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I'm so happy that I have earned 100 awesome's from all you great people who also play the sims thank you a million times over you people are also awesome!! 😃


  • @DeadFishy The only way I know how to get insta upgrade is by maxing out the handyness skill and there is also an aspiration you can complete Nerd Brain aspiration
  • @JustinB113 This is the most exited I have been about a sims 4 EP in a long time I thing Eco was the last pack I was this excited about 😂
  • @Serendipity38 have you used the cheat cas.fulleditmode that might work
  • @DragonAge_300905 I had to close EA app and shut down my PC restart it get into EA app and I was able to download it with no problems don’t know if it was cause I had been on the EA app all day and I had to refresh it again or if it was just the EA servers struggling with the demand for the EP. Sorry I can’t be anymore…
  • @Aandasmum and @Lilia1971 I had that problem went on AQ and it was sorted in a few mins. Mine was saying I didn’t own the pack and wanting me to buy it again even when the money was out of my account last week. Don’t worry you will get it just the servers are struggling as the pack is so high in demand at the mo. I went on…
  • @MuggyQuasar as @JustinB113 says there have been a few packs and kits and HSY Ep so even more aspirations to do thats what i'm doing just now going through all the aspirations like James Turners super sim challenge Where i'm letting all my main sims children age up but keep my Main sims as young adults do all jobs too only…
  • @catloverplayer No I never knew that was a death in The Sims 4. I knew it was a death in The Sims 3 tho
  • @Oldeseadogge you can remove them on you EA App if you are playing through it.
  • I play mine like James Turner’s super sim lol! So my sims children age up not my main sims 😂
  • I don’t really play with my wedding stories but I do use a lot of the of the build and buy stuff also the CAS stuff. Haven’t really played with werewolves either but since I’m going through my aspirations I will come to play it 😂 I love the build and buy and the CAS in it though. So once they come down in price you should…
  • I love the look of this pack the fact that you can have a science baby and the family dynamics are awesome not to mention the world we will be getting also so happy I pre-ordered this EP can’t wait to play it once I get home from my hospital appointment on Thursday afternoon 😆 can’t play on Wednesday as I’ll be at work…
  • I have always been vanilla with the sims 3 and 4 I enjoy the game without mod or cc. I’m happy without any mods as all the do is take up space on my computer and need updates and knowing my luck I would forget to do it 😂
  • I love this discussion I’m gonna have to start playing werewolves and met Greg and the rest of the packs when I do my werewolves aspiration as I’m trying to complete them all 😊
  • I moved my sims to Brindleton Bay made their house a haunted one as I want my female sim to be a paranormal investigator 😂 her husband just became a five star celebrity. Got them to get two kittens and my female pregnant. Just gave one of the kitten an age up treat then my boyfriend decided he wanted to change the Ethernet…
  • Wish my grim was this fun 😂 he just does his job of reaping souls and goes 😂
  • Go into game settings if you don’t want werewolves in your gameplay you can just limit them to their world. They should have done that with vampires as well 😂 if you don’t want them don’t get the packs they are in 😂 sorry but it had to be said! I like most things in the sims4 it’s nothing like The Sim 2000 which is more…
  • @Atreya33 I’m the same as you I don’t play with CC so I would like it too but not a CC version of it I knew about this one but I am not using it. I would prefer the official one because well it is the original. And houses with the maxis one aren't marked as cc on the gallery. It would be nice if EA would repeat the…
  • @David8_Ly yeah I was reading a post from EA_Cade says that it may come later for us on PC think it is pretty poor tho when The Sims has mainly been a PC game and I have played since 2000 and spent a lot of my money on it all these years :'(
  • Hi I’m an EA play subscriber from the UK and I haven’t had this update yet it is 9:05pm here and I have been on the sims 4 all day 😞
  • I started with the OG when I was 12 😂 exactly 23 years ago man that makes me feel old 😂 had every EP of the OG sims moved to the sims 2 also got every EP and SP for that then the sims 3 came along did the same there and store 😂 and now doing the same with the sims 4 as you can tell I’m a collector 😂 My favourite family of…
  • I'm a collector so I’ll get both 😂
  • I said no as I have spent possibly over a £1000 over the years of playing the sims. Since sims1 I have bought every EP,SP, GP and now Kits I bought a lot from the sims three store worlds where not cheap and I have every one of them too 😂
  • I can’t believe I have manage to play the sims 4 for 1074 hours and 27 mins 😂 and I’m on holiday for a week so it’s gonna go up 😂
  • @SandyLee149 I don’t know why you have made this poll as I don’t get that problem in my game. Also you have to remember that there is a lot of fixes they have to do. I’m thinking they are try to hit two birds with one stones
  • @SamadamsPlayer i have patched mine but not played any of my saved games. I’m like you I don’t want to play it till the new Expansion pack is released. Which won’t be till 6pm tomorrow in the UK i’m just hoping the hot fix will be out later tonight. Hope this was a nice answer to give 😕
  • Yes I’m getting it as I’m a collector of the sims plus you get a pre ordered incentive 😊
  • Hi fellow Simmers what time is the werewolves game pack available in the UK? All comments are greatly appreciated 🌕AWOOOO!!
  • I managed to get mine downloaded but I was sitting at my PC by 5:59pm and as soon as it became available I got the prompt to download it. Just can’t play it yet 😂 need to make pennies to buy more game packs, stuff packs,expansion packs and kits 😂

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