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Unable to delete online dating profile.

After I select "delete profile" interaction, sim logs onto online dating site, and does an action that suppose to represent deleting dating profile. However when I select sim's computer again there are options to view, modify, or delete dating profile and check messages. If I deleted this profile these options shouldn't be avilable.


  • lilgalcherellelilgalcherelle Posts: 354 Member
    edited January 2013
    The same thing happens in my game. I've given up trying to delete profiles now & just don't use the internet dating once I'm finished with it. I'm guessing it's just a glitch.
  • mel56168mel56168 Posts: 104
    edited January 2013
    I went on the computer to create a profile as soon as my sim was able to afford a computer at home. Come to find my sim already had a profile. Not very accurate on my traits but still it was there. After getting a boyfriend I decided to settle and delete my profile. I can't and the phone calls asking me out is getting quite annoying. Some of the sims asking me on dates are even married or have girlfriends.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 86,451 Member
    edited January 2013
    Yea this is one of the bugs with seasons. The profile can't be deleted. I'm sure it will be fixed in the upcoming patch. They already know about this one.

  • DrysaDrysa Posts: 11 New Member
    edited October 2013
    This has not been fixed, yet? Why not? [patch]

    1. Can't delete profile
    2. Can't STOP dating phone calls
    3. Can't edit profiles, always different from original post
  • JBurtisJBurtis Posts: 20 Member
    lol so the last post in 2013 expected this to be fixed already and here I am in 2020. So in 7 years, this is still a thing? Okay, so as hopeless as this question might be... any chance you have a fix for this? I've already deleted all my cache, moved the Sims to the library, copied the house, bulldozed the house, replaced the house and put the Sims back in. EA, for the love of all things holy... please stop the date calls.
  • EA_JozEA_Joz Posts: 1,955 EA Moderator
    Hello everyone, please remember that necroposting is against the rules. If you are still having issues with this, please post this in our Sims Answers HQ. Here is the link:

    I've gone ahead and closed the thread. Please review our Posting Rules & Guidelines here:

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