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  • Zachary is very selfish... I am not sure if he honestly thinks about Cheyenne, he thinks more about himself than about her. B)
  • Hey! I am glad to read this story again and any your stories you write :) Welcome back! P.S. I am happy to know that you and your family are healthy again. I am a more silent reader, but I am still with you and your stories. Hugz... <3
  • @pammiechick, you are one of a few people I know who got sick with COVID :/ I'm really sorry and I hope you will get better soon. Take care of yourself, hugs <3
  • Congrats to June and Zolnax! She was my favorite since the beginning of the challenge :)
  • Hunter has fun :D Well, I hope his Evil wife will not find it out B)
  • Oh, Hunter... He's amazing :lol: I wish you, mate, to stay alive :D
  • Zolnax will be really something special when he will grow up :D
  • I hate such situations like this... Love triangles are a very bad thing :# But Zachary will solve it, in my opinion. No matter how wrong he sounded when he talked to Christie, I don't think he could do something more. I think he really has a crush on Cheyenne, otherwise, he would look already for another trophy.
  • I remember previous chapters, except these last two. It's funny and I always make me laugh :) Thanks, my dear friend <3
  • By a collar in literally meaning of this word :D, I think only Hunter doesn't realize it yet :D When I started to read this chapter it reminded me at once of my favorite tracks I am used spin on my sets. It calls "Dominator" and there are words "Come to me - yes, my master, you are my pray - yes, my master..." :D
  • Yeah, some people went crazy and panicked and some of them don't understand what means the quarantine :/ They go for a walk with kids, kids play outside and etc. :# We have really hard times here, in Germany and in the whole of Europe. Well, let's hope coronavirus will leave us soon and we all can live as we lived before.…
  • I can only laugh almost non - stop :D :D :D Well, but I can imagine how feels poor Cheyenne in this situation :) Zachery seems very self-confident, friendly, used to be in the center of attention, womanizer, but I am sure we will know him better in the future chapters. Thanks for the chapter, dear <3
  • Yep, I thought about Jackson, too. August was also heart breaker more or less.
  • Very interesting chapter. Hmm... Cheyenne is very colorful personality and heart breaker. It's hard to remember if there in previous generations was someone similar to her.
  • I think Cheyenne is wrong, Jack or Jake really likes her and wanted to be her friend... :/ She is too young to understand that he wants to live like any child of his age and when you are famous it's difficult. His friend is right - if Cheyenne would know who is he really she'd look at him like at her idol, but not like at…
  • So new times begin... I am curious how is doing Amadahy Blessing Moon? Is she still alive? If she is already dead how was her life? :) I hope Alena will not get a chance to do something wrong... :/
  • Oh, I knew so many girls like Phoebe and remember how they all hated me :D Some of them grew up and became wiser, but some are still the same... Bi...ches :D I liked how acted Jake. I would do the same if I would be him. I absolutely understand Cheyenne and support her. But that teacher... I am not sure if she will…
  • Great! I can't wait to see how they will play it. ;)
  • Mor is a real monster in a woman's body... I hope to see her head laying on the ground someday, she must pay for everything she did. :|
  • I felt all of Makana's loneliness and sadness... I am glad that she is so strong to take the duties if even she's not ready for it. And Newlin... I am proud of him. He was able to stay faithful to his tribe what raised him. I hope for the best for Tribe Wahine.
  • Cheyenne is a very funny girl, I like her <3
  • Oh, no... It's really very sad... :'( But which tribe didn't have the tragedies? Example, The Blessing Moon tribe. Well, I hope Horus The Sun is still alive, he could be very useful to Makana. In fact, I don't remember where Horus is and what he does at this moment. Hmmm... If he is dead, so I am glad as he still alive in…
  • Welcome back, my dear Friend and Writer <3 Happy New Year to you! I don't comment too much not as I don't want it, I was horribly busy. After my last playing at my friends' New Year party (I am a DJ), I got horribly sick and now I am at home. I don't need to work, no parties, so I can read and comment on your stories :D…
  • I don't believe it... Makana will stay alive. If she will die then this story will come to the end. Yeah, it's scary, but I still believe that Newlin will not allow to his mother and others to kill his own tribe.
  • The kiss happened... And what comes next? ;)
  • Just kiss each other, guys, and you will get your bodies back :D
  • That's very sad... Poor Liam :( But he has Charlie at least ;)
  • As I noticed before someone told the truth to Liam in a letter that Ginny is alive and lives with her husband in Sulani. I can imagine how Liam feels... I hope Charlie will find a way how to help him to feel better.
  • Yeah, I wouldn't believe, too :D I feel sorry for Liam, but I hope the situation will change in Sulani :)
  • Hmmm... I am curious about what has happened :/ Waiting for the next chapter impatiently :)

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