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Today is September 20, 2015 - I will no longer be participating on these forums - if any one actually cares. In fact, I have been gone for a while, but thought that I should tell people that I won't be coming back (unless they announce The Sims 5, which I will check out, even if I have no hopes that it will be any better than TS4). I won't be checking this page, so if you comment, I won't see it. I'd like to thank everyone in the community that made it special, especially Anavastia and Sparkfairy1. I *may* upload a few more lots to the old site - or I may not. Who knows. The Sims has given me a great deal of pleasure over the last fifteen years; I'm just sorry that it had to end. But all good things do, so I can only mourn and move on.


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