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I love seeing my "most recent status" about getting third dog Tater...we're on fourth dog Gilroy :') (and then I moved out with two of them but it's family either way)


  • Welcome in @RandomMicrowaveTM. I've been here a while and have posted links to stories with adult content and it was something that was more popular in the past for reasons I can only speculate about...I think there is a time to decide when to link vs. when to say "sorry, you can find it on my blog!" and you definitely…
  • @Kellogg_J_Kellogg: out of all pet names I can see why that one got him he did no wrong :'( Not a pet name but I got caught for "🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸" years ago (it was a reference to how a dog acts) (Edit: lol okay forum...the act of a dog touching your face with its tongue. Better now?)
  • @JahnaMarie: no pressure, but her story is legendary and I'm glad to hear Candi's still alive and well (it's worth wondering who's still with us after 20+ years of Sims...)
  • Thanks for this rec @MonaSolstraale, I haven't enjoyed simlit this much in ages (I also haven't really read any simlit in ages) It's easy to catch up to and it makes me like the Villarreals a lot more than I did. I always thought the kids were pretty bleh.
  • @RipuAncestor: congrats on finishing, especially on an ambitious story that's been going for years now. I had it open on my phone for a reread a few months ago but finishing in time for the "finale party" didn't happen. Not even close.
  • Sorry to hear it @Kellogg_J_Kellogg. Storage is getting cheaper and cheaper though so there's hope. After payday and everything...
  • @DeiraShadeweaver: congrats on the big boy! But no wonder you couldn't walk while he was inside.
  • Nah I wish depression and fatigue was seasonal for me. (I think it is for my dogs though so I'll be lazy with them)
  • @HermioneSims: the behind the scenes CC making has been my biggest interest with sims stories recently. Anyways the owl looks great. I've been out of the loop with Sims content so I figured it was another TS4 animal...whatever that implies.
  • A small note on the turban: it was also converted into an accessory a while ago by Modish-Kitten and preserved in this folder. They are base game compatible if that's a concern to anyone. That being said I usually prefer hat hairs when I can choose so THANK YOU. <3
  • I've waited 13 years for the community to come to a consensus on what "pudding" is and no one's delivered so here I am. Though I would personally drown every zero-slider sim if I could and sims with only some zero-slider features are on thin ice (that's most of Sunset Valley) Sims that are only presets are in the same…
  • None of them, the real hotties were made by a dev team that finally learned how to use facial sliders moved out.
  • @DeiraShadeweaver: I have a few teammates who play Fortnite with their own kids but I think they came from a much different gaming background. Plus their kids are all obsessed with Creative mode while I just wanna shoot people in Battle Royale while dressed as a banana. Congrats on the new baby, whenever they get here. :)…
  • I wonder if it was one of the quest lines. I spent my first Fortnite season (Chapter 3, Season 1) wanting them to stop giving me challenge dialogue every time I landed at Logjam Lumberyard. I stick with the game for my friends and for the cosmetics. Some of the weapons in the loot pool right now are very :unamused:
  • I'm very excited for the returning stories but mostly Crescent Moon Conspiracy because I'm thirsty for lore. Throw Caution to the Whim comes second because I love seeing the wants/fear update really throw challenge rules into chaos (tell me about it...) I forgot that there were plans for Carrie. I figured she'd want to…
  • A lot of my complaints are really big ones. But taxi boats are not. They make fishing in the ocean a nightmare because it's better to take a taxi boat than to walk around one patch of unroutable terrain?
  • Hope it's a good game! No one can stop my own problem though. :bawling:
  • 10% horrific pedestrian accident, 90% contracting Fortnite Fever.
  • Anubis' content has been extremely well preserved (he never deleted his blog or posts, he used a free site and file host that's still up, he was always incredibly popular so many people have his files anyways). This particular shirt was on the Ace Creators blog ad was a victim of fake copyright strikes. He has some good…
  • Great list. I'd love to see the perspective from other historical Sims players (while I play absolutely none of that)
  • Joojconverts on Tumblr strictly does historical content but he's converted MM TS4 hairs. I think the outcry over "clay hair" was overblown BUT it's nearly impossible to get it to work well with the hair color system of TS3 due to how the textures work. So most conversions just use the base hair color with no…
  • Pool bars seem to have a lot of routing issues. It's a gamble as to whether one on a community lot will have an NPC successfully tending it too. If you place down a normal 3-tile bar are they able to use it?
  • @ForgottenPixels: Bugsie :bawling: I know he meant a lot to you. I'll miss getting occasional updates on him from the other side of the world.
  • Congratulations on the challenge! I haven't grown pumpkins yet.
  • Since I'm on Tumblr, half of the TS3 tag is LEPacy challenges. a.k.a. start with just the base game and add an EP every generation. Obviously it looks fun and I see the appeal.
  • I got to 78 weeks on a crummy laptop. No mods or CC, no moving worlds, but the performance and especially the loading times were in the toilet by the time it ended. Down the line I opened it up on my current desktop and it was much more playable. The temptation to load it with CC is overwhelming though.
  • I think a lot of the tops would pair well with better pants from EA or CC (and of course existing skirts that work OK on masc frames...) I like one thread that's not full of thinly masked hate against gender non-conforming men. The skirts are fine. I really like the texture on the brown and white one in the promo pics.…
  • @MadameLee Is it the black one? Because it's there with new Juliet, but in a white and green floral pattern. EDIT: or are you talking about the blouse with puff sleeves and a ruffle down the center? Maybe it accidentally got locked by EA in a patch. Librarian NPCs wear it so maybe move in a librarian? Or find one on the…
  • @TheSimmxr: more "Maxis Match" than those three and not very specific but Sweetdevil and kentconverts do a lot of clothing conversions for teens and some for children. I promised a friend of mine I'd reupload (and fix) some kids' items by All About Style and littlecat/editsim that got lost to time and never did. Take what…
  • @CathyTea: I can get to your site, @"friendsfan367"'s, and a few other random ones. Hope your internet gets better either way (or that it got fixed before I got here!)

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