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Added a house to gallery, under originID Shewolff7 would love to know what you think.


  • I will be waiting for it to go on sale. To many times I have jumped in a bought a pack right after it comes out and am tired of it in a week maybe 2, just not worth that much for such a small return. I will get some game play with the free update and wait for the 50 percent off on the growing together.
  • Again I will be waiting for a 1/2 off deal, due to buying 2 packs (one for my granddaughter also) this looks like one of the best ones they have done. I really enjoyed the stream it was well prepared, I haven't watched one for a while because they were very poorly done in the past.
  • Q1: Crosspack! I’m planning on making Knitting compatible with things like: I would like to see it in Island Living I send all my elders there and they could knit on the beach on the deck and all around town. Q2: If some “Crochet-Like” objects became craftable through Knitting, how would you personally feel? Happy, Some…
  • Thank you so much for your quick response: I got the chair and the basket, plus I picked 11that make the cut. So I got 13 of 31 items. I just wish they would hurry up with the last couple of steps......
  • Is there a list of number that won, I wrote the numbers I picked but don't remember exactly which ones they were.
  • The Sims 3 Store describes the concept that you were talking about. You could buy separate build, buy, CAS, and gameplay objects. It was outrageously priced. [/quote] I never used the Sims 3 Store I don't want to buy them seperately I would like them to be stuff packs.
    in Sims Comment by pinkish March 2020
  • ??????
    in Sims Comment by pinkish February 2020
  • Why have you stopped? After playing a new pack for a few days I get bored with it. There isn't much substance to them. Have you purchased any expansion, GP or stuffed packs? I purchase them, then after playing for a short time I uninstall them, the only things I buy them for is the build/buy items and cas. I would love to…
  • I would like the option to download build/buy and cas items from packs, I like to remove a pack from my game after playing it, but would like to keep the build/buy and cas items. I would also like to automatically get leftovers according to time of day (not tacos in the morning) I would like to turn off phone and…
  • I started playing when the first Sim City came out, so when the Sims came along I had to try it. I love the fact it has become a game we have passed to 3 generations so far. I play, then my daughter played, and now my granddaughter is playing.
  • I have one of the new combo TV/Bookcase/Stereo, along with my previous comment I wish they would allow me (the player) to deside weather I want to turn the TV or Stereo on, she keeps going to bed and waking right back up because the music is on AGAIN !!!!
  • I didn't even notice the cloths, I always know they will be a dissapointment so I don't bother anymore. Time to get a fresh designer for the clothing, would the person doing them wear what they put in the game ? The guys always look like waiters or doormen. Sorry but I have been playing this game since the very beginning…
  • Not all PC players want to use mods either, why is that always the go to answer when questions arise ?
  • Thanks for the generous offer but.........Sadly the link doesn't work for me, I usually buy new Sims packs for my granddaughter and wait for a sale to get mine, was hoping I could get both at once. Congratulations to the winner !!!!
  • Wow everyone is so excited.....I am waiting to see more, so far seems a lot like vampires only with witches. That short trailer didn't give me much to go by, will need more info, reviews, and watch some youtube videos to see how much game play there actually is.
  • I was just trying to find clothing for my male sim I want to garden, why do women have coveralls but the men do not. Please don't tell me about a mod, I don't use them and why should anything be changed in this game if you can get a mod for it, I would like it to be in the game. Also why are all the shirts so short I would…
  • Is the reason things don't get resolved in game because there is always a mod that will take care of it. I don't use mods or cc so myself and others do not use them see different mods that fix the problems so are we just out of luck ?
  • Branding is really not important, I seldom pay attention to any of this. My interest is in game play which except for a few things isn't changing much, the story mode looks like the only thing I will use. Would have rather had more useful things that will improve my game play, not how it looks.
  • Phone, events, and get together (or any pack you no longer want taking up space in my game).
  • I am not influenced by them but love to watch them and others, it does show me ahead of time what is included and I also like to watch lets plays to get ideas.
  • I don't use mods or CC, this is something that I think should be included in the pack I paid for.
    in Why Comment by pinkish June 2019
  • Here we go again.....really cool bed with newest pack but the energy, distress, and comfort suck, they don't all have to be really high but one would be nice !!!
    in Why Comment by pinkish June 2019
  • This one was so much better than the one on the 20 th.
  • Wow tried to watch this stream, those 2 are annoying, one at a time would be okay but together I had to get out. Most of it I already knew from lets plays.
  • Sounds great, I just got back from a vacation in Nags Head NC, love the beach and hope this one doesn't lag on my computer like the one in Sims3 did. :)
  • @ChelleJo When you move your sims up from the crappy beds, I just think they should have more choices of bedding etc. to move up to.
    in Why Comment by pinkish May 2019
  • Yes I don't like using mods or CC
    in Why Comment by pinkish May 2019
  • I was thinking that would be an issue, so have some crappy beds but make them with the less choices. I don't like using CC stuff.
    in Why Comment by pinkish May 2019

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