though I'll be giving her a new appearance
    > Sophia Cartwright
    > (Image)

    How is yours going?? I'm starting today!!!
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