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  • Yeah, I was hoping for a version with summer/winter outfits and maybe some updated traits and stuff, not redoing how they look. It's been years, I'm super used to them as they are now, so these new versions just seem "wrong," even though they're fine (well, aside from the dead eyes).
  • I always make a Sim-Me (and a Sim-Myhusband), but I haven't actively played myself since TS2 ... I was too sad when my husband died. So instead they get to be NPCs in the background, forever.
  • The Sims, to me, always feels not-quite-complete without weather, so the EP that adds that is generally my favorite, but I really enjoyed TS4's version of it rather a lot.
  • I feel like for Maxis' first male-focused fashion kit, they should've maybe played it safe and given people what they've been asking for, rather than going super niche. Because sorry, men in these types of skirts ... that's pretty uncommon. Worse, the skirts aren't even cute. :(
  • Outdoor Retreat was their first attempt at a game pack and it really, really shows.
  • I haven't been to Granite Falls in years. Of the residential areas, though, Del Sol Valley.
  • For the people who don't like the current emotions system, if you're cool with mods, maybe give roBurky's Meaningful Stories a look. I don't use True Happiness so I can't speak to that, but the emotion changes are impossible for me to play without now.
  • It's not a perfect solution, but if you can, make a vampire club, they'll drink an entire nightclub dry if drink plasma is one of their activities. They don't use many of their powers even if it's a club activity, though, I don't know why.
  • I play a lot of both over the course of a save, but when I'm starting a new game, it's almost always as a dude sim. I think it's because townie chicks are usually less odd looking to me than townie dudes, so I'm more likely to pull them into the household ... and I don't want to wind up playing nothing but women!
  • This drives me crazy too.
  • I'm a storyteller but I don't start out with one in mind and I try to avoid driving it in a specific way. What I do is plop a family down with a general idea of what I think they're like, but I let the game's little bouts of randomness and the AI's occasional deep nudge the direction things go.
  • I have thought this since Seasons released myself, that the planning part of the calendar for parties and such (but not the actual holidays, obvs) should've been added to the base game with the pre-EP patch. Better late than never, I suppose.
  • I thought the calendar (for scheduling stuff, not the holidays) should've gone into the base game when Seasons dropped in the first place, so I have ZERO problem with them adding it these years later.
  • I don't use them a ton, but I do use them. Usually to reset a sim, or to stop a vampire from burning to death IF the reason they're burning is because the game is being stupid, rather than the sim themselves (like I had a vampire almost burn to death while giving a presentation for class, because the game decided he was…
  • Cassandra Goth always somehow becomes an agent of chaos in all my games and I love her for it.
  • Your third point is the most important of them, I think, especially since the deeper into a degree you are, the higher it seems to expect your skill to be. One of my recent students did soccer plus three courses, graduated with honors and was top of the track. He had decent fitness from the start though (which is why he…
  • I try to be varied with lunch/dinner but for breakfast I tend towards fruit salad or parfait.
  • I still always have them pee before showering because of that initial TS1 experience. Even if they don't really need to go.
  • I know I won't get all of them, and depending on the price I might skip all of them, but I don't particularly object to them.
  • Acting has always worked fastest for me, but I also do a lot of painting.
  • I voted taking into account it's a stuff pack, and as a stuff pack, it's great. I agree with all the people wishing this had been a game pack, though, that would've been fantastic.
  • No death from being scared is an odd omission, and I think ought to be, uh. Added in the future. I'm not someone who tries to murder Sims in various ways, but if emotional deaths are a thing - and I'm okay with them being a thing! - then Scared to Death really needs to be one of them. PS: the sims stat page needs 'Times…
  • I mean ... eventually? But I'm not in a rush.
  • I haven't noticed this, no, I don't think I've ever seen one of my sims have their hair lightened. Heck, one of my poor redheaded dudes constantly gets his hair dyed black or brown and his beard shaved off. (My avatar, when he acted, ALWAYS kept his black hair, which I appreciated.)
  • This please. I also miss sims spooning in bed to an embarrassing degree.
  • Indeed, I think it slipped by you both. Whining sarcastically about an 'unneeded' skin tone update is still acting like one's thoughts on skin tones is the only one that matters or should be taken into consideration.
  • I want double bass way more than I'd ever want cello. So I voted for the drum kit. ;) I also don't care if the animation would be similar for a bass guitar, it would sound different and I want some dang bass! If I want Sim Me to be accurate, though, we need some french horns up in here, which is what my husband and I play!
  • It depends on how you do stories. The spontaneity of something like that and the fall out that results can be really entertaining! (eff shoveling snow though)
  • When Get to Work first released, my fella got abducted twice in one night once, he also got abducted when he got home from the hospital from having his second alien baby, he got abducted constantly. Part of it was back then there were a lot more undercover aliens, and interacting with your own alien children counted as…
  • My dude capped his household, without trying, due to alien abduction and all the babies he had from it. I don't know why it was so feast or famine throughout the player base (do you ever do the scientist career? because that seems to be the most reliable way for me to get abducted still), but that was one of the few times…

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